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— Cass carries puppies belly-up like babies. She even carries Titus like that. All the kids have pics of huge, grumpy Titus on Cass’s little arms

— Dick is allergic to crawfish and he found out on a gala night. Bruce had a fit when he saw his small boy swell up like a watermelon, and now he always has EpiPens ready because Dick unironically loves seafood

— You know who hates seafood, tho? Tim (and Damian, for different reasons)

— Steph has really bad sense of direction. She got lost the first time she rode alone to the Wayne Manor. She went in circles around the whole damned estate, gave up, and when she told Tim, he couldn’t stop laughing about it for days. “How could you not see the building??”

— Jason knows how to cook well, but don’t ask him to bake anything. The last time he baked something, there was soot in the ceiling and a cake blew up

— Bruce mixes up names so often, it’s become a meme between the batboys. Dick responds to Tim, Tim responds to Jason, Jason responds to Damian, and Damian responds to “the short one”.

— Tim has a rigorous alarm schedule for his ADD medication

— Cass emulates Bruce sometimes, and it scares the living crap out of Dick when he hears something Bruce would say through her tiny quiet voice

— Jason’s favorite color is blue (:

— On movie nights, Bruce ends up crushed under all his sons and daughter snoring on top of him. Sometimes it gets him teary eyed because this, this is his family, and Jason why is your knee jabbing my ribs, please


Finished my new SUPERGIRL PAINTING! Yay! Catco in the background. :3 Hope you all enjoy it! Use it for your cellphone backgrounds or computer backgrounds if you wish. <3 Feel free to reblog and if you do upload it anywhere else just please give credit to my name. That is all!  More to come. Model is the beautiful and talented actress, Melissa Benoist from the hit show, Supergirl. Feel free to write me if you have any questions. :) This artwork is not to be stolen and sold for profit.  © Ginger Anne London 

Being Captain Boomerang’s daugther would include:

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Requested by Anon.

Request:  Can you do what being captain boomerangs daughter would be like? Like a HC? Idk but ya

A/N: I included the Squad a little bit because we all know that some of them are totally into having their own sweet little kids. 


  • Him being always super careful with you.
    • Digger holding you as if you could break any second. 
  • Him almost crying when you don’t want to stop crying.
    • Him at least starting crying once a month because you’re a scream Queen
  • Him making baby noises and funny faces while feeding you.
  • Digger letting you play with his boomerangs and Pinky.
  • Your first word being ‘Boomerang’
  • Him teaching you how to walk.
  • Digger being the dad who films everything you do. 
    • Showing all the cute videos the squad. 
    • Harley cooing.
    • Deadshot and El Diablo giving him dad-tips.
    • Deadshot being your baby sitter. 
    • Harley buying you flashy baby clothes.
    • Too many pictures and videos with the squad.


  • Knowing all the swear words. 
    • Him trying to convince everyone that it’s not his fault.
  • Having your own boomerangs. 
  • Digger teaching you how to throw them, and how to defend yourself.
  • Pinky sleeping in your bed.
  • Him being very patience with you. 
    • Digger actually throwing a fit with you when you’re behaving like a ‘brat’.
  • Cuddling. 
    • You both being cuddler.
  • Digger learning how to braid your hair because he wants to make you happy.
  • Him letting you play with his hair/beard. 
  • You using make up on your dad.


  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him hating too revealing clothes.
  • Him hating all your boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Not because of the “They are not good enough for my little baby” but because they are not aussies.
  • Him giving you ‘The Talk’ when you ask if you could go buy some bras.
    • It’s awkward so he calls for Harley’s help. 
  • Him being unable to cope with you getting your period for the first time. 
    • Calling Harley and Katana for help.
    • Him googling what to do and buying everything a girl needs during her period - including Tampons and pads (all sizes), sweets, tissues, a hot-water-bag and a few movies.
    • Him trying to be calm and cool with it even thought he doesn’t want you to grow up so fast.
  • Him teaching you how to fight with boomerangs. 
    • You sneaking out to help the squad during a dangerous mission.
    • Digger grounding you for 3 whole months even though you saved their asses.
  • Him getting angry when you start drinking and smoking and doing drugs.
    • Even though he’s pissed he never yells at you but tries to explain everything because you’re like best friends.
    • Him being disgusted that you don’t like the same beer as him.
  • Digger and the squad comming lowkey to your prom and graduation.
    • Harley and Katana heling you with all the make up, hair and so on.

Grown up:

  • Him behaving like you’re still in your teen years.
  • Digger being proud of you if you marry an aussie. 
  • Him being very proud of you when you kick asses. 
    • Especially when strangers try to hit on you or touch you.