#JusticeLeagueAction aired episode 9 in the UK. And looks like we are getting #SUPERWONDER!!!!!!!!!! OUR OTP LIVES! And they are cute as F!

If you haven’t been watching this show, you need to now! We notice them teaming up a heck of a lot. This episode is called “Repulse”.  If anyone knows when this episode will be aired in the US, let us know so we can share. But the debut of the show was last week on 16th Dec on Cartoon Network. 

It’s February the 13th! It means that I’m on tumblr since 1YEAR :3 !! Thanks for your support and the lovely comments, I have a lake of self-confidence so it helps :D <3 ( I think I already said this somewhere else…) I want to do so many things and explore others stuffs than character design. I will put really soon some of the 3D works we do at school, it takes a lot of time but I love it (:

Here a fanart of Harley Quinn to show that I’m not winter sleeping (: 

Things I Wanna See in YJ season 3

• Wally West coming back
• Red Hood doing the “Red Arrow, renegade hero” thing
• A larger squad with one or two more bases
• Wally West coming back because speed force
• More origin stories
• An inter-team war
• Damian Wayne!
• More Dick jokes
• Wally West but now faster than The Flash
• New heroes replacing the old ones
• LGBTQ+ relationships
• Wally West and Artemis being cute
• Actually have a name and not be called “The Team”
• Season 4