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For When I Get Angry and Everything Goes Red

Conversations to have with myself:

  • Why don’t you breathe in while counting to two, then count to two again, then breathe out while counting to two? 
  • Good, good. Now let’s do that all over again, another five to ten times.
  • Hey, how’s your jaw doing? Is it all clenched? Are you grinding your teeth? How about we relax that jaw there?
  • Ditto your hands. Stop making those fists, buddy.
  • All right, now let’s go to your shoulders. Are they up around your ears? Maybe lower ‘em down a bit, okay?
  • Good, good. Bet you’re feeling a bit better now, aren’t you?
  • I thought so.
  • You’re welcome, self friend.

Everyone likes to bag on trans men, especially young trans men, and their trend-following names–hello, Aidens–but this is really, really not a thing exclusive to trans men. Names come into fashion and fall out of fashion, and that’s been true pretty much forever.

Like, as someone who is the child of Boomer parents? People my age? Go to anyone my age and ask, “Do you have an uncle named Jim?” and there is a really strong chance the answer will be yes. And if the answer isn’t yes, ask that person if their dad is named Jim.

A lot of the Greatest Generation decided to name their sons Jim, is what I’m saying.

A Very Serious, In-Depth Look at Pinkie’s Mane/Pinkie’s Cutie Mark Interactions

This is Pinkie Pie, and this is what Pinkie Pie’s mane looks like.

At least, this is what it usually looks like.

This is what Pinkie’s mane looked like from birth to the point she got her cutie mark.

This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like … not after she got her cutie mark, because she still doesn’t have it in this screen shot. But this is immediately before she gets her cutie mark, and it’s not long after Rainbow Dash’s first Sonic Rainboom and its resulting rainbow taught Pinkie how to feel joy.


This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like after she thinks her friends don’t like her anymore and want to kick her out of the friend group. It’s reverted to pre-cutie mark flatness. (Also, her mane and coat color have turned a somewhat darker color.)

This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like after Discord brainwashes her into thinking her friends are all laughing at her and not with her. It still remains poofy, though its color (and the color of her coat) have turned a bit gray.

This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like after Twilight accidentally swaps Pinkie’s cutie mark with Applejack’s. It’s flattened, much as it was pre-cutie mark, but unlike in “Party of One,” it hasn’t changed color.

This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like after Cheese Sandwich “steals” away the planning of Rainbow Dash’s birthday party. Neither its shape nor color has changed.

(Side note: Perhaps Pinkie is so upset about Rainbow’s birthday party at least in part because she wants to repay Rainbow Dash for what Rainbow did for her in “Party of One”? It’s a theory. *cough*RAINBOWPIE5EVA*cough*)

This is what Pinkie’s mane looks like after Starlight Glimmer steals her cutie mark. It’s still poofy but darker in color, much as it was after Discord’s brainwashing.

As can be seen from the above evidence, there is strong likelihood of a correlation between Pinkie’s mane and Pinkie’s cutie mark, but this correlation is clearly not a direct one-to-one causation. More research and analysis are required.

Thanks very much to all y'all who’ve wished me well re: the Wintry Deathtrap Office situation. (Except for Piggy.)


I have been informed that I should once again have access to my office come Monday. They haven’t promised that it’ll be safe by Monday, but I should have access by Monday. Fortunately, I have absolutely no work of importance to do in the near future.


journcy  asked:

What's the Ninth Circuit?

Okay, so the Circuit Courts are the courts that are right beneath the Supreme Court in the U.S. courts system. They’re pretty high up the court food chain and, therefore, pretty powerful and influential. They cover various geographical regions, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit covers the West Coast, including California. It’s also rather infamously liberal in most of its decisions.

I was mostly just cracking a “‘Chill’ is such a Californian thing to say” joke. :)