Some of my black and white out takes from the DC Public Schools Walk Out Protest at Trump International Hotel on November 15th, 2016.

A nice article in today’s Washington Post (refers to Kerry’s work at Savoy)

Education Issue: After years of crouching, arts ed is raising its hand again
“Savoy Elementary is one of eight in the country earmarked by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities as a “turnaround” school — one in dire need of help. For three years, each of the eight is “adopted” by a well-known artist (in Savoy’s case, the actress Kerry Washington) and receives a tremendous funding boost to institute arts programs ($14.7 million for the eight).

This is based on a new belief — after years of emphasis on standardized testing — in the power of the arts. Today, more and more policymakers think it is the arts, after all, that can motivate kids, engage them and help them develop 21st-century skills such as teamwork and innovative thinking — in sum, be the key to their salvation.

The children at Savoy, accordingly, are being bombarded with arts. Every kid in the third, fourth and fifth grades gets 45 minutes a day of music and movement training in addition to regular arts classes. The school is phasing in the Suzuki method, an early-childhood music teaching program, next year. Washington takes a lively interest in “her” school, holding Skype chats.”

School bans girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox for being “too violent”

The political correctness anger mob strikes again…

from EW:

Superheroes are often fodder for lunchbox covers, but one school considers the do-gooders nothing more than “violent characters.”Recently, a young girl purportedly received a letter stating that her Wonder Woman lunchbox violated a code in which the school asks that children not bring violent images into the building in any way. “We have defined ‘violent characters’ as those who solve problems using violence,” the letter reads. “Superheroes certainly fall into that category.”

While the upcoming Batman v. Superman might show some characters’ more hostile tendencies, the lunch box in question simply featured a smiling profile of Wonder Woman and a solo action shot with her lasso — a picture that seems to best symbolize the character’s strength and confidence. The letter sparked outrage on the internet, with even Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter retweeting a story about the lunchbox. 

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When will this madness end?

Woodrow Wilson High School is Washington DC’s largest public high school. Situated in one of the city’s wealthiest and whitest neighborhoods, Wilson houses one of the highest white populations in DC Public Schools at 25%. Wilson’s boundaries extend far across the city, serving a student population far more diverse (racially and economically) than can be found in its own and surrounding Wards, sometimes nicknamed “Upper Caucasia”.

In recent years, Wilson has undergone a $115 million renovation, making it the only DC high school with amenities including an olympic size pool, a glass-covered atrium, and two new gymnasiums.

There has been an ongoing push to limit Wilson’s boundaries, which in effect would exclude the city’s poorer students and further segregate DC’s schools and Wards by race and class.

The focus on modernization in schools like Wilson, in contrast to those DC Public Schools lacking in sufficient facilities such as plumbing, heat, water, books, and teachers, is only one of many examples of DC’s financial prioritization leaning towards white affluent interests.

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