You know it's true
  • Gohan: Sweetheart, have you seen my parents? I can't find them anywhere.
  • Videl: I got this. [takes deep breath]
  • [in the distance]
  • Videl: Found them.

Lol Chichi. That’s Goku’s way of trying to wooh you. Goku would agree with anything you say at this point if it means he gets rewarded with sex. Actually now that I think about it since Chichi finds it weird that goku is being fatherly maybe that is another reason why Goku gets a job, groceries, drives her places, or even tells goten to listen to his mother when she says he has to study. He found that it works when he does what she says or agrees with her in things cause he gets rewarded with sex later…..goku figured out how to play the game….


All right, so I just decided to check on Wattpad this morning before I go to bed after a long night at work. When I loaded the page, I noticed that there was a story that had the same title as one that I had written. Curious, I selected the story and found out that someone has decided to post something that I have worked so hard on as their own work! My beta and I have reported it to the website, but that doesn’t really stop me from being so angry.

Now, I am so upset that I can’t even go to sleep. I am almost physically ill that someone has done this, and my beta is as well. Other than here, my story is on three other websites. I have almost got 60 chapters of this thing written with all the support and help of my beta and now I feel like all of this is just been tainted.

And that is when my baby starts having saiyan pride. 😢💕

On the subject of family of choice in DBZ

Okay, I know we’re all trying to get Yamcha a Significant Other over here, and I am all for that because I know that this is something he’s wanted for a long time. But I don’t quite get the concept of ‘poor Yamcha, he is so lonely, he has no family.’ Because I’m over here going “…noooooo, that man is, like, EVERYONE’S uncle when it comes to the next generation in the Z Gang, he is part of everyone’s family, his family is HUGE, and it includes the Sons (including Piccolo, he is an honorary Son at this point, shut up tsundad, you totally are) and the Briefs and the Chestnuts and the Shinhans and the Satans and Pu’ar and Dende and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention. All of them. They are all his family and they love him in their various ways and he knows it in his heart that they all care for him and are there for him.”

Whether he is actually dating any of these people is irrelevant (though I am totally open to various ships within this group, as you all know). The point is, Yamcha has got a family, and it’s enormous and they love him and they will all be there for his wedding. He might be single, but he is definitely not unloved, and he is definitely not alone.

This is one of my dearest headcanons, and I stand by it.