The Sons DBZ/S Fancast

Before I continue, I’d like to stress that this is only my interpretation of the characters, and that I chose these actors based on the idea that if Hollywood were to try to “fix” the mess that is Dragon Ball Evolution, I think these actors would be a good fit for the roles. 

Christopher Sean as Son Goku- That smile, That bod. He’s definitely got the looks down, and he trains in a number of martial arts, including boxing and jujutsu, so he’d be able to pull off the fighting scenes. 

Ziyi Zhang as ChiChi- I know, I know, she’s in like every fancast that requires an Asian actress for a character, but looks at the similarities! She’s close to age as ChiChi during Buu Saga and DBS, and could even play young adult ChiChi due to her youthful appearance. Not only does Zhang resemble ChiChi physically, but Zhang is well-known for her roles in martial arts films, which means that like ChiChi, she can kick ass.

Shannon Kook as Son Gohan- Kook is best known for being part of the cast in Degrassi: The Next Generation. It doesn’t look like he has any experience with martial arts, but many actors don’t when they first take on a role that requires it. I think with the right training, Kook would make a convincing Gohan. 

Kristin Kreuk as Videl- Yeah, she was Chun Li in that horrible Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun Li movie, but based on her other work, she’s overall a decent actress and could hone her skills in fighting. 

Ryan Potter as Son Goten- This guy is actually a martial artist! He voiced Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6 and has starred in a Nickolodean series called Supah Ninjas. He’s a little older (21) to play kid Goten, but he could either play teen Goten or Goten can be aged up to be in his teens during the events of DBZ/S. It’s hard finding kid actors, so I couldn’t find anyone younger who I thought would fit the part better than Potter.

Finding Love Chapter 60

“So don’t be a stranger alright, Goku?” Bulma asked as she pulled the beta in a big hug with tears in her eyes. The whole group had gathered on the Lookout for the saiyans to leave. It had been an emotional few days, but they needed to go back to Vegetasei.

“Don’t worry, Bulma. It’s not like we’ll never see each other again. We’ll be able to visit more often now with the gate. Just if you come, be careful. The gravity is stronger than here on Earth.” Goku smiled at the blue haired woman. He rubbed her back before they let go of each other.

“You better! And remember to bring Trunks with you too! I don’t want to wait another year to see my son!” She glared at Goku and Vegeta as she said this. “I understand he’ll have duties and lessons, but I want to spend time with him too! Do you hear me, Vegeta?!”

“Fine, woman!” The prince growled as he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He glared at the blue haired female with a scowl on his face. “For the love of Tarro, you act like I’m going to take him away from you!”

“We’ll make sure to schedule his time, Ms. Bulma.” Tarble stepped in before the pair descended into another verbal disagreement. “Trunks will have lots to do, but we can work in some free time for him to stay with you.”

Bulma sighed as she nodded to the younger prince. Her blue eyes glanced over to the two boys saying goodbye to Piccolo before they came over to her. She pulled the older boy to stand in front of her and hugged him tight.

“Trunks, you be good and make sure you pay attention to your instructors…unless they don’t know what they’re talking about.” The two had a slight laugh over that. “Come and see me at least once a month, you hear me!?” He held a finger up between them as tears gathered in her eyes again.

“Don’t worry, mom. I will! And you can come see me too! You’d love Grandpa Bardock’s lab! It’s amazing!” The cub beamed up at the woman making her feel less sad than before. “It got to be almost as big as yours!”

“Yeah, yeah. Just make sure to let me know first.” Bardock said from beside Goten as he handed Vegito over to Goku. “I’ll have up the language translations up so you can understand what I’m working on.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth to fire back a smartass remark when Goten tugged on her hand. He fidgeted and rubbed one foot behind the opposite leg as she kneeled down at his level. He peeked from under his bangs to see her smiling face and he launched himself to give her a hug too.

“Goodbye, Bulma. Thanks for helping Tama.”

“You’re welcome, Goten. Next time, tell them to hurry up and not drag their feet when they need help.” She said tapping the cub in the nose as she leaned back. Goten giggled and threw himself back in her arms. He always liked Trunks’s mom.

“Please come visit, Auntie Bulma.” The little cub softly said in her ear. “They all miss you. It would make Tama and Daddy happy. Trunks too.” The blue haired woman found herself tearing up and wiped her eyes quickly and hugged the little beta back.

“Sure thing, kiddo. Don’t be a stranger yourself. You’re always welcome here, sweetheart. Chichi won’t ever get to you here so don’t let that stop you from visiting with Trunks. Remember, we’ll have some new kittens that will need names next month.” His eyes lit up and the little tail wagged happily.

“Yeah! Ok!” He chirped. “Bye, Auntie Bulma!” He ran back over to Goku and wrapped himself around the beta’s leg already asking to visit when the kittens were there.

“Bulma.” Vegeta was in front of her and wrapped her in his arms. “Take care of yourself.” He said softly. “Let me know if anyone gives you trouble you can’t handle. Call us anytime.”

“You know me. There’s not much out of my capabilities after dealing with you and raising Trunks. And there’s so many shenanigans from the years of running around Goku…”

“I know.” Vegeta chuckled. “Seriously, call us for anything. We both miss you. Kakarot needs his friends even if he’s scared to let you know everything. And I promise Trunks will come home much more often if I have to kill some of his teachers to make it happen.”

“Oh, you don’t need to go that far, you crazy saiyan.” The blue haired woman smiled at the prince. She turned her attention back to the rest of the group. “You take care of yourselves too, alright? I want you guys to come back in a couple of months for Gohan’s party. We’d like to celebrate here too you know!”

“I promise, Bulma.” Goku was quick to respond to his surrogate sister. He could see his oldest son was rubbing the back of his head in slight embarrassment out of the corner of his eye as Tarble questioned when his birthday was. “Father will work on a communication relay to let you know in advance when we are coming.”

“Oh! That’s a great idea!” Bulma clapped her hands together with a smile on her face. “I should work on one too! I haven’t had a side project in awhile.”

“Please,” Bardock huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. “There’s no need for you to bother. I’ll have that done in a couple of weeks….two months tops.”

“Oh really?” Blue eyes narrowed at the green clad saiyan. “It’ll take you that long? I’m sure I can get it done in half the time.” Bulma placed her hands on her hips as she smirked at the larger man.

“Is that a challenge?” Bardock’s brow quirked up with a small feral smile playing on his lips. He liked the fire this woman had.

“Oh boy.” Raditz rubbed a hand over his face as the genius pair stared each other down. Goku resisted in joining him as he watched as well. “Kakarot, can’t you get her to shut up? Now it’ll take both of us to pry him out of his lab.”

“He’s not that bad.” Goku muttered halfheartedly. The long haired warrior only gave the beta a look, and the younger saiyan cringed. “Right….never mind.”

“Uh huh. He’s still trying to figure out just how those capsule things work.” Raditz rolled his eyes skyward. “He almost destroyed a part of his lab when he tried to reverse engineer one that the boys showed him before we came here. I had to physically drag him out so he could sleep.”

“Got it.” The younger walked up to Bardock and placed a hand on his shoulder, marking the alpha look back at him. “Father, we need to go. Geta needs to get back to the palace, remember?”

“Right.” The older man huffed and looked slightly disappointed. He looked back at Bulma. “Three weeks, woman. Be prepared to hand over those propulsion blueprints.”

“Humph. I’ll call you in two for the formula for your healing tanks, commander.” Bulma smiled as she crossed her arms.

Raditz pulled the older alpha away before another disagreement broke out. He was surprised that he managed to do so, but it probably helped that his younger brother was right beside him.

“Bye, you guys, take care!” Krillin shouted while every one waved. Goku smiled back at his friends and shifting Vegito in his arms while Vegeta’s arm slipped around his waist in front of the portal. As much as he loved Earth, it wasn’t his home anymore.

“Let’s go home, Geta.”


“What do you mean you’re leaving?!” Vegeta all but shouted as he jumped up from the couch. His father had surprised them with this meeting after dinner once the cubs were put to bed for the night. Goku’s gentle touch calmed him enough that the prince sat back down. “Explain.”

“Precisely that.” K.Vegeta calmly replied. He wasn’t surprised his son was shocked. No ruler had left the planet in generations. “Your trip to Earth and Gohan’s idea to forge an alliance between our two worlds once he ascends his throne has made me realize that perhaps we should do the same.”

“Father, the PTO still exists. If they know the saiyan race was somehow revived…”

“Which is why I propose making allies. As a race we need to fight, its in our blood but staying in isolation will kill us even faster I believe. We haven’t been a self sustaining planet since we achieved the ability to venture among the stars. All of our technology, our ships, a good deal of our medicine comes from off world, another side effect of Frieza’s control. Further more our race is but a handful with many jobs and stills grossly under represented. As is it our planet can survive several years or so with current stockpiles thanks to what Kakarot’s dragon gave us but ultimately we will run out if nothing is done.”

“I understand that, father.” The prince said as he narrowed his eyes at his father. “My only concern is why you must leave to do this. Our planet and people are not completely stable enough for you to leave. We need to have you here to guide us.”

“I’m not leaving our people unattended. You are going to be ruling in my stead.” The older alpha gave Vegeta an amused look. “I have full confidence that you will be the leader our people need while I’m gone.”

The prince blinked as those words sank into his mind, and he felt the stirrings of fear in his heart. While he had always been the Prince of Saiyans it had only been over a small handful of warriors. He had only started his lessons when Frieza took him from his family and destroyed the planet, and he had no idea how to run a planet. Ever since he came back, he’d been too busy with other things to start his lessons again.

“Geta, this is a good idea.” Goku softly spoke to his mate as soon as he caught the slightly alarmed expression he had.

“We need to start working out a way to establish trade with other planets while we have the time to do so. Your father needs to be the one to instigate the talks so others know that we are taking this seriously.”

Vegeta looked over at his mate thinking on the wisdom the beta just spoke, but he still felt unsure that he was the right person for this. He was about to voice his thoughts when Goku gripped his hand and squeezed it.

“Anaana, you will not be alone during this. I will be here to help you, and so will your brother. I’ve been learning how to take care of things, and I can teach you as we go.” The submissive gave the alpha a brilliant smile that made Vegeta’s heart swell with affection. “Never believe that you are alone.”

“Kakarot is right, Vegeta.” The king spoke up before his sone could say anything. “As soon as he came to the palace, Kakarot has been taking lessons just in case he needed to rule before the heir was old enough.”

“You did all that?” Vegeta said stunned. His mate blushed furiously before staring at his lap and fisting his pants.

“Indeed, he’s quite the learner too.” The king smiled gently at the submissive. “He picked up considerable amounts of information very quickly.”

“I wouldn’t say that…” Goku muttered under his breath, but both alphas managed to still hear the words if the amused looks were any indication. The younger male tried to banish the heat in his cheeks as he brought the others back on topic. “So what do we need to plan out for your trip?”

The prince listened to his mate and father talk about what needed to be done for the next couple of hours, and all he could think about was just how lucky he was to have his Karo with him.


“Are you mad?” The beta asked softly later that night as they lay together in bed. Vegeta could feel the tension in his mate as his dark eyes widened in surprise at Kakarot’s question.

“Karo, why would I-” It suddenly dawned on him. He had spent years boasting of his birthright to the beta.

“No, Karo. I’m not mad, love.” Vegeta said gently making sure the beta was looking at him so he could see the alpha was truly sincere.

“Really? I mean I know how important it was to you, being the prince and heir…. I wasn’t trying to take that from you I promise. I just….” Vegeta took his mate’s hand in his and gently kissed the back of it.

“You wanted to be prepared. It’s all right, Karo, I understand. If father hadn’t sent that message, I might have never learned our world was revived. I’m not mad, Karo, I promise. I’m just glad one of us knows what we’re doing.” Goku blushed before running his head under his mate’s chin.

“You’ll be better than me that’s for sure. I don’t enjoy the political side of things. I’m good at the easier tasks, getting food and stuff. Who knew working on a farm when I was a kid would come in handy?”

The dominant saiyan chuckled as he pulled the younger male closer to his chest. He used one hand to cup his mate’s chin and raised his head so that he could place a kiss on those sweet lips. He relished in the mew he received as he pulled back.

“Oh marama, what would I do without you?”


Turles growled as he hauled his weakened body up the face of the cliff side towards the fruiting bush. The last food and water he found ran out two days ago rendering him unable to fly between that and his poorly healed injuries.

“All….most….there.” His fingers brushed one of the bright orange gourd like fruits right as the handhold he was using gave way sending him tumbling back down. The former pirate screamed and closed his eyes, bracing for impact and possibly death when he felt the stone under him give way and drop him into darkness. Turles crashed into a pool of freezing water. He burst from the surface and hauled himself out of the pool before drinking deeply of the life giving water before flopping onto his back.

He panted and groaned in pain as the marks on his back throbbed in protest under his weight. He shifted so that he could sit up and saw a rock nearby. He pulled himself closer so that he could lean against the rock, wincing as the skin around the deeper cuts on his body pulled on the scars.

As soon as he sagged against the rock, he looked around to see where he had landed. As far as he knew, there shouldn’t be any underground lakes this far in the Wastes. The light coming through the hole his body made hit the water in just the right angle that it lit the cave somewhat.

Although, calling this a cave was a huge understatement, and the alpha’s jaw dropped in wonder as he took in what was a massive cavern that seemed to have a temple that was had fallen into ruins. The light off the water did a poor job in illuminating the cave, but he could see broken walls, columns, and doorways.

“A temple? What’s a temple doing out here?” The pirate asked himself as he hauled his body up to stand by using the rock as leverage. His previous exhaustion was temporary forgotten as his curiosity compelled him forward.

The building was made of a black stone that seemed to absorb light. Round and smooth columns supported beams that flared up in points at the ends. He ran a hand over one of the broken supports, and Turles shivered at how cold the stone felt. It seemed odd to the saiyan that a stone would feel so chilled being in the desert. It was only slightly cooler in the cavern so it shouldn’t feel this cold, not with the blistering heat of the day bearing down outside.

Turles stopped at the doorway, which was a simple opening, and he looked into the darkness. He hesitated at the door wary of anything else that might have made its way down here, but another compulsion urged him forward. He lifted a hand, and to his surprise, a small orb of blue ki flickered to life. It provided just enough light for him to see where he was going.

The temple was larger on the inside than it looked from by the lake. Rounded columns were scattered throughout the building to hold up the roof, which was mostly intact. Turles came close to one and ran a hand over it, and while he felt the same coldness as the ones outside, there were also carvings on it.

He held the ki orb closer to the column to see the details better, but the ball started to shudder where it floated over his palm. The pirate let out a yelp as the ki shot out of his hand and was absorbed by the stone, plunging the room into darkness. He staggered back a couple steps, and his foot got caught on a piece of rubble.

“Shit!” Turles shouted as he fell and landed on his back. Small rocks dug into his tender back making the pain flare before his attention was drawn to a light. The column he had been standing beside was lighting up.

The alpha watched speechless as the carvings lit up showing ruins in a language Turles couldn’t understand. The light slowly spread upward until it came to the ceiling and moved along lines to the rest of the poles in the room. Soon the entire temple was bathed in a blue light from those glowing letters, and the saiyan looked around in bewilderment.

There was only debris from the crumbling roof of the temple and pools of water that looked to have been there since the place was built, but Turles could see another room behind the columns. He couldn’t make out any details because none of the light had gone that far.

The alpha’s eye caught something on the first column that glowed, and the sight made his cheek throb. He got to his feet and stood in front of the glowing ruin. A line ran straight down the center of the symbol with a completed diamond shape on the top half of the letter. On the bottom half, there was only three sides of the diamond. The bottom left line was missing.

He snarled and glared at that symbol because it was the same one that had been burned onto his cheek as a mark of his exile, reminding the pirate how he got here. The growl from his throat echoed in the chamber.

There is darkness in you.

“Who’s there?!” Turles called out ready to defend himself and caught sight of a darker shadow out of the corner of his eye. He tried to follow it, but it was too fast for him to keep sight of it.

You have been wronged, my child. The feminine voice whispered in his ear as the ghostlike sensation of a hand brushed across his shoulders. Instantly he was filled with a sense of relief as his scars and cuts finally stopped hurting. Do you want to make them pay? Make them regret casting you out like trash? Make them regret the brand they gave you? I can help you.

Turles narrowed his eyes as he listened to the shapeless being. Vegeta and Bardock took Kakarot away from him. He never even got a chance to talk to that beautiful beta except for that one time, and his blood burned with desire for the submissive. Kakarot hadn’t had the chance to say yes or even no to him.

Oh, yes. Here the voice seemed to giggle, and the alpha felt on edge at hearing that delicate sound. I can help you with that as well. Soon, all that you dream shall come to fruition. I can give you all that you desire, my child. I can give you Kakarot.

The pirate couldn’t help the interested noise he made, slowly turning until he spotted a darker shadow. Everything it promised sounded like music to his ears, but he was no fool. Nothing was free and the pirate knew there was some kind of catch.

But he had nothing left to lose. He couldn’t enter any city and live, he had no supplies, he couldn’t leave the planet and his injuries at the hands of Vegeta and the half-breed made moving excruciating even months later.


He wanted to make the cocky princeling bleed, strip everything away from the bastard like they had done to him. He wanted to be the one standing beside Kakarot watching their cubs as they grow. With a feral grin, the saiyan crossed his arms over his chest.