More dragon Genji (with 70% more dragon)!  Which quickly became an AU.

In it, Genji’s near death experience results in him getting healed by Mercy, a witch (or a priestess, can’t decide), which results in him becoming half dragon.  She transported him over to Switzerland from Japan via a magic mirror, before Hanzo’s twin dragons mauled him to death.

‘Course, it’s also just sort of an excuse to draw Genji as a dragon/half-dragon/monster.

Hope you all like it. uwu


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  • i’ve done a lot of meta for acorn lord so have dagron boi instead


he could go on a bernese postage stamp

Name: zeiss ( only nobility in bern get last names )
Age: 21
Gender: male, him/his
Nationality: bernese to the core
Birthplace: a small town called lappe, a few hours’ flight from the capital. it’s essentially a suburb of bern keep
Birthday: april 9
Sun Sign: aries
Residence: the equivalent of a studio apartment close to barracks
Martial Status: single and prone to crushes on Hot People
Alignment: lawful good, though nowadays tends to show shades of neutral good


Drink: exceptionally fond of milk; will drink it like water if given the chance
Food: literally potatoes in any shape or form, red meat; his favorite meal is a veal schnitzel with his mom’s particular cream and mushroom sauce with a side of sliced potatoes that is the shit. but that one etrurian fruit pancake thing klein had him try once was good too ( it was crepes )
Day or Night: day. zeiss actually goes to bed early and wakes early. incredible. mostly out of necessity, tho
Bonbon: DOMINOSTEINE. #1 sweet he missed during the war. also fond of cream puffs.

Song: not very musically inclined, but does enjoy the sound of a bustling city street outside his window in the morning; will leave it open at night so that he wakes up to it
Quote: something said by galle, probably
Historical Character: he is bernese so literally, hartmut
Pet: rubley is not a pet. rubley is family. would you call your sibling a pet?? ( in modern!au tho he definitely has a bearded dragon named rubley )
Book: probably some half-biographical attempt at hartmut’s life which is mostly embellishment because it was a thousand years ago and he knows it’s mostly bullshit but it’s still inspiring
Colour: red ( lately, has come to like silver and light purple. hmmmm…. )
Flower: zeiss doesn’t know much about flowers. but he does like day lilies. they’re the one flower he knows by name bc they’re the ones ellen was trying to plant when they were kids when he accidentally trampled all over them
Sexuality: hella bi 


Body type: tol. tol. but v lanky. broad and well-muscled but not beefy. 80% limb.
Eye colour: bernese
Hair colour: bernese
Body reference:
Beauty Scale: by bernese standards, 7/10; otherwise, beauty is relatiiive ~

If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.
—  Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning