Young Justice Season 3 Could Still Happen on Netflix
It's far from a done deal, but Young Justice might just return for Season 3 on Netflix. Writer Peter David clarifies those rumors that have been circling the web.

If you want Young Justice to have a chance for a third season…….

SPREAD…THE….WORD!!!!! Tell Netflix we want it, and we want to see more hand drawn animation on their streaming menu! 

POLL: Best Butt of all DC Universe?
  • Bruce:Richard
  • Clark:The first robin
  • Aquaman:Wonder boy
  • Diana:Nightwing
  • Barry:Nightwing, I guess
  • Red Hood:Dick
  • Red Robin:Grayson
  • Damian:Grayson
  • Kidflesh:Rob, of course!
  • Aqualad:First Robin
  • Conner:Nightwing
  • Roy:Dickie-bird
  • Starfire:Richard
  • Babs:Dick
  • Stef:Grayson
  • Cass:Grayson
  • Alfred:Master Grayson
  • Dick:Wha? ... O_O

People who are complaining about Superman’s glasses disguising his identity have obviously never worn glasses. You take them off around your friends, people who see you every single day, and they’re like ,,WHAT THE FUCK, YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT! IS THAT HOW YOUR EYES LOOK LIKE?! NO WAY! WHO ARE YOU???“

  • Joker:*burns down an orphanage*
  • Joker:*blows up a hospital*
  • Joker:*sinks six cruise ships*
  • Joker:*kills lots and lots and lots of people all of the time*
  • Batman:I'll do anything to protect the people of Gotham.
  • Gotham:How about killing the Joker?
  • Batman:lol wut?