Unpopular DC movies opinions

I loved Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. Yes they were not great movies but they also were not as bad as many described.

Movies like Nightwing and Batgirl are unnecessary. There are other characters that deserve their own movie before them.

If ever Ben Affleck steps down as Batman they should not recast Bruce Wayne but instead continue with Nightwing taking over the mantle.

I love that DC movies and shows are separated. It feels like a Multiverse just like the comics. I just wish they would make en episode or movie to acknowledge both exist.

Instead of Gotham City Sirens and Deadshot solo movie, give us a good Suicide Squad sequel.

Jared Leto was a good Joker.

Geoff Johns and the directors should be given greater creative control over the movies.

I dont mind the dark and gritty tone. Kind of a break from other superhero movies.

i’m going to start off slow.

i’m furious.

i’m a young jewish woman, and i deserve to be treated with basic fucking decency. i should be able to relax and enjoy my holiday, say shanah tovah and not have to deal with goyische bullshit.

for those of you who haven’t heard, this years cw superhero supercrossover fuckdome is entitled “crisis on earth x”. earth x is the earth of the CWSeed’s new animated show The Ray, where canonically jewish characters/jewish coded characters such as barry allen, ray palmer, and kara zor el along with multiple other superheroes are nazis. i’m not going to explain why this is gross because you have google right at your fingertips.

comic books are jewish american culture. that’s right, say it with me. COMIC BOOKS ARE JEWISH AMERICAN CULTURE. every classic comic superhero you love was created by jews and tells a jewish story. batman? jewish. superman? jewish. wonderwoman? jewish. every single one of them tells a jewish story.

by making these characters nazis, they turn our own creations against us. we contributed to society, but they’d rather see a world where we’re dead than one where they give us credit for everything we’ve contributed.

so here’s the deal: don’t watch the crossover live. don’t give them the ratings. if you’re really despesrate, but the seasons on amazon or something and watch it right after it airs. watch it illegally online. don’t give them the ratings, let them know that this isn’t ok.

yell on social media. tweet the dctv writers. be vocal about how ugly this is. do something this is so bad please protect ur local jews.

  • Arrow writers: Ok guys for this new season I am thinking of something groundbreaking.Get this! Oliver Queen goes through an emotional crisis as something from his past comes back to haunt him! Let's make it dark! Also bonus points for screwing up a female character
  • Flash writers: Hey guys great to be back. So I am thinking for this new season Flash screws up and this comes back to haunt him! Also we could include an evil Speedster! Oh and of course the ban on female characters interacting with each other is still in effect.
  • Supergirl writers: Great to be back for another year guys. So we have two main topics as always. What guy should Kara's life a revolve around this season and how can we hurt her emotionally?
  • Legends of Tomorrow writers: Wasssssssup.? Anybody did something kinky this summer? I know I have! So my turtleducks let's drop some acid, blast some Bjork,turn on the History Chanel and come up with something groovy for this season! But first! Shots!

a short personal story about me, for anyone who still has doubts about the crossover: some of you may not know, but i went to reform jewish day school for most of my life. when i was four, our teacher was teaching us some fun facts about jewish law, one of them being that if you’re tattooed, you aren’t allowed to be buried in a jewish cemetery. later that afternoon i talked to my great grandmother and touched her arm, asking her if we could still be buried together. “they’ll make an exception,” she told me. i didn’t understand at the time why she was crying.

here’s what i know about my great grandmother. she came to the US when she was 13. she married my great grandfather she had my grandmother not 4 years later. she spoke yiddush fluently. she was kind and warm and funny and made amazing latkes. she passed when i was six. here’s what i don’t know about my great grandmother: i don’t know what camp she was in. i don’t know what country she came from before the shoah. i don’t know the names of her parents, i don’t know if she had siblings. i don’t remember her numbers, but i don’t think she’d want me to.

my great grandmother was the only one who let me watch cartoons before the age of five. my mother had seen in a morning talk show news spot she was researching that the constant flashing and scene changes damages a child’s brain. my great grandmother didn’t care, and let me watch them anyway. we were close, i think, as close as you can be to a family member who’s some eighty-odd years older than you. she loved watching scooby doo with me, that was always my favorite. one day she walked in and asked me “rachel, why is scooby doo white?” “no bubbe”, i said, “that’s krypto the super dog.”

when she finally understood that this was super dog, the dog belonging to THE superman, she was ecstatic. “my golem!” she kept repeating “my jewish hero!” i didn’t understand what a golem was at the time but i kept insisting that he couldn’t be jewish, he was an alien, he was from another planet. “ah, you forget,” she told me in the way only a wise old jewish woman could, “i was from another planet, and i was an alien once too.”

i could give you links to all the sources that say superman is a fictional golem, created by jewish men who in the new environment of new york city, found that the streets were not made of gold, and yearned for the protector their ancestors had invoked. i could give you ten more articles discussing superman as a metaphor for the jewish american immigrants, more so than any other population. i don’t need to do that, you have google and you can look it up yourself.

if you’re still struggling with why the crossover is bad, think of it like this. my great grandmother identified with superheroes, especially the superfamily (“supergirl,” she used to call me, “you’ll save the world some day too”). she saw them as her protectors, something that got her through the darkness and trauma of the shoah. do you want to be the one to explain to her why now they’re giving nazi salutes?

it doesn’t matter that they’re going to lose. the holocaust is not a story of the archetypal good triumphing over evil. that’s the american story of world war 2, and even then highly fantasized. the shoah is a story of pain, of suffering, of the most loss. you’re wielding it as a storytelling device, when it caused the destruction of half my family. you’re yelling “it’s okay as long as the good guys eventually win!” when i know the good guys, however noble, came years too late to save many of my tribe, of my people.

my great grandmother is buried in a jewish cemetery, since most made an exception for those tattooed in the shoah. she survived, and she let me watch my first cartoon. she used to call me supergirl.