DC Signature Collection [November 2013] action figures:
Ra’s Al Ghul

Catching up on our back-log of figure reviews has been a challenge, up next is the one member of Batman’s rogues gallery that has been sorely missing from our DCUC collection, the Demon’s head himself; Ra’s Al Ghul. 

The figure reuses the DCSH suited body, with added on cape, new, excellent headsculpt and cool sword. As such, we know the score with the figure’s articulation- overall pretty good, with very little restriction. The cape is made from a soft plastic, and is quite heavy, which does make it a bit of a balancing act to achieve some poses with Ra’s. The paintwork is really cool; accurate to his comic book appearances with no bleed, the only thing I would have improved is the grey areas on his temples and facial hair, as they’re barely visible.


  • Great face sculpt
  • Last important part of Batman’s rogues finally added
  • Includes cool sword


  • Grey areas in hair not very visible
  • Cape is heavy, throwing off the figure’s balance