The Sons DBZ/S Fancast

Before I continue, I’d like to stress that this is only my interpretation of the characters, and that I chose these actors based on the idea that if Hollywood were to try to “fix” the mess that is Dragon Ball Evolution, I think these actors would be a good fit for the roles. 

Christopher Sean as Son Goku- That smile, That bod. He’s definitely got the looks down, and he trains in a number of martial arts, including boxing and jujutsu, so he’d be able to pull off the fighting scenes. 

Ziyi Zhang as ChiChi- I know, I know, she’s in like every fancast that requires an Asian actress for a character, but looks at the similarities! She’s close to age as ChiChi during Buu Saga and DBS, and could even play young adult ChiChi due to her youthful appearance. Not only does Zhang resemble ChiChi physically, but Zhang is well-known for her roles in martial arts films, which means that like ChiChi, she can kick ass.

Shannon Kook as Son Gohan- Kook is best known for being part of the cast in Degrassi: The Next Generation. It doesn’t look like he has any experience with martial arts, but many actors don’t when they first take on a role that requires it. I think with the right training, Kook would make a convincing Gohan. 

Kristin Kreuk as Videl- Yeah, she was Chun Li in that horrible Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun Li movie, but based on her other work, she’s overall a decent actress and could hone her skills in fighting. 

Ryan Potter as Son Goten- This guy is actually a martial artist! He voiced Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6 and has starred in a Nickolodean series called Supah Ninjas. He’s a little older (21) to play kid Goten, but he could either play teen Goten or Goten can be aged up to be in his teens during the events of DBZ/S. It’s hard finding kid actors, so I couldn’t find anyone younger who I thought would fit the part better than Potter.