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  • name: starts with an ‘l’ and ends with an ‘e,’ but senyi (森怡) works too 
  • nicknames: sen, gem, bison (thanks ivy), RCC, rice cooker, etc. 
  • zodiac sign: gemini / dragon
  • height: 5′1″
  • orientation: that one NSYNC song that starts with a ‘b’
  • ethnicity: chinese
  • favorite fruit: bananas
  • favorite season: winter
  • favorite book: either a separate peace or a farewell to arms
favourite flower: roses
favourite scent: mint
favourite colour: rose gold
favourite animal: elephants
average sleep hours: 6-7 hours
cat or dog person: both, but i like dogs more (i’m kind of allergic to cats rip)
favourite fictional character: it’s a tie between takashi shirogane and kayo hinazuki
the number of blankets you sleep with: two
dream trip: i wanna go to yellowstone again :v
blog created: october 2014 
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Dee's Big Bump

Dee stared at the toy car perched atop her belly. She wasn’t too big yet, but the doctors were worried that if she got too big she could have complications. But Dee didn’t worry about that. She nudged the car forward with her finger, letting it roll down her belly and into the wall of shirt she had bunched up just before her boobs.

Tonight was a good night =)

Tonight I met a boy. Might I just say it felt so nice to have a decent conversation with a single guy that is around my age. He is really nice, definitely a gentleman. According to my uncle (who hired him) he is a hard worker and the best junior engineer. He is a Berkeley graduate (like my daddy) and we have similar tastes in music, which for me, is just about one of the best things ever. Oh, and best of all? I am pretty darn sure he has a relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of all the guys I’ve met in my life, I’ve never met a guy like him. Unfortunately, I leave in the morning. The word “boyfriend” doesn’t even enter my mind. We are definitely going to be friends though. I’m going to make sure of it. He’s too handsome to not keep as a friend. He’s no military stud pero he has Jesus and that’s numero uno on my list. 

I am not too sure what this is. I have a different, but good feeling about him. Not like any other guys I’ve dated at all really. Maybe I just feel refreshed. It was absolutely refreshing to be able to talk about…well, almost anything (on my end at least) and not be too embarrassed. I still have to figure out how to stop blushing when I talk to a handsome face. Hahahhaha. He made me laugh though, a lot, it was nice to laugh. I mean, I laugh all the time with my girlfriends but this is different. It just felt so good to talk to a guy without him making any indication of wanting to get into my pants. I assume he is interested. He gave me his card. His card! I’m not going to lie. I thought it was heck of hilarious, though totally legit! 

Wow. Daddy always told me that guys like him existed. It’s just so hard to believe in today’s world. Even harder to find. Did I find one? I’d like to think so but I’m definitely holding up my horses. Whether or not this could be the real thing, I’m patient enough to wait. If it isn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me and I would just continue on with my life, no biggie. If it is, well, that’s a bit of a scary thought. All I know is that when God does send me the real thing, it is because He knows I’m ready. I’ll be praying about it, getting to know him, and praying some more. 

We’ll see what God has in store for me,