Torstein Horgmo Full Part: DC’s Must Be Nice ]

Song: The Keepers - Santigold

Hipstamatic shots of the week

Hipstamatic shots of the week

Hipstamatic is a really cool photo app that is based on old school film cameras, you can change your film, lens, flash etc to alter the affects in your pictures. A handy feature is you can take a shot and then shake your phone to randomly change to settings.

These are a few of my favorite shots using the app from the past couple of weeks 😊

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psh, i can’t believe my boyfriend, Torstein, would make out with other girls. he’s lucky that his super snowboarding skills make me smile.

his full part from “Must Be Nice”.


“Snowboarding is so gay”

-Torstein Horgmo

‘The Milky Way’ mountain range in Italy…. amazing boarding just want to go back. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like snowboarding…. the amazing free feeling you get is just the best thing ever… the thrill you get on a board is addictive…. this is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life… spending every season in the mountains on the beautiful powder teaching other people the thing I love to do…. what an amazing life it will be… :’)