DBZ Battle of the Gods

During the six months Vegeta was gone

Bulma: Goku, what are you doing?

Goku [carrying six out of seven Dragon Balls]: Using the Dragon Balls to resurrect the most powerful villains in the universe.

Bulma: WHY?

Goku: Because Vegeta is ninety percent of my impulse control.

So I remembered that one Badass scene from Battle of Gods that everyone in my theater got hype over and my brain made me do this and to my surprise GODDAMN, Music really does add another LEVEL OF HYPE & INTENSITY🔥🔥🔥#DragonBallSuper130


Goku’s the number ONE fan of Vegebul and Papa Veggie!

After the last chapters of the manga, Goku seems to be a “bad father”, but he’s so good that he’s able to recognize that now Vegeta is. And even though he gets angry because Vegeta doesn’t want to train to stay at Bra’s birth, the truth is that Goku always celebrates when he’s a family man.

Goku knows Vegeta more than Vegeta can imagine and he knows what his weak point is. 

And if we count that in some adaptations of Fukkatsu No F’, Goku literally threatens to Vegeta to hold his hand, warning that they may hurt Bulma, referring her as “Your dearly Bulma” this’s more obvious.

Guys!! Son Goku won the no. 1 anime/manga character in Japan again!

『昭和vs平成 アニメ&特撮&マンガヒーロー・ヒロイントップ20~1億2千万人が選んだ永久保存版ランキング~』

“Showa vs Heisei Anime & Sci-Fi & Manga Hero · Heroine Top 20 ~ 120 million people chosen permanent preservation version ranking ~”

Out of all the anime/manga characters, Son Goku ranked No.1!! Again today!💖💖💖

NO matter how much TFS and US fans (and even Toyotaro) shits on Goku in bullshit ways, Goku will always be love by other fans around the world, especially in Japan 💕💕

Son Goku also won both the Generation categories!! This rarely happens!!

A little explaination - 

 昭和 (Showa)

People born in 1926-1989

—–  平成 (Heisei)

People born in 1989-now. So, all the generations love Son Goku 💕

Take that haters!! 

And even Gohan ranked in Top 20! He’s 17th!

P.S. even Arale got voted again! She’s ranked 15th! Not Vegeta tho… he’s not even in the ranks.

So too people, who shits on them and their fans just to put there certain favourite characters up on a pedestal. Please kindly shut up and don’t bother me and my fellow fans with your stupid hate.