Do you wanna know what I really miss about KPOP?

Moments when SS501 & DBSK still perform as a Group. As a 5 member Group. I was woke up with their Music so you can just say that my KPOP Music taste is high standards. I just don’t like a Group. I just don’t randomly listen to random Group. First impression last for me in a long time.

And I miss them. Everytime I listen to SS501, I think about their COMEBACK. Sometimes it makes me cry. So yeah… I cry alot. But what do you expect. They were my first love.

Everytime I listen to DBSK, I think how can SME let go of that Group? How can they just let that kind of Group slip in their hands. They could have work it out. I don’t know everything thou. All I know is that DBSK was always something Special to me.

I still wish for a one on one Dance Battle/Sing Competition (friendly one) with DBSK501. That would be a real Dream Come True. And I don’t care if I have to cry a bucket of tears coz’ it’s going to be forever worth it.

Hello! Been wanting to do my very own follow forever but it never happened cause I’m the laziest person on earth. I have also recently reached another follower milestone! (Thanks to everyone who follows and continues to even though I am such a multi-fandomed mess <3). 

I know I don’t talk to most of you on this list, but you are all amazing and make my dash less dead and more flawless.I also enjoy creeping your blogs on a daily basis. So, everyone should follow these blogs cause you won’t regret it! Enough of that, I present you my very short first follow forever!

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pornfreeonekiss: …uhh I think I’m fabulous, duh. ;)

livinginamelody: MY WAIFUUU!!! ♥♥♥ She’s been off Tumblr for a bit and I miss her on Tumblr but I still get her on Skype and she’s always super patient and willing to let me bounce ideas off of her and listen to me rant and she’s super-cute and I LOVE THIS GIRL OKAY???

chunlocked: ANDIII!!! I actually met this girl IRL and we clicked like *booM*. She’s a lovely, energetic, and cuddly person. Plus she’s really selfless and considerate and she inspires me. We’re in different time zones now and I miss her presence online terribly but we still talk whenever we can and I also wear that one sweater she bought for me liek all the tiem. ♥

safiew: I met Caro through that one fic-which-will-not-be-mentioned-cuz-i-haven’t-updated-in-forever-OTL but it was so much fun RP-ing with her last summer! Caro is super naisu and super-creative and I adore her. Plus she understands my ASOIAF/KPOP feels so I’m pretty much never letting her go.  

dbskrandomness: Scary unnirrrr~ lmao Tani is one of the most intense, loyal Jaemin-shippers I’ve ever met and she’s not afraid to demand stuff from me (lol) but I find her passion really inspiring whenever I’m going through a Jaemin-slump and plus she’s also great at editing (not just images but like, fic too) and I’m writing that Playful Kiss AU, I promise. ;AAA;

dbsk501: I just met Aniqa recently (through this one edit) and I haven’t had time to go bother her so much, but she’s so naisu from just our brief interactions and I’m looking forward to getting to know her better because she has just been loverly. ♥ 

junxia: MY KAWAII JUNSU-STANNING ANGST-BUNNYYY~~ lmao Maryam is seriously like the most unintentionally hilarious person ever and she’s so cute!! I love talking with her and I love how hard she stans for Junsu, and given how hard I stan for Jaejoong, you can imagine the fireworks when Jaesu happens. Mostly I want to keep her in my pocket and poke her in the cheek. I will call her squishy. She will be my squishy. 8D

jevilll: Jenn is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, real life or online, and also she is kind of drop-dead gorgeous in a this-is-not-allowed kind of way. I haven’t talked to her very much recently just because time zones + work, but now she likes EXO and I just can’t take EXO-M seriously because I can understand them and it’s horrifying omfgTheir ballads are pretty good though.


Happy birthday Aniqa… As you know I am very bad at writing bday wishes so I am just going to blabber… Thank you for always being there for me whenever I need you… Thank you for tolerating me for the last 5 years… Thank you for being so nice, sweet and talented… Thank you for making a way for me to get to know Tara Di… Thank you for being my best friend… Thank you always being i the same fandom and being my spazz buddy… Thank you for making me smile… Thank you for EVERYTHING… May you get a sona munda like Lee Min ho soon… Be happy and healthy… I love you…

I’m going to spam Aniqa’s wall with Changmin tomorrow… Because she said Min is “CM might be making his way up my bias list now”

Haule haule ho jayega pyar chal yaar… Haule haule ho jayega pyar….


dbsk501 asked:

Oh nooo imma be late as always ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ ... dear dbsk501 /glomps (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Dear Aniqa (aka NEW FRAN) (aka Tani’s other half):

I HAVE JUST MET YOU AND ILU~!!! Haha your Jaejoong stanning gives me life and your graphic resource posts are amazing!! I think your Mine project took a lot of work and dedication and I really admire you for pulling it off. Also, I’ve always been meaning to ask, do you like teh 2joong, cuz that would make my life. ♥

I haven’t gotten to know you well enough (yet *cough*) to inquire about your life/activities but I hope you are excelling in every field of your life! I hope your graphic making abilities turn from a beautiful caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and let’s both try to talk to each other moarr~~ and if you have Twitter/Skype/WhatsApp, you should totes add me. 8D

JJ (the less feminine one)

dbsk501 asked:

omg you watched the last tvd epi yet? I am about to watch it now but getting super excited after seeing the klaroline gifset you just reblogged sjhfjhfahf :D

ahsohfoeafa!! I just finished watching it a few hours ago. It was a pretty good episode! Impatiently waiting for next weeks episode now ;_;