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Okay so for dagrons (my fave way to say dragons) I'd say jewelry. At least that's what I think of. I think of treasure hoarding and skyrim when I think dagrons. So maybe writing words of intent for them, like positivity? Or power? Also, I have 3 spirit companions! My main spirit is a black panther (earth) named Shamala. I also have an otter (light) named Iria (she has two kits! AHH) and a hare (fire/water) named Lepus (he's the only boy in the group).

Thanks for the ideas!

I have 2 dragons and an Arctic Fox. Mon-Tey and Kalypso are dragons and Arc I’d the fox. They are so great. Arc is so fluffy tbh


More dragon Genji (with 70% more dragon)!  Which quickly became an AU.

In it, Genji’s near death experience results in him getting healed by Mercy, a witch (or a priestess, can’t decide), which results in him becoming half dragon.  She transported him over to Switzerland from Japan via a magic mirror, before Hanzo’s twin dragons mauled him to death.

‘Course, it’s also just sort of an excuse to draw Genji as a dragon/half-dragon/monster.

Hope you all like it. uwu

A transcript of all the Dianite/Jordan/Mot interactions from the latest stream because I felt like I needed one

<Spirit_Dianite> Speaking of the purge… someone seems to be winning a lot… perhaps he’s using nefarious means

<CaptainSparklez> wouldn’t surprise me sir

<Spirit_Dianite> perhaps you should ask my sister to even the odds… Oh wait she’s failing. Hmmm suppose then it falls to me to even the odds next time, if you wish.

<CaptainSparklez> I’d be down

<Spirit_Dianite> consider it done

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