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Yandere 2p axis headconans ?

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-

1. Yandere type: Possessive, but also very confident that you’ll be his.

2. How prone they are to stalking: Always, it’s constant. At work? Yes. Sleeping? Okay…maybe just a few hours…you just look so peaceful…

3. How prone they are to kidnapping: Only if you say no. Only if there’s a chance you’ll get away from him. Only if there’s a chance he’ll lose you.

4. Sexual desires compared to emotional connections: Incredibly high sex drive!! Be warned!! His emotional connections are also pretty damn strong too. He basically tries to satisfy you in any and every way possible.

5. How long they wait/can go before they confess their love: He’s a very bold man who doesn’t control his compulsions. He’ll likely blurt this to you at any given moment.  

6. The basic levels of trust they have for their s/o: He wants so badly to trust you, so he’ll give you all the trust he can until you break it. (Like running away)

7. How violent they are on a normal basis: It varies. Towards others he’d be more defensive and tends to be a pretty chill guy. So no worries there.

8. How much freedom they allow their s/o: Not much. Mostly because he just tends to be a clingy guy. And once you break his trust it’s because he’s scared you’ll get away from him.

9. What the sex is like: Oh god…I hope you don’t like having the use of your legs. Enough said.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas-

1. Yandere type: Obsessive, possessive, and cocky as hell. He gets what he wants, and oh honey… he wants you.  

2. How prone they are to stalking: He tends to send his underlings to spy on you, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he has things to take care of. But if he’s missing you especially hard, he’ll show up to watch you for a few hours.

3. How prone they are to kidnapping: Extremely prone. It won’t take much more than him simply being a little too bored for him to come along and scoop you up. You’re his after all…

4. Sexual desires compared to emotional connections: He has a very high sex drive, so, prepare for that. His emotional connections seem few and far between, but he has a tendency to spoil you with gifts. 

5. How long they wait/can go before they confess their love: It would take little more than a week for him to confront you and take you away. He know you’re h is, and you aren’t allowed the opportunity to be someone else’s.

6. The basic levels of trust they have for their s/o: None. But he doesn’t really need it when he can keep an eye on you 24/7.

7. How violent they are on a normal basis: He’s a fairly violent guy, period. But when it comes to you he tries to have a little more patience. Tries

8. How much freedom they allow their s/o: Again, none. You’re in his home, his domain, sure it’s yours as well but…you’re his as well.

9. What the sex is like: Normally the session are quick and sweaty, with plenty of Italian curse words coming from his mouth. On special occasions he might take his time with you, to make you squirm and writhe under him.

2p!Japan/Kuro Honda-

1. Yandere type: Subtle, calm, maybe even a little cold.

2. How prone they are to stalking: Very, he stalks you every free moment he has. He also draws whatever you’re doing, because he wants to remember certain things you’ve done.

3. How prone they are to kidnapping: He’ll push this off as long as he can because he does enjoy watching you live your natural carefree life. But it would take something like him catching you on a date, or maybe just in trouble for him to call it quits and just take you somewhere you’re his, and safe.

4. Sexual desires compared to emotional connections: His sex drive is moderate to extreme depending on his moods. While he doesn’t show any emotion he makes efforts to be a little less cold than he would be to anyone else.

5. How long they wait/can go before they confess their love: He could go several weeks, maybe even a few months. He’s very patient and loves watching your life unfold. So really he has time to plan, and plot your inevitable lives together.

6. The basic levels of trust they have for their s/o: Plenty. He thinks you’re  responsible and once he explains to you how things work…he’s sure you’ll be good and follow all the rules.

7. How violent they are on a normal basis: While he can be a little more on the ‘paint it red’ side, it’s never towards you. Even when you break a rule or two…he’ll never turn to violence on his little angel.

8.How much freedom they allow their s/o: Enough. If you follow said rules he’s willing to grant you a little slack.

9. What the sex is like: Slow and a little painful at times. Not because he directly harms you, but because he drags out the pleasure as long as possible. Each and every god damn time.  

so into you; gwen&casey

She’ll either mark this down as her best idea or her worst idea ever—and she’s had a lot of not so brilliant ideas in the past. This one, however, will take the cake, regardless of the outcome. All it took was a conversation over American football and she was buying a flight seconds later at the encouragement of almost everyone there. Well, at who she had spoken to, which was everyone but the guys.

She packed a carry on, swiped the address from Joey, and set herself up with a rental for her arrival. In the blink of an eye, she was off on the earliest flight to Ireland, jetlag and hunger and slight hangover from the beers consumed during the game be damned. She tried to sleep while on the flight but her nerves got the best of her and before she knew it, her flight had arrived.

The place wasn’t hard to find, thanks to the rental equipped with a navigation system and the easy to maneuver roads. She only swerved once because of her jetlag and breaked a bit too hard but she reached his place soon enough. The only thing left to do was wait.

And wait she did. She smiled at the few people that walked by her as she nervously paced his front door. “Stupid Irishman,” she grumbled to herself, kicking the front door with the toe of her shoe before she rested her head against it. Stupidest idea or the best—she has yet to find out.

My favorite thing about Beyoncé is how unapologetically black she is. SO many people try to write her off as not black or not being “one of those” black girls or that shes a new black and she constantly reminds us that, yes, she is black and fucking proud. And Formation confirms that yet again. Formation is a black people anthem and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to erase that.

Triple Je - What if things went another way

aka - what if I add threesomes 

Pairing - Its the ot3, it’s chalyanette


Summary - 
Because I love my OT3 and I am TRASH
I got permission from the author of double je  ( @667darkave ) to rewrite CH7  as if the ot3 had happened

I couldn’t figure out a way to include Chat getting a dick drawn on his face so I just had Alya do something else to him instead*
(*hint, for a smut fic, it is so not what you’re thinking )

Thank you so much to @unlawfulbug for beta’ing for me!

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Imagine a gem with the power to restore corrupted gems to their normal state. Now imagine that this gem also has the power to undo this miracle. And now consider the position of power this gem has over those she “saves” and don’t want to revert into a beast. This gem, infamous throughout the galaxy, is known as “The Healer”. She is like a pirate, with an army of restored/corrupted gems under her command, who pillages gem colony planets and takes on mercenary jobs. In battle, she turns her soldiers into beasts and lets them loose on her enemies. She rarely gets her own hands dirty but when she fights for herself she draws a sword or two and fights with heavy, mad, unpredictable swings.

Mimetite is a small gem who doesn’t want to fight or be corrupted; but her formidable and monstrous corruption makes her valuable to The Healer. Also valuable is the loyal Green Pearl, who enjoys being able to transform freely from his normal form to one with beastly strength. He doesn’t mind following orders because its fun for him to be a monster.

Now imagine what might happen when this eccentric gem is hired to find and eliminate the Summer Gems and their accomplices?

MCU Ladies Week- Day One

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Day 1 - Favourite Character 

Wanda Maximoff.

She’s complicated, both when it comes to how her politics intersect with her shitty childhood and hatred of Tony Stark, but also when it comes to what she’ll risk (and lose) to do the right thing. Unlike Nat (who I love to death, don’t get me wrong), whose red on her ledger is almost entirely off-screen, with Wanda we actually see so many of her fuck-ups, and how she becomes determined to make it better.

She tries. She tries so damned hard. She tried to be a great sister, she tried to warn other women about her brother flirting with everyone, she worked hard to get revenge for her parents (and Pietro), she tries to help her country, she tries to make up for her mistakes. She was experimented on and, according to Hydra, wasn’t ready, but she still went out there and tried with everything she had and knew to take out the Avengers (and Tony in particular). She tried (and succeeds) to stop the train later on, she tried to take out Ultron, and she continues to try to help and to save the world and those in it.

She was traumatized, experimented on, likely tortured, and she came out stronger for it, even if she’s still learning. Still learning about herself, her powers, her place in the world, and what it means to be an Avenger and do the right thing.