IT’S DONE! I DID IT LOL. This was based on this ask a few weeks ago, and i just got so inspired haha. im no animator first of all but i had fun putting this together! BUT WHAT IF THEY DID HAVE A GAMING CHANNEL??? I imagine it would sort of be like this lol


Heyo! This is lem0uro, and I’m opening up commissions again! Yay! All my earnings from commissions helps me pay for food, rent, bus fare, school supplies; just basically keeps me off the streets! ;u;

The Do’s/Dont’s, Order Form, Process, and additional info are below the cut, or feel free to check out my Commission Page!

5 SLOTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (I will update this post and my Commission Page as Slots are filled)

And any and all signal boosts of this post are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you! ^o^)/

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