The third volume of the manga Dragon Ball Super has come out.

Although they only focus on the protagonists of this saga (all Briefs Family and Mirai Trunks) the family Son does not appear, except for Goku, but at least their names if they appear in this blue car…

We’d love to see Something like this (I’m talking about the third image) …

Son Family [孫家👪]

Fan art by (third image) by [ ひこぴこ (@hirokokoraikoko)] twitter.

I’ve seen some claims recently (not here but I’ma put it here because I want to get it off my chest lol)… anywho. I’ve seen claims that 1) Chi-Chi didn’t train Goten, that it was just in the anime filler & 2) That Goten first went Super Saiyan against Chi-Chi.

Both of these are wrong.

Goten straight up says “I forget” 

And then he straight up says that Chi-Chi used to train him while Gohan was doing his homework.

In the manga.

Oh - and - the time he goes Super Saiyan against Chi-Chi in that anime flashback scene?

“I showed her once but she got mad at me.”

That’s all it was. 

Why would Goten say “I forget” when asked and then next have a flashback of going Super Saiyan against Chi-Chi as if that were the first time he transformed when really that’s supposed to be him remembering the time he showed his mother.

Really, people.

Read the damn manga.

As a bonus:

“Super Saiyan Bargain Sale” still cracks me up x’D