Poe Dameron X Shy!Reader

Poe Dameron x Shy!Reader

Request : Poe dameron with a shy reader?? Loving them so much n being cutsey with them

For this I did a headcanon set up as well, so if you don’t like it message and tell me to do a more story based imagine!  I don’t bite! Sorry if it’s bad or not what you’re looking for. Send in more requests, questions, anything!

  • You met Poe when you were fixing a circuit in BB8.
  • It was late at night when the droid started to malfunction. You were picking up parts and getting ready to go when the dark haired pilot ran in, carrying his droid in his arms.
  • He was a nervous wreck, because his “little buddy” was having troubles. He kept asking you questions about BB8’s condition as you worked.
  • “Is he going to be alright?”
  • “Is it bad?”
  • All you could do was nod, because he was so cute and you were so shy.
  • Once you finally finished fixing him, Poe, being the friendly guy his is, he hugged you.
  • You were already a blushing mess during the hug, but when he pulled away and gave you a quick peck on the cheek you almost fainted!
  • “Thank you, so, so, much! I don’t know how I could ever repay you!”
  • “I-It’s j-just what I do….”
  • He then started to visit you everyday at your station.
  • Poe realized you were super shy when he was talking you. But he also noticed that whenever he smiled at you, hugged you, or made eye contact with you, you got this intense blush and big smile.
  • One visit, Poe brought you a bunch of flowers
  • “Y/n, I know you’re shy, and I find it adorable, but I really want to go out with you.”
  • You said “Yes.” of course.
  • Your first few dates went smoothly.
  • You were still shy around Poe but he did his best to make you comfortable
  • He always brought you flowers (this became normal throughout the rest of your relationship)
  • He never pushed your boundaries when it came to physical contact. He stuck with what he knew you were okay with, like his hugs.
  • One time he invited you over to his quarters on the rebel base.
  • You were super nervous to say the least.
  • You dressed super fancy, wondering what Poe had in store for the evening.
  • When you arrived, Poe opened the door and he was in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, and wearing a awestruck grin on his face,
  • This time, he was the one to blush.
  • “Y-you look a-amazing Y/n.”
  • He invited you in, and gave you a change of clothes.
  • “I thought he could just hang out. You might want to change though. I feel like you might’ve overdressed…”
  • You changed and had dinner with Poe, watched old war films, and actually fell asleep leaning against his shoulder.
  • When you woke up, you were resting on top of a still-sleeping Poe, who must’ve fallen asleep as well. One of his strong arms was holding you to his chest.
  • In that moment, your shyness was gone, and you felt immersed in the way Poe’s heart beat.
  • When Poe woke up, he sleepy eyes found yours as soon as they opened and gave you a sweet smile.
  • “I wish I could wake up like this every morning.”
  • Both of you start blushing like mad.
  • And it’s you that has the courage to push it one step farther and kiss the tip of Poe’s nose.
  • More blushing all around.
  • After that, your relationship became a more obvious thing.
  • Finn and Rey ship you both like hardcore.
  • So does BB8 of course.
  • Lots of warm hugs and eskimo kisses (omg swoon)
  • When Poe goes off on a mission, You give him a flower, to remind him that he needs to come back to you.
  • When he returns, he tucks the flower you gave him behind your ear and whispers : “I’m home.” and sneaks a cheeky kiss near your lips.
  • Whenever you blush, he rubs his thumbs over your cheeks and talks about how cute and stunning you are.
  • When you go over to his place now, he makes sure he has extra soft blankets and your favorite food on hand.
  • It’s on his couch, where you first kissed Poe (on the nose but hey it counts), is the first “I love you.”
  • Poe says it first, because he ADORES YOU.
  • And you blush as soon as he says it, and he just
  • “God do I love you.”
  • And you blush even harder before saying “I love you too.”
  • Then you kiss, full on the lips, for the first time.
  • It’s soft, slow, and tender.
  • And when it’s over you kiss him again and again because you can’t help but knock your shyness away for just this moment.
  • Everyday after that just gets better.
  • It’s all sweet all the time with that boy.
Dating Poe Dameron Would Include

A/N: I’m writing a lot of these at the moment because I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to fic writing but I don’t want to neglect you all because I love you. Also, I hit 900 followers! Maybe I’ll write a cute celebration fic about some cutie.  Want to see me write one of these about your fave? Request!

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  • Lending you his jacket when you’re cold. He’s seemingly got an endless collection of leather jackets to keep him warm in space; but when he’s back at the base with you he’s always draping it around your shoulders. His jackets always smell of smoke, leather and pine.

  • Winking at you across the room during briefings. You always roll your eyes and smile; he’s a subtle flirt, but he definitely picks his moments. You can almost hear the general chuckling under her breath.

  • Teaching you to fly your own X-Wing. At the best of times the things can be tricky, but he absolutely loves to show you how they work and encourages you to take the jets for a spin. Afterwards, he laughs with your friends about you putting him out of a job.

  • Long, passionate makeout sessions. Poe is totally unapologetic about finding you gorgeous, and is always willing to show you how much you mean to him. Sometimes in a cockpit, sometimes in a dark corner of the base. Always with sexy neck kissing.

  • He’s always asking after you to make sure you’re safe. He’s often away on drop missions or recon for weeks at a time, so whenever he gets the option to comm back to base, he’s asking the comms officers how you are. It’s become a running joke at the base now.

  • Taking care of BB8. When Poe is off gallivanting around the galaxy, you get to spend some quality time with his droid. BB8 loves you at this point and can often be seen wheeling around the base after you, whirring and beeping.
Imagine teasing Poe Dameron

The Black Leader was resting by his X-Wing, letting the shade from its looming presence keep him cool under the blazing sun shining down on Jakku. You walked over to him with your filled canteen, tossing it to the handsome man.

“Are you actually resting for once in your life, Dameron?”

He smirked up and squinted, “I’m just waiting for you. Ready to get back?”

“You mean am I ready to leave this scorching heat?”

“Oh come on, this place is special,” Poe stood up and took a long drink from the canteen. He let out a soft ‘ah’ before handing the drink over to you. “We met here.”

You grinned and shrugged casually. “Must have slipped my mind.”

“I guess I’d be embarrassed too, if I had thrown myself at a handsome pilot.” 

Poe’s lips formed a wide smile that you couldn’t resist. Instead you just pulled him by his orange jumpsuit toward you.

“What can I say? I can’t resist a charming man, especially the second greatest pilot in the Resistance.”

“Second! Who’s the first!”

You quickly placed a kiss on his lips and rushed toward your X-Wing. “Who do you think! I’ll race you back!”

I Could Kiss You Right Now

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Based on the sentence prompt: “I could kiss you right now.”

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Poe Dameron x Reader, Gender Neutral, Fluffy, mild angst

Word Count: 3.9K

          “C’mon R3, work with me here,” you mumbled to yourself as you tried once again to power up the droid.  

           You were a mechanic for the Resistance, and one of the few mechanics on staff who knew how to repair droids.  It was deceptively delicate work, and extremely time consuming, which had led to more than one late night, not that you minded.

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