Tie a Tie

AN: Cause Terry needed some love! 

You find it funny. Funny, that after all these years that his eyes still follow you around the room. You can feel his eyes as you go through your routine; applying lotion, doing your hair, finishing your makeup. The attention still makes you giddy, even after all these years.

   A glance into the mirror shows him smiling at you. You smile back but don’t say anything. As you finish with your lipstick you walk over to your husband. Neither of you says anything, you simply walk into his arms. As he hugs you close, your eyes drift to the picture on the nightstand.

   You’re so much younger in it. Your boys are all surrounding you and Bruce. Your eyes drift back to the mirror, and you stare at your gray hair. You’d never bothered with dying it, it suited you. Then your eyes drift to the lines of your face, you’re sure that your boys had caused more than a few, but you chose to believe that the majority of the lines are caused from laughter.

   You pull back and smile at Bruce. His hair was all white now, and he was a bit stooped over now, but he still exuded strength. Focusing on your husband, you button the last three buttons of his shirt before tying his tie.

   His voice is rough, as he says, “You’ve probably put in more hours tying my ties that I did as Batman.”

   You laugh, “Between you and the boys it wouldn’t surprise me. What time is Terry supposed to get here?”

   He sighs, “Any minute now. I hate relying on the kid.”

   You shrug as you move to get dressed, “He’s technically our son Bruce.”

   “He doesn’t know it though. Doesn’t need to. He has a family, Y/N.”

   You nod, “I know. But it’s nice to have someone young around the manor again.”

   Bruce sighs, “I’m the reason the others don’t come around.”

   You smile, “They’re just as stubborn as you Bruce. They’ll come around eventually.”

   He smiles at you, and you know he thinks you’re just being optimistic, but you know in the depths of your heart that they’ll come home eventually. A voice keeps you from having to voice your hope anymore, “Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, you guys ready?”

You smile as you look at the closed door. You slide your feet into flats and move forward, opening the door you smile at Terry. His tux is tailored to his measurements, and he looks a good deal like Bruce in that moment. Then you notice his tie, “Do you want some help fixing that?”

He gives you a sheepish look, “I tried my best.”

You nod, “Don’t feel bad, Bruce can’t tie a tie either.”

Terry and Bruce simply grin.

Mark Hamill. The Legend. THE Joker.

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When the hell are DC going to make Batman Beyond a movie

Nicholas Hoult is only gonna look like Terry McGinnis for so long

And Tommy Lee Jones won’t be around forever

And Mark Hamill could bring his Joker to life as Tim Drake/The Joker, and prove that you don’t have to act like a crazy idiot to play him.

Please DC, make my dreams come true

Variant cover by DAVE JOHNSON
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In a special issue by the guest team of writers Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala and artist Siya Oum, Batman and Bruce Wayne are away—so who’s left to protect Neo-Gotham? Enter Nissa, the seldom seen 15-year-old Batgirl of the future! Crime and corruption lead Commissioner Barbara Gordon to the lawless neighborhood of Crown Point where she soon finds herself under siege. Can this young, self-made caped crusader save Gordon without the resources of Batman?
On sale SEPTEMBER 27 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T