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Poe Dameron X Shy!Reader

Poe Dameron x Shy!Reader

Request : Poe dameron with a shy reader?? Loving them so much n being cutsey with them

For this I did a headcanon set up as well, so if you don’t like it message and tell me to do a more story based imagine!  I don’t bite! Sorry if it’s bad or not what you’re looking for. Send in more requests, questions, anything!

  • You met Poe when you were fixing a circuit in BB8.
  • It was late at night when the droid started to malfunction. You were picking up parts and getting ready to go when the dark haired pilot ran in, carrying his droid in his arms.
  • He was a nervous wreck, because his “little buddy” was having troubles. He kept asking you questions about BB8’s condition as you worked.
  • “Is he going to be alright?”
  • “Is it bad?”
  • All you could do was nod, because he was so cute and you were so shy.
  • Once you finally finished fixing him, Poe, being the friendly guy his is, he hugged you.
  • You were already a blushing mess during the hug, but when he pulled away and gave you a quick peck on the cheek you almost fainted!
  • “Thank you, so, so, much! I don’t know how I could ever repay you!”
  • “I-It’s j-just what I do….”
  • He then started to visit you everyday at your station.
  • Poe realized you were super shy when he was talking you. But he also noticed that whenever he smiled at you, hugged you, or made eye contact with you, you got this intense blush and big smile.
  • One visit, Poe brought you a bunch of flowers
  • “Y/n, I know you’re shy, and I find it adorable, but I really want to go out with you.”
  • You said “Yes.” of course.
  • Your first few dates went smoothly.
  • You were still shy around Poe but he did his best to make you comfortable
  • He always brought you flowers (this became normal throughout the rest of your relationship)
  • He never pushed your boundaries when it came to physical contact. He stuck with what he knew you were okay with, like his hugs.
  • One time he invited you over to his quarters on the rebel base.
  • You were super nervous to say the least.
  • You dressed super fancy, wondering what Poe had in store for the evening.
  • When you arrived, Poe opened the door and he was in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, and wearing a awestruck grin on his face,
  • This time, he was the one to blush.
  • “Y-you look a-amazing Y/n.”
  • He invited you in, and gave you a change of clothes.
  • “I thought he could just hang out. You might want to change though. I feel like you might’ve overdressed…”
  • You changed and had dinner with Poe, watched old war films, and actually fell asleep leaning against his shoulder.
  • When you woke up, you were resting on top of a still-sleeping Poe, who must’ve fallen asleep as well. One of his strong arms was holding you to his chest.
  • In that moment, your shyness was gone, and you felt immersed in the way Poe’s heart beat.
  • When Poe woke up, he sleepy eyes found yours as soon as they opened and gave you a sweet smile.
  • “I wish I could wake up like this every morning.”
  • Both of you start blushing like mad.
  • And it’s you that has the courage to push it one step farther and kiss the tip of Poe’s nose.
  • More blushing all around.
  • After that, your relationship became a more obvious thing.
  • Finn and Rey ship you both like hardcore.
  • So does BB8 of course.
  • Lots of warm hugs and eskimo kisses (omg swoon)
  • When Poe goes off on a mission, You give him a flower, to remind him that he needs to come back to you.
  • When he returns, he tucks the flower you gave him behind your ear and whispers : “I’m home.” and sneaks a cheeky kiss near your lips.
  • Whenever you blush, he rubs his thumbs over your cheeks and talks about how cute and stunning you are.
  • When you go over to his place now, he makes sure he has extra soft blankets and your favorite food on hand.
  • It’s on his couch, where you first kissed Poe (on the nose but hey it counts), is the first “I love you.”
  • Poe says it first, because he ADORES YOU.
  • And you blush as soon as he says it, and he just
  • “God do I love you.”
  • And you blush even harder before saying “I love you too.”
  • Then you kiss, full on the lips, for the first time.
  • It’s soft, slow, and tender.
  • And when it’s over you kiss him again and again because you can’t help but knock your shyness away for just this moment.
  • Everyday after that just gets better.
  • It’s all sweet all the time with that boy.
Imagine teasing Poe Dameron

The Black Leader was resting by his X-Wing, letting the shade from its looming presence keep him cool under the blazing sun shining down on Jakku. You walked over to him with your filled canteen, tossing it to the handsome man.

“Are you actually resting for once in your life, Dameron?”

He smirked up and squinted, “I’m just waiting for you. Ready to get back?”

“You mean am I ready to leave this scorching heat?”

“Oh come on, this place is special,” Poe stood up and took a long drink from the canteen. He let out a soft ‘ah’ before handing the drink over to you. “We met here.”

You grinned and shrugged casually. “Must have slipped my mind.”

“I guess I’d be embarrassed too, if I had thrown myself at a handsome pilot.” 

Poe’s lips formed a wide smile that you couldn’t resist. Instead you just pulled him by his orange jumpsuit toward you.

“What can I say? I can’t resist a charming man, especially the second greatest pilot in the Resistance.”

“Second! Who’s the first!”

You quickly placed a kiss on his lips and rushed toward your X-Wing. “Who do you think! I’ll race you back!”

Dating Poe Dameron Would Include

A/N: I’m writing a lot of these at the moment because I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to fic writing but I don’t want to neglect you all because I love you. Also, I hit 900 followers! Maybe I’ll write a cute celebration fic about some cutie.  Want to see me write one of these about your fave? Request!

Originally posted by imkylotrash

  • Lending you his jacket when you’re cold. He’s seemingly got an endless collection of leather jackets to keep him warm in space; but when he’s back at the base with you he’s always draping it around your shoulders. His jackets always smell of smoke, leather and pine.

  • Winking at you across the room during briefings. You always roll your eyes and smile; he’s a subtle flirt, but he definitely picks his moments. You can almost hear the general chuckling under her breath.

  • Teaching you to fly your own X-Wing. At the best of times the things can be tricky, but he absolutely loves to show you how they work and encourages you to take the jets for a spin. Afterwards, he laughs with your friends about you putting him out of a job.

  • Long, passionate makeout sessions. Poe is totally unapologetic about finding you gorgeous, and is always willing to show you how much you mean to him. Sometimes in a cockpit, sometimes in a dark corner of the base. Always with sexy neck kissing.

  • He’s always asking after you to make sure you’re safe. He’s often away on drop missions or recon for weeks at a time, so whenever he gets the option to comm back to base, he’s asking the comms officers how you are. It’s become a running joke at the base now.

  • Taking care of BB8. When Poe is off gallivanting around the galaxy, you get to spend some quality time with his droid. BB8 loves you at this point and can often be seen wheeling around the base after you, whirring and beeping.
Don't Forget (Poe Dameron x reader)

I finally finished my first star wars imagine, a Poe x reader! I’m really proud of this one 😊 keep sending me star wars request pls.
Aaanyway I never had a personal instagram, just a fan account one, so I wanted to start a personal one (Yay!) follow @hesragnorssoulmate on insta and I’ll follow you back! 🤗


(Y/n) and Ben Solo were both strong with the force, but unlike Ben, she wasn’t obsessed with it.
Her parents had sent Ben away with their uncle Luke when he said he wanted to train as a jedi. They offered her the training as well, but she refused. She’d rather train with her father and became a pilot. She spent years and years of her life inside the millennium falcon. When the falcon was stolen, she was devastated, but she eventually moved on and chose an X-wing.
The time Ben turned to the dark side, it was the worst time in her life. Han Solo left her and Leia, blaming himself for what happened. Luke went missing.
(Y/n) had lost her brother, uncle, and father in a matter of days.
Soon after that, The First Order started attacking the new republic, and that’s why (Y/n) and Leia started recruiting resistance pilots.
(Y/n) was the best pilot into the resistance. Until he came.
She was recruiting pilots from Yavin 4 when she met him.
“What’s you’re name?” (Y/n) had asked him the first time he met. He was cute, she thought.
“Dameron,” he answered with a wide grin, like a kid on his first day of school, “Poe Dameron.”
“All right, Poe, let’s see what you’ve got,” she had answered.
He climbed in the X-wing and lifted off.
He was good, (Y/n) thought.
But she was proven wrong as soon as Poe flew through his first obstacle.
He was really good.
He went through the track with ease. He didn’t even come close to hitting anything, something (Y/n) could never do on this godawful obstacle.
He came out of the fighter plane, his hair ruffled with a confident smile that said ‘I know I impressed you.’
It was the only thing she said that day.
Soon after Poe was recruited, he became the best pilot in the resistance, making (Y/n) fall for the second spot. She tried to hate him, she really did, but she just can’t.
She even became Poe’s best friend.
Her feelings grew for him over the years but she kept it hidden in fear that he did not return them.
She joined the fight against the first order that day.
No matter how many attacks they triggered on the x-wing, none of them hit her, because she knew the fighter plane in the back of her hand. She maneuvered sideways, making the blast that came from the first order fighter hit one of its own.
“Well done, (Y/n),” praised Poe through the headpiece. “Thanks,” she said confidently, the color red creeping into her cheeks. She can’t help but notice that Poe ever only congratulated her on a perfect maneuver, never anyone else.
She shook herself out of her thoughts. Get your head back in the game, (Y/n), she thought to herself.
And suddenly she felt it. A sudden pang in her chest like a rope was snapped and all the connections were lost. Something empty; something wrong with the force. She didn’t exactly know what it was but her mind went blank. She lost something, she knew, but she couldn’t tell what she lost.
“(Y/n)?(Y/n)!” someone shouted in her head. Who was it? Why does the voice sounded so familiar.
She snapped back into her self to find out that she was plummeting down. She frantically pulled the controller and lifted herself back up. She heard a sigh on the other end of the line.
“I-I’m sorry I was… distracted,” (Y/n) said, trying to explain the accident that nearly took her life.
That connection, that goddamn snapped connection was Han Solo.
How could she not have known?
When Rey told her what happened, she felt a hollowness in her heart, that she could finally understand what, or rather who, she was missing, along with the realization that she’ll never get him back.
Han was just never her father, he was also a mentor, a teacher, and someone to look up to.
Her father’s death really shook her.
The feeling strongest in her was guilt; guilt that she never went after her father, guilt that she was celebrating her victory over the starkiller base when her father was killed.
By her own brother.
She sworn that day that whoever he is now, he is not her brother, and she will bring Ben back from the ashes of Kylo Ren.
“General Organa,” saluted Poe. “Have you seen (Y/n)?”
“She’s in her room,” Leia said blankly. She could see that the general was scared. She was scared of losing (Y/n) after everyone else she lost. (Y/n) was her anchor in the world. All hope that’s left of in her. “Don’t bother. She won’t talk to anybody. Not Rey, not beebee-ate, not threepio. Not even me.” she said that last part with pain, like a thousand needles prickling her voice.
“I’ll have to try, general.”
A knock sounded on her door.
(Y/n) decided to ignore it. Must’ve been Rey again, or the annoying threepio who couldn’t help her grief, or beebee-ate trying to roll through her door. Or maybe it was Leia.
The knock sounded again. Man, whoever was behind the door was stubborn.
“Go away, mom,” she stiffled a cry from under her breath.
“It’s me, (Y/n),” said a familiar, soothing voice. “Poe,” she whispered under her breath. “Go away,” she urged him.
“No,” he said stubbornly from behind the door, “even if you don’t let me in, I’ll stay out here all day to annoy you.”
A soft click after a fair amount of silence was heard from the door as it slid open. “What do you want?” asked (Y/n). Her hair was messy, and her eyes were red from crying. She had a frown on her face.
But yet, he still thought she looked beautiful.
“I just want to talk,” said Poe. (Y/n) sighed and stepped away to let him in. When he got in, he did something unexpected.
He hugged her.
It was one of those hugs where they seem to melt into each other. His arms gripped her, leaving her breathless as he held onto her. (Y/n) lost track of where her body stops and Poe’s begin. With one last choking squeeze, Poe let her go, looking at fresh tears that stained her face.
But she didn’t want to let go.
This time, it was (Y/n) who embraced Poe, wrapping her arms around his neck as she engulfed herself into his shoulders, silently sobbing. Poe returned her gesture almost immediately, and it was clear neither of them would ever want to let go.
They stood there in each others’ arm, not saying a word, but Poe knows what she wants.
“Don’t let go,” begged (Y/n) urgently, softly digging her nails into his back. “I won’t,” He reassured.
“Stay with me,” sobbed (Y/n). Her voice was raspy, it almost sounded like a low growl, “Stay with me and make me forget about my father. Make me forget about my brother. Make me forget about my uncle. Make me forget about everyone. Everyone.”
Poe ran his fingers through her hair. They were not the softest hair Poe ever felt. Her hair was rough, worn out by battle and the helmets she put on her head and the radiation and smoke she worked with, but Poe did not care. It was hers, and everything about her makes him fall in love deeper every time. “Even me?” Asked Poe gently, “Do you want to forget about me, too?” There was a sharp edge in his voice, the kind of edge that can cut through glass.
“No,” she whispered quietly, “Not you.”
Poe smiled and kissed her forehead and breathed, “You don’t have to forget.” Poe pulled his head back to look at her tear-stained face, but his arms were still around her. “Do you who I see in your eyes?” Poe asked her.
“My father,” she guessed, a little choking sound at the edge, “Everyone always tells me that I have his eyes.”
To her surprise, Poe shook his head. “I see you, (Y/n),” said Poe, caressing her cheeks. “Han had the eyes of someone who regretted that he had forgotten so much. You have the eyes of someone who wants to forget,” Poe trailed her jaw gently, “Don’t forget, (Y/n). Don’t make the mistakes your father made. Make him-.”
Poe trailed off, afraid of what effect the word he was about to say brings to (Y/n).
That word echoed in her head endlessly, drowning in her thoughts. That was all she ever wanted to do. Make her father proud. “I want to,” (Y/n) gulped, lowering her head in the process,“Make him proud.”
“He already is,” Poe assured, tilting her head back into its original position, “I saw it in his eyes.”
For the first time that day, (Y/n)’s eyes twinkled. “You think so?”
Poe nodded and lifted his other hand to her cheek, so both of them were caressing her face. (Y/n)’s hand moved to his waist.
And hey stood there, not talking to each other, a cloak of silence separating them from everything else in the universe.
I love you, Poe wanted to say.
But he was going to save it for another moment.

All of You - Poe Dameron

Anonymous said:

Could you pretty pretty please write something with either Poe or Finn where the reader is insecure about their weight? I love all your writing, thanks!

I wrote this one with Poe because I feel I have more practice writing with him. (Sorry it’s short!)

Warnings : bad self-image regarding weight and size. (you’re all beauts!)

Originally posted by morefabthanfab

Times like these were the darkest. Lonely nights on the Resistance base, standing in front of the mirror in your sleeping quarters. You could judge your body in the reflection without fear of your boyfriend barging in. Poe had been sent out scouting and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning. So, you criticized every curve, dip, and roll you had. You pinched at parts that had layers of fat, watching in disgust as you became horribly aware of how big you were. Every inch added up to a wretched number that had worked it’s way into your thoughts. The small scale in your bathroom had introduced you to your new number, your weight. Now you couldn’t think of anything else.

There was a sudden knocking at your door, making you grab the nearest clothing and you threw it over yourself. It was one of Poe’s plain shirts, but it still smelled like him, matched with a pair of old shorts you had found in one of your drawers.

“Hold on,” you yelled as you quickly got dressed. You reached your hands up to your face and wiped. Your fingertips collected the tears that had fallen and you headed to the door. You pressed the panel and open the metal door. When it opened you let out a gasp.

“Hey there,” Poe said flirtatiously. “miss me?” You grabbed his arm, pulling him inside and held him against you. He let out a chuckle as he returned your embrace and he rested his face against the top of your head. “I missed you too,” he murmured, “so much I came back early.”

You pulled away from his chest, leaning up to capture his lips in yours. Your hand slid up to cup his jaw as Poe’s hands went to your waist. You were nearly chest to chest with him as your lips moved together; as if they had never been apart. Poe gently started to move you, so your back pressed up against the wall. His hands tapped your thighs, signaling that he wanted you to lift them. The normal gesture went ignored, as you pretended not to feel it. You couldn’t bare the thought of Poe not being able to lift you. Since he had been gone you had gained and you wanted to forget about it, at least just one night.

“Y/N,” he mumbled against your lips, but it wasn’t as a moan. He pulled away from you, his brown eyes peering at you face. “Are you okay, with this or?” His hand went to your face cupping it with a tenderness you had missed on his weeks away. You turned your head into his touch, your nose brushed against the pads of his fingers. He noticed your quick changed of behavior; going from passion to subdued in the matter of seconds.

“Talk to me, Y/N/N.” His pleas went unanswered for a little while, but his hand remained on your cheek. It stayed there until he felt tears streaming against your skin. Then he took you hand and sat you down on the edge of your bed. He got on his knees before you, looking up at you with those chocolate eyes that made you melt.

“What happened?” He asked, taking your hand in his. “Was it something I did? Did something happened while I was gone? Please just tell me babe.” You stared down at your joined hands, marveling at the feeling of his skin against yours. If you were honest with yourself, you were buying time and thinking of a lie to tell him. But his free hand went under your chin and gently lifted your face so you’d meet his eyes. What was left of your resolve broke in that instant.

“I just, I’m too big.” You murmured, feeling more tears escape your eyes. “There’s just too much me, too much fat and I can’t…my weight…” You trailed off, sniffling to hide your pain. You brought a hand up to your face to hide it, hoping beyond hope Poe wouldn’t move it. “I’m sorry, this isn’t what you probably wanted to come home to. Big sad me, crying to you while you’re probably exhausted.I’d understand if you want to leave now, or forever.” You sniffled some more, trying desperately to hide as much of yourself as you could.

But Poe wouldn’t let you. As you feared, he softly pulled your hand away from your face. You rested your hands in your lap as Poe rested his on your knees. He looked you in the eyes, hoping he was conveying a warm seriousness as he did.

“There can never, I mean never, be too much of you. It only gives me more to love and kiss, so how can that be bad?” He gave you a positive smile, which brightened your thoughts a little. “Nothing could ever break us apart,” he added, “insecurities like this is normal, and I will love you through them. Okay?” He looked up at you for confirmation.

“Okay,” you whispered. He smiled at you softly, leaning up on his knees to kiss your forehead. He reached over and grabbed a tissue for you, letting you wipe your eyes and blow your nose. After you cleaned yourself up, you felt his loving hands holding yours once more.

“I have loved you for so long Y/N, so some number on a scale can’t even match the heft of my love for you.” You smile at him softly, murmuring a quiet ‘thank you’. “Don’t thank me,” he responded, “it’s an honor to be with you, to be loved by you.” You blushed and moved over on the bed, making room for Poe to lay down. When he was settled you snuggled up to his side, his arm went under your head as a warm pillow.

“I love you Poe,” you whispered, drifting off to sleep. Poe smiled softly at your face, wishing that you would have a peaceful sleep.

“I love you, Y/N,” he replied. A smile bloomed on your lips before you fell completely under the hazy spell. Poe watched as your breathing evened out before speaking again, softer than before. “I love all of you.”

I Will Always Follow You

Sequel to Imagine Kylo Ren seeing you in Poe’s mind

Thanks to @bkwrm523 for beta-ing 

Footsteps stirred you from the dream you were having. You sighed unhappily, because you were with him in your dream. The two of you were children again and you were chasing after him, as you always did. As you always have done. Those dark brown eyes smiled at you as he called for you to follow him. And you laughed and promised to him, “I will always follow you, Poe.

“Y/N, wake up.”

Your eyes opened to those dark brown eyes, your heart pounding out of your chest. If it was not for your ever protruding stomach, you would have leaped out of bed.

“Poe!” you cried out as he smiled, moving down to you. His arms pulled you up by the waist and into his chest. Tears dampened your eyes and it’s when you pull away that you noticed the dried blood on his face, the weary look in his eyes. The handsome pilot was silent as his hand rubbed against your belly, a kick welcomed him home. Poe let a small smile pull from his mouth, but his throat clenched with worry.

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