okay, because I know I’ll never get around to actually writing a full length story, I have an AU idea for Junkenstein and dragon Symmetra.

TLDR at the very bottom~

So, Word goes out that something strange is in the mountains and rumor has it, it’s a dragon. Junkenstein is like, IMMA STUDY THE SHITE OUT OF THAT, so he goes to see what it could be, dragon or not.

He comes to find a beautiful dragon lady, making her home in the mountain, lounging on a bunch of treasure, because that’s how dargons do. Junky is super excited and starts writing notes. She becomes angry that someone has come into her abode and ‘kind of’ attacks him, as in roars a lot and lunges at him. He shows her that he means no harm and eventually she let’s him do his nerd thing.

Over some time, she takes a liking to him and ‘impresses’ upon him, eventually choosing him to be her mate. She does a bunch of silly things to get his attention and he’s just like, DUDE THIS IS GREAT SCIENCE YOU ARE SUCH AN INTERESTING CREATURE, until eventually after giving him lots of unusual ‘gifts’, rubs on him like a cat, and FINALLY he gets it. He gets a little off put by this, because he a hooman and she a dagron, but she’s like, but you’re not trying to murder me for my treasure and you nice, and he like, well, let me think on this.

One day he comes early to her lair, causing symm to be like, oh he’s here, only to find out it’s not him, it’s some hunter (coughMUCREEEcough) looking to nab a dragon for the muns. Junks decides to bring her some gifts, because he does kind of like her and being her mate would be interesting and a good lesson in science (sure JS…. “SCIENCE” ). Upon arrival he hears her cries of pain and finds Mcdude about to off her, when he tackles him to the ground, calls mcree a monster (”I’m the monster? But!”) and does everything he can to harm Mcbro to get him to leave and never come back. 

Junks turns to Symm, holds her limp body and apologizes for being ‘the worst mate, because he couldn’t even prtoect her’. He takes her back to his laboratory to help her recover. She rests for a LONG time. JS is having to deal with village authorities, other hunters, and many crazy things, all while trying to tell them that ‘the dragon left’. One evening he becomes angry and emotional and practically destroys a lot of his works, because he is tired and frustrated, doing all of this by himself. He is holding his head and sobbing/screaming when she comes from resting and comforts him. He protests that she needs to rest, but she says she is fine. She pretty much sees that he has done so much for her and that she chose a great person as her mate.  

He falls asleep on one of his tables, trying to come up with some plan, when he realizes, she’s gone. He is frantic and has no idea what to do, till he hears the screams coming from the village. He runs toward town and sees a large and terrifying dragon, raining gold and other treasures from it’s hands, also burning a few things in it’s wake as well. He stands there watching, knees weak, his entire mind blown. She is finally done with raining destructive currency on the town, flies over to pick up JS, and she flies them to another mountain, quite some distance from the town.

She declares that this was one of her other den choices before his town and that there is an abandoned cottage not to far from the den that he could live in. He tells her that since he decided to be her mate, he would live with her and not leave her side.

and yeah, I’m a DnD weirdo and Dragon lady hooking up with a crazy scientist having halflings and living a weird life on a cliff side, forgive me I am sin.

A transcript of all the Dianite/Jordan/Mot interactions from the latest stream because I felt like I needed one

<Spirit_Dianite> Speaking of the purge… someone seems to be winning a lot… perhaps he’s using nefarious means

<CaptainSparklez> wouldn’t surprise me sir

<Spirit_Dianite> perhaps you should ask my sister to even the odds… Oh wait she’s failing. Hmmm suppose then it falls to me to even the odds next time, if you wish.

<CaptainSparklez> I’d be down

<Spirit_Dianite> consider it done

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More dragon Genji (with 70% more dragon)!  Which quickly became an AU.

In it, Genji’s near death experience results in him getting healed by Mercy, a witch (or a priestess, can’t decide), which results in him becoming half dragon.  She transported him over to Switzerland from Japan via a magic mirror, before Hanzo’s twin dragons mauled him to death.

‘Course, it’s also just sort of an excuse to draw Genji as a dragon/half-dragon/monster.

Hope you all like it. uwu