As you probably know, the previous DCBB mod has stepped down and turned over the community to a new team. We wanted to take a moment to announce who we are and also give a brief overview of what you should expect in the coming weeks.

First and foremost, your new mods are @museaway and @jojodacrow. Together, we run the Dean/Cas Tropefest, SPN Case Fic Bang, and the Katsudon Bang. We are thrilled to be taking on the DCBB and excited to make this a better experience for everyone. We’ll be bringing on assistant moderators and we’ll make sure you know who they are as well.

So what can you expect in the 2017 round? Lots of changes.

Improved Communication

We are serious about good communication. Participants should expect to see emails from us throughout the challenge with confirmations, reminders, and team matchups and contact information (no more hunting for your artist/author!).

We will also be forming a discord chat channel for all participants. We’ve maintained chats for our other challenges and it’s a great way to get support and meet new friends. The mods will be active in the chat so you can get to know us better.

We want to make sure that we are available to you on a platform that is easiest for you to use. Here are all the ways you can contact us:

Email: deancasbigbangmod@gmail.com
Tumblr: deancasbigbang.tumblr.com
Twitter: deancasbigbang

Due to the size of this challenge, moderators will not answer any questions on their personal accounts. They will refer you to the official channels.

Change in Platform

We don’t have the same community as we did when the challenge started in 2010 and not many of us use Livejournal daily either. Going forward, our main hub for information will be tumblr. We will crosspost to LJ and twitter so no one misses out on information, but you should expect to see most of those posts directing you to the challenge tumblr for further information. You no longer need an LJ account in order to participate.

New/Revised Rules

We are in the process of revising the rules and FAQs. These will all be announced before sign-ups open on April 1st. We will address concerns from past years, including making the challenge more artist-friendly and the issue of serial posting.

We hope you are as excited about the future of the challenge and as always we are here to discuss any concerns that you have.

- Jojo & muse


If Angels Were Men (DCBB 2016)

Author: manifestingwings | Artist: feredir

Castiel Novak was raised by a hunting father, but he left that life behind for college and a flower shop. When his father is killed by a demon, Cas jumps back in the game and finds himself constantly running in the presence of the Winchester brothers, who are searching for their own father. They seem to be everywhere he turns, and at some point they become friends, then a team, then, maybe, in the case of Dean Winchester, something more.

Read on AO3!

5 ways the DCBB has changed …

  1. single 20k track
  2. improved communication
  3. revised claims process
  4. official promotion for all teams
  5. now on tumblr! 

… and the one way it hasn’t: 

We’re still the original DCBB, celebrating a certain Profound Bond. 

For the last month, we’ve been working on revamping the schedule, rules, and FAQs for the DCBB. There are things we hope you’re immediately happy with and a few that might take some getting used to. Please take a few minutes to read things over and we hope you’ll join us April 1st! 

2017 Challenge Info & FAQs •  Schedule

(Thanks to @sketchydean​ for the illustrations!)


To Find A Family (DCBB 2015)

Author: linasane (leatherandfeathersandfluff) | Artist: feredir

When Dean’s little brother gets taken away, he’s expecting the fight that ensues.  He’s expecting the stress that comes from separation, expecting to do all he can to get Sammy back from whatever awful foster family he’s been placed with.  He’s not expecting Castiel Novak.

(Castiel, in turn, isn’t expecting his first foster child - five years old and angry - to be the one that leads him to the family he’s always wanted, but life has a funny way of working itself out).

Read on AO3

The DCBB now has official AO3 collections for each year the challenge has run. If you’ve participated in a past DCBB, please double check the year and feel free to add your fic and/or art to the corresponding collection.

2010 - thedcbb2010

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2016 - thedcbb2016

Parent collection

Short ficlet based on this gorgeous fanart (x)

Angels do not go down on earth.

Through war, through famine, through disease—

Angels do not go down on earth.

That, at least, is what Castiel was told.

But then he was called, to leave Heaven, to take a vessel; and for a trifle of a thing. To ensure the safety of one Luke Ramirez.

It was explained to Castiel, and he listened dutifully, that occasionally these sort of acts were required. Not miracles, per se, but little pushes, little nudges, all to ensure the correct path. The grand plan.

(He does not know this speech has been given to him many times.)

Accidents barely avoided, a heavy thing falling just a little short, a bullet that grazes your cheek.

Such is the work of angels.

Castiel goes immediately. There is no need to wait, the orders came, and it is happening now. Jimmy Novak is young, perhaps too young, but Castiel takes him anyway. He has no other options.

He follows Ramirez to the city center, his angel eyes sharp, his senses attuned to any possible danger. He receives some strange looks, perhaps because he has no coat, only a thin jacket to fight against the winter chill, or perhaps because such a young boy should not be travelling alone. Castiel does not notice, or care. No one approaches him.

The city is brightly lit, decorated to celebrate the upcoming holiday, the celebration of the birth of Christ. Obviously, things got a little lost over the years. The infant known as Joshua, and later Jesus, was not born in December as the stories said, but July. And there had been only two men in attendance, both of whom were certainly not wise. 

The matter is simple. A couple dropped books, a redirection of a bicycle—and Ramirez’s path is blocked, for 30 crucial seconds, and the taxi that would have hit him drives safely by.

Castiel watches from a nearby storefront, a quiet pride in completing his orders.

He stays for a while, just watching, even though his charge has long since disappeared from view. Humanity is endlessly fascinating, and Castiel has never had the chance to see it this close. 

He takes a deep breath into his borrowed lungs, turning his face up to meet the snow, falling from the sky. He should return to Heaven. He should return home.

“Dean Winchester, stop trying to grab the nice boy!”

Castiel turns.

Behind him stands a group of three people, taking brief shelter under the same awning. They are laden with their Christmas shopping, bundled up warmly for the Kansas weather, and Castiel knows them.

John and Mary Winchester. He recognizes their faces immediately. They are very important in his Father’s plan; and their names are etched into every angel’s brain. The man is holding what Castiel knows to be his son, the firstborn. And he also knows the great tragedy that will soon tear this family apart. 

He peers at the infant struggling in his father’s arms. A small boy, eyes bright and green, hands grasping in Castiel’s direction. His mother brushes a hand through her son’s hair, smiling warmly at Castiel.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “He’s not usually like this.”

Castiel shakes his head.

“Quite alright,” he murmurs.

The boy continues to reach for him. His cheeks are pink with the cold, and he’s babbling happily, carefree and joyous. Castiel does not know his exact age; it is so hard to tell with human children. He could look into his soul and know—but that would be rude, Castiel thinks.

“Hello,” he says instead. “And who might you be?”

His father smiles, bouncing him slightly.

“This here’s Dean.”

Castiel smiles.

“Hello, Dean.”

He nods to the Winchesters, thinking now he definitely should be going. Coming down to Earth was one thing, but talking to humans? It was not mentioned in his orders. He should not disobey. 

He inclines his head, and turns to take his leave.

Then Dean touches him.

His tiny hand catches his ear, sliding down his cheek—and Castiel is suddenly overwhelmed, with a flood of images that nearly leaves him staggering.

A barn, lights sparking before his eyes. A rain-filled room and an archangel with murder in his eyes. A ring of holy fire, a painful glance, hands pulling a sodden trenchcoat from the water. And longing, longing, longing, a bone-deep clamoring ache, only getting stronger as the images strengthen. Blood on his hands, not his own—and a hand on his face, begged words, his name said, over and over. Then not in pain, or hurt, or fear—but in heat. Passion.


He touches him, and Castiel knows instantly.

Dean Winchester is 22 months, 19 days, and 5 hours old. And in roughly 28 years, Castiel will meet him again. In the fiery pits of Hell.

He does not move. Castiel watches this small child, innocent, unknowing, still grasping at Castiel’s hair. He has no idea.

Castiel decides it makes him…sad.

He quickly backs away, ignoring the odd look Dean’s parents give him. They will not remember this. They will not remember an encounter with a strange boy, one cold December day, too long ago.

He ducks into an alley and disappears.

He safely returns Jimmy Novak to his bed, and for his benefit as much as his own, wipes the encounter from the boy’s mind. He is not so sure Jimmy would be so easily convinced a second time.

He returns quietly to Heaven, and his superiors radiate pride and happiness at his success. Castiel goes back to what he had always done before, working beside his brothers and sisters, and tries not to think of the human, with green eyes and the sun in his smile.

Yes, angels do not go down on earth.

But Castiel does. And he will go again.

I decided I wanted to make recs, but a little more in-depth, and because of this there may be some slight spoilers.   This month’s theme is angst, so I chose stories that either made me cry, give me that pang in my chest, or both.

What the Future holds by: @princessniitza 

Art by: @bispiu

Word Count: ~67k  Chapters: 1/1


Archive WarningNo Archive Warnings Apply



RelationshipsCastiel/Dean Winchesterbackground Jessica Moore/Sam Winchestermentioned Gabriel/Kalimentioned charlie bradbury/gildaPast Cassie Robinson/Dean Winchester - Relationship

Characters:Dean WinchesterCastielSam WinchesterMary WinchesterBobby SingerBenny LafitteCharlie BradburyTessa (Supernatural)Jessica MooreJo HarvelleVictor HenriksenMeg Masters

Additional TagsAngstHurt/ComfortFluffOfficer!DeanMed student!CasMagicAlternate Universe - HumanThoughts about deathSuicidal ThoughtsAlcohol Abuse/AlcoholismImplied/Referenced Character DeathImplie/Referenced OverdoseImplied/Referenced Drug UseLong-Distance RelationshipSlow BuildDean/Cas Big Bang Challenge 2015

Summary: What do you do when you find out you’re going to die soon? Because Dean has no idea. All he knows, thanks to fucking Brady’s fucking scrying mirror, is that four years from now he won’t be around anymore. Now he is torn between trying to enjoy the things he has-and maybe the things he’s never allowed himself to have until now-to the fullest, and spending what time he has left in a drunken stupor in hopes of drowning out everything-his fear, his pain, his loss.And then there’s that poor med student, on whom he unloaded all his crap the night he learned the truth and who might have something to say, too.Written for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang Challenge 2015

Thoughts:  First off, woo boy read those tags first.  This story was so well written, the overall concept was fascinating and the way it played out was beautiful.  For me that angst was having me all over the place and I believe the first time I read it I genuinely cried, sometimes Dean has some serious self-esteem issues and suicidal thoughts so be careful.  I loved how Dean and Cas relationship worked out and I am a sucker for Cas being Sam’s friend.  The Dean and Charlie friendship was wonderful especially as it was something that grew overtime.  The way Dean’s case was weaved into the story was also a compelling subplot.  The magic that was in the story was not in detail but provided enough that it easily made sense in the universe.  The ending was a little open-ended, however with a story like this it was a wonderful ending.  The art was breathtaking and was partially animated, it was so fucking good.

Recommended if you like:  To cry your eyes out, Cop Dean, Med Student Cas, Stories were it gets worse before it gets better, and Charlie and Dean’s friendship.

A Light for My Path
DCBB 2016
Fic by @domesticadventures
Art by @samshurley

Rating: M
Word Count: ~25,000
Tags/Warnings: Hurt/comfort, emotional hurt/comfort, road trips, background hunting, phone calls & telephones, car sex, voyeurism, POV outsider, POV Continental

Summary: She’s always had a make and a model, but it’s only after Castiel parks her in the bunker garage, Dean coming to lean irreverently against her side, that she has a name.

“When you were Castiel,” Dean says, “you were untouchable. Unknowable. A stranger. But now you’re Cas. You’re our friend. Our family. Not quite sure when one became the other, but the person who this car belongs to is definitely Cas. So maybe…we’ve been calling her the Continental, right? But that’s so formal. You know her now, so she needs a nickname. What if we called her Connie?”

“Connie,” Cas repeats, testing the feel of it. He hums to himself, sounding as pleased as she feels. “I like it.”

(read on ao3)