Part 2 of my Mad Max photos from Denver Comic Con 2016. 

That gaggle of War Pups were freaking adorable. They would instantly do the V8 salute and enthusiastically yell “witness!” and “to Valhalla!”

Let me know if you see yourself!
Max in photos 2-4 is @heatherindeed
Furiosa in photos 2-4 is @sixtinypinecones


Today was fun!! I went as Sherlock (and I bought a John badge just because! I love him) and it was like a walking heatstroke being dressed as Sherlock but still fun! I look like tired poo because the only selfies I took were at the end of the day so all my make up and hairstyling is a lil wack :’((

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m going as Cinderella, though, so say hi to me if you’re going and you see me! ♡

Shameless Self Promotion Time. I made rules for 0-level adventuring. 

Download them here.


You didn’t ask for this.

You chose your boring profession because you wanted a quiet life. Adventuring is best left to those to those with heroic chins and cast-iron stomachs, not you. Why go out and face the unknown when you can curl up next to the fire with a good book and some sleepy-berry tea?


>Knock knock<

Trouble at the door. Something in town is dangerously wrong, and there is no one to bail you out. The grave quest falls to you and your friends. You are under-equipped, under-prepared, and in all likelihood, you are not coming back. There is a second’s hesitation, then you grab your gear and head out the door.

Adventurers are made, not born.


Ever wanted to face the cold, dark, and dangerous unknown without the advantages of a fantasy hero? This is your chance!

Fifth Edition Funnel puts a spin on character creation. In the Funnel, each participating player quickly generates several 0-level characters blessed with the abilities and low survivability of your average commoner. Those that survive will be promoted to 1st-level heroines and heroes.

The Funnel bonds characters over common challenges they meet and (hopefully) overcome. The surviving 1st-level characters share a common origin as adventurers. Instead of merely rolling dice, there is a trial by fire where average people succeed against the odds to do something heroic (or hide under a table in a tavern).

It’s Pay What You Want. Download it. Play it. If you like it, leave a review and toss a few coins in the tip jar.


This is all the pictures we got for the photo shoot! :D (I gotta mention there was this ADORABLE Alphys and Undyne cosplay at the photo shoot but unfortunately we never did get a pic of them but I gotta mention them bc they were so cute!!!!)

The photo shoot was SO MUCH FUN! I can’t even describe how amazing and awesome it was! X3

Photo shoot arranged by: @nocommonsans

Sans in the far right in pic 7, 8 and 9 and sans with flowey in pic 6 : @nocommonsans

Mettaton on the far left of the 3rd pic: @zabblepants 

Gaster on the far left of the 5th pic: @leifal-secretly

Toriel (That kissed Snas): @heartofvirgo

Asriel on the far right next to the God of Hyperdeath fursuit in the 4th pic: @winteret 

Frisk in the second row in front of Asriel and to the right of Gaster is the daughter of  u/geekymama on reddit

Unfortunately I don’t know who a lot of you amazing people are so feel free to send me a message if you see this X3 ore if anyone else knows feel free to let me know to! Also so I can credit them :)

Also if you are in a picture and you want it to be taken down then please also feel free to tell me :)


DCC was amazing this year! (I mean, it is every year, but WOOOOO) I took several hundred pictures and I can hardly upload them all - but I’ll pop in a few ones relevant to my fandoms!

In addition to meeting up with wonderful friends, I also had the awesome and unexpected opportunity to meet fearlessastridhofferson. You’re really cool and your cosplay looked amazing!

As for that Stanford Pines cosplay, I actually got a video of the journal… They made the FULL JOURNAL, every page, complete with the invisible ink that could be exposed with their flashlight. SO AMAZING!

Please feel free to tag yourself if you see yourself!

Edward Elric kingofthewilderwest
Astrid (with axe) raezing
Astrid (with Dragon Eye) fearlessastridhofferson
Mera galatea-cosplay