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I'm curious... do people ever give you shit for posting pics of Téa or Téa &Tim? You must have some crazies who hate Téa just for the fact that she was married to DD (and therefore "keeping David and Gillian apart" for 17 years, or some crap). Just curious. I love both Téa and Gillian.

Oddly enough, not really. Occasionally, we’ll get some message about Téa that’s inappropriate but for the most part everyone seems cool about it. Maybe because her and David are no longer married and everyone loves her with Tim?

Review film

*ceritanya lagi menantang diri ini untuk nonton film tanpa subtitle*

yaaa, ada 1 film lama yaitu Gone Girl. this is a 2014 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher and written by Gillian Flynn. this film based on her 2012 novel of the same name. oh iya, pemainnya juga gak main-main, kece-kece, ada Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

*kayaknya orang-orang udah pada tau lah film ini. tapi saya baru nonton -_-, maklum jarang ke bioskop dan jarang download pada tahun tahun tsb hehehe*

this film is so fucking awesome! deceiving me with its perspective manipulation. until the end of story, i can’t imagine that there is a psycho-woman like her. mau rasanya mecahin kepalanya!!!

my point is: Gone Girl isn’t a movie about marriage nor relationships between men and women, but about the way people build assumptions, manipulate, and entrap one another. and if you have not watched this movie, Watch it! I recommend it!


Totally here for Scully’s adorable “It’s Christmas until I say it’s not anymore” apartment aesthetic in Beyond The Sea.

Mulder & Scully Through David & Gillian’s Lenses

I feel like we are so fortunate that both David and Gillian wrote and directed episodes of TXF because I think those episodes, more than anything they’ve ever said, provide insight into how they see their characters. Let’s examine…

David allows a lot more of Gillian to shine through Scully. David’s Scully smiles, giggles, and flirts:

David’s Scully tells “cool” stories about her childhood:

David’s Mulder is also more like David. A little goofy, gentle, romantic, a little self-deprecating, very cute, and peppers his dialogue with astute analogies:

Gillian’s Mulder and Scully are more serious and slightly cranky with one another:

But in the end all roads lead to Mulder. And Scully is the one to lead him away, suggest some tea:

In all David and Gillian episodes, Mulder and Scully hang out with one another outside of work. In The Unnatural, Mulder learns something that he wants to share with Scully at the end. In all things Scully learns something that she wants to share with Mulder at the end. They are friends and confidantes:

Most importantly, however, in all David and Gillian’s episodes Scully loves Mulder and Mulder is completely and unabashedly in love with Scully:

Anyway, just let David and Gillian write S11, ffs. ;)