I’m sitting here after watching the flash/supergirl musical crossover and all I can think is that this episode was so awesome and fluffy and that the following episodes of flash are going to be full of angst and sadness.

and on that note I’m going to go watch the episode again

Me VS Fanfictions
  • me: nah I don’t like romance novels they’re so predictable and sappy
  • me: reads fanfiction of OTP falling in love in 347 different ways
If Kara and Ray Palmer interact at any point, I really hope she says something along the lines of, "You know, you remind me of my cousin."

I am the ruling elite. My company is the machine that keeps the cogs of Gotham running. Wow. Killing me should mean something! And you’re telling me no one’s going to see it? You’re saying I need an audience? Oh. Look, I know you’re just trying to buy time so you can escape. But your point is still valid. Saddle up, boys! We’re taking this show on the road! And I know just the spot. Come on.

This is my favorite photo from the DC Paley fest panel. Just because it captures the essence of our three leads so well 

Oliver is JUST DONE, he cannot BELIEVE what Supergirl and Flash are up to, Kara is just having fun, living the moment, enjoying what life’s given her, and Barry is leaning towards having fun with Kara while being aware of OH DAMN PESKY CONSEQUENCES, lemme check with the writer real quick