(Picture made by me) Seriously, forget the DC movie trinity, the TV DC trinity of Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl is way better! Honestly, the tv shows are SOOOO amazing, so why do the movies suck so bad? I had more fun watching the 4 show crossover on the CW then the last 3 DC movies!

Y’know, I was waiting for Green Arrow and Supergirl clashing. And I liked it. (He was kind of a douche who endangered the planet for his feelings but it was well-written.) But, I was also wondering what Supergirl’s place would be among the DC-TV Trinity (aka Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow). I was wondering if Oliver would mentor her a little too like he did Barry.

But, it was Supergirl being the voice of reason and empathy for the both of them.

Because she’s already established her strength and her status as a powerful superhero. She doesn’t need direction. She can guide herself.

But, these two messes. They needed her. So she helped them.


i am coming home to you (with my own blood in my mouth)

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by boycoffin

‘Maybe we should learn how to raise the dead,’ said Iris, without enthusiasm.

'I think I have a Ouija board in a closet somewhere?’

Leonard tutted at Kendra. 'Is this a straight-to-Netflix horror movie? Please.’

But then Leonard quickly put together the following:

1. Barry was distraught.
2. Something something a dead person.
3. Leonard was a dead person.
4. ???

Words: 16461, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2h0RQse
DC TV Universe crossover

So the crossover is now over and I got say it was pretty good the characters interactions with each other were very well done and the action sequences were spectacular ,but there is something I need get off my chest that is the line that Sara says “Some things you just can’t fix” aka the writers giving fans the middle finger and saying “Laurel isn’t coming back” this really pissed me off we as fans have been wanting black canary to be back on Arrow and now with one line she probably isn’t coming back. Aside from ……. that the crossover was cool and a comic book fans dream so let me know what you thought.

DC TVU Frustrations

That entire mega crossover was disappointing. I get that it was a new thing– a massive new thing, but there were so many points that bothered me in the end.

 1.     Kara was shafted the entire crossover.

2.     Secondary characters were shafted in the last episode.

3.     What the fuck was Black Mercy Arrowverse?

4.     Areas of the subplot was rushed.

5.     Where were the interactions everyone expected?

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