Well, a couple of days ago Brooke and I hit the one month mark. We have been living and working for Walt Disney World for one whole month. I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. We have gotten to the point where we can get to work and back home without using a GPS, we go through about a gallon of milk every two weeks, and we spend all of our money dining in the parks. 

When I took Senior Seminar last fall, Dr. Wilson told us that a lot of college grads struggle with having too much time on their hands. And when you aren’t juggling school, work, shows, and others clubs… many go crazy. I was so looking forward to going crazy with nothing to do. It didn’t happen. I am just as busy now as I was in college, even though I am only working. 

When I first started work on Main Street, I hated it. The hours that I and other College Program participants work are atrocious. I don’t get into bed until four in the morning most days. The job is not difficult, but it has a lot to it. If you are new to it, it is difficult to remember everything. Unless I was greeting guests or embroidering hats I was miserable. I seriously considered going to Casting and begging for a transfer to literally any other job in the park. 

Now that I am one month in, it is better. I have made some friends at work, I have learned how to ask questions, and I have a better handle on the majority of the assignments. In addition, there is a new batch of College Program participants that are floundering around. They are asking me questions, which is hilarious because I barely know what I am doing. 

I have some really incredible friends who have sent me letters and care packages to encourage me through my first month of Disney. It has made all of the difference for me. I love and miss all of my old friends more than I knew I could, but I am glad that we are finally starting to settle into our life here. 



Basically how I imagine the DCP to be like

Dear Cis People:

Please please stop using this blog to say how offended you are by our venting. Please. This is meant to be a safe space fo us, and I really don’t feel safe seeing all these messages. We don’t hate you, just let us vent! You can vent about being offended by trans people literally everywhere else and you’ll even be praised for it. we have so few spaces to vent about our trans-specific struggles. Let us have this.