In my wildest dreams I never thought that I would watch myself play Uhura with Nichelle Nichols!!! My heart is so abundantly happy forever. If you want to watch the video its, “Now You Have The Bridge Spock” by the Library Bards! 🖖🏾🖖🏾

I love how Jim is just a generic character model that they don’t even care if they re-use in the same scene.

Like this one for example:

Jim 1 waits with a clip board while Jim 2 takes orders.

Jim 2 leaves.

Only for Jim 3 to immediately approach from another direction with a new message.

And even after Jim 3 leaves, Jim 1 is still waiting there, trying halfheartedly to get Cullen’s attention.

The Jimquisition, everybody.

Imagine Running and Hiding From Bones to Avoid an Exam

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Prompt: Bones x reader where she’s running/hiding from Bones to avoid her exam

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1289

Author’s Note: Look! I’m writing again! This one is a little on the longer side but I figured it’s ok given the amount of time I’d gone without posting. Enjoy!

You hated your annual medical exams. You were never sick, you were scared of needles and hypos, so your solution was to avoid the check-ups for as long as possible, which was easier said than done when you’re dating the freaking CMO. Every time Bones came into sight you either hid or ran, and since your appointment was scheduled for almost two weeks ago, the two of you hadn’t seen much of each other lately. 

Today you were busy working on something down in engineering with Scotty when you hear the sound of an annoyed southern man call out your name from the platform above you. You take one glance up to see Bones starting to climb down the stairs before bolting again. You hear him sigh and the sound of Scotty laughing as you quickly make your escape out of engineering. You sprint down the hallway, and you grab a doorframe to help swing yourself around the corner. You keep running until you find the entrance to the hangar, and you quickly find a shuttle to hide behind. You watch as Bones runs into the hangar and scans the room.

“C’mon darlin’, it’ll only take a couple minutes!” He calls out, but you stay hidden away. He sighs and runs a hand down his face before beginning to search for you. Suddenly someone taps you on your shoulder and puts their hand over your mouth right as you’re about to scream. You spin around and see Jim behind you, trying to keep himself from laughing.

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