top 15 dctv female antagonists (as voted by my followers):
  11. moira queen → “For the past five years, under the threat for my life and the lives of my family… I have been complicit in an undertaking with one horrible purpose – to destroy the Glades and everyone in it.”
  + her legacy:

anonymous asked:

does it bother you that flash's powers can almost never be completely utilized (if he always would run at top speed there wouldnt be any threats)?

In some cases; I was bugged in the TV show for instance when in the early episodes he’d always get his ass kicked because he’d run up to someone at super speed and then try to punch them like a normal guy (I figured he hadn’t mastered his speed yet and was worried he’d hurt someone if he punched them while running). But normally, I’ll just assume that he wants to move at least slow enough that he won’t kill anyone by punching them, and that the Rogues have ways of counteracting it - Captain Cold once showed he had a cold field that naturally slowed Flash down, Mirror Master needs to be found, Grodd can control his mind before he can reach him, Captain Boomerang is just that goddamn good with boomerangs, etc.


Wynonna Earp 1x12 // Supergirl 2x19