Rey Theory

There are a few theories about Rey’s origin: She’s a Skywalker, She’s a Kenobi, she’s Han and Leia’s daughter, she was made, like Anakin, by the Force. While these are all very Star Wars-y, I have another idea. I am guessing she is the daughter of someone we haven’t met, yet. 

I’m guessing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story we will get to see Rey’s parents. Maybe one, or both, were Force-sensitive, but never knew because a Kenobi-type character never came along to tell them. 

 The Jedi themselves didn’t have children, forbidden to, apparently. (I have another theory about why, which I’ll post later) So, Force-sensitive children could be born of non-Force-sensitive parents, and never know. 

The characters’ names in Rogue One haven’t been revealed, yet. Why the big secret? Not that revealing names would give away anything because Rey doesn’t have a last name. In any case…


My theory: These are Rey’s parents.

Bonus theory: Are these the same characters from the comic Star Wars: Shattered Empire? The ones named Shara Bey and Kes Dameron? That would make Poe and Rey brother and sister!

It’s interesting to note that Rey and Poe are never shown meeting each other in TFA. 

*edit 4/7/15: The first Rogue One trailer dropped today, and she’s not Shara Bey, her name is Jyn Erso. So much for my bonus theory, lol! 

Relationship Headcanons - Poe Dameron

A/N: I just noticed the gif I had was acting up and there are exactly two gifs of poe so here is just a random one

- Poe will give you a lot of encouragement in whatever you want to do, as long as no one is getting hurt. He’ll be your biggest fan and always in your corner, just like you are in his. 

- Be prepared for a lot of subtle PDA, like an arm around the shoulder, kiss to the temple, hand holding. No one really minds, since it’s actually quite cute. 

- Every time before he leaves for a mission he’ll kiss you like he’ll never see you again, and every time he comes back he’ll kiss you like he’s been gone for centuries. You don’t mind it in the slightest. 

- Poe will often have one arm thrown around you while you’re sleeping, no matter what position either of you are in. It makes you feel safe, but sometimes it can be a bit funny trying to wiggle your way out of it to get up or to go to the bathroom. 

- While you never explicitly told anyone you were dating, Poe will often refer to you by pet names or just simply his girl or his girlfriend. He even called you his future wife once before you were dating, as a joke of course but now you’re hoping for that day to come. 

- Be prepared for a lot of action, there never seems to be a rest day. It’s always pretty packed with excitement, but you like it that way. 

- As far as sex goes, you never seem to find a time to have it, you’re always busy or in rooms full of people. Once he suggested the X-Wing. 

- When sex does happen, Poe is the kind of guy to laugh a lot during it, which makes you laugh which makes it seem a lot better. You can really feel how much he loves you and he can feel how much you love him, which just causes you both to be smiling the whole time. 

- If you ever got hurt, Poe would immediately take action and try to help you first. Then, he would get everyone he could on the ass of the person who did that to you. 

- Overall, what to expect with Poe is the sweetest and most exciting guy in the galaxy, one you have to fully appreciate and will appreciate you. There’ll be a lot of love there. 

Poe Dameron of the Dark Side 3.0 

Ok… the Dark Side always appeals to me… I had drawn two Tie Fighter Poe already, and felt they cannot satisfy my desire and passion. So, I drew the First Order Senior Officer Dameron as a new Mirror Version.

Even the best pilot did certainly not always wear the Tie Fighter armor, especially he was in a high position of the Order and required to formal occasions. Not like the most people in the Order, he was an outsider, recruited for his excellent flying skill and secret relationship with someone. It was no surprise that he gained rapid promotion and someones jealous at the same time. Not start at the bottom…sexual affairs gossiping through the Order…always detach from others…cockiness and mocking smile…all of this made the enemies of him, but he didn’t care.

Because he knew, when they blocked the way he will strike them generously, and of course, he had every confidence of teaching what respect was.

You can imagine whom he was staring at in my art…It’s your turn. :)

Poe Dameron Headcanons!

You all enjoyed my Kylo Headcanons so have some for this cute space pilot. Feel free to request for fics and headcanons!

-Poe makes you blush all the time, from really sweet sensitive things about you that you hold close, to things that get you hot and bothered. You can always count on him to make you embarrassed and giggly.

-He is so proud of you being his significant other. He either shows you off to everyone who is around, or if you are not with him he will talk about how amazing you are and how he is so lucky to have you.

-When he gets back from a mission, he instantly runs over to you picking you up off your feet, spinning you around, laughing saying “I told you I could do it!”. When he puts you back on the ground, he pulls you into a soft kiss.

-He is so passionate about what he does; he talks with fondness and admiration for what he loves. When he talks about piloting he talks about even though it’s hard, and has to go through so much loss, he wouldn’t ever change a thing.

-BB-8 would really take a liking to you, and you would overhear Poe and BB-8 talking and conversations were quite funny “Hey!” “*Beep Boop!!!*” “BB-8, I’m dating (Y/N)!”

-Him sneaking a plane out of the base, and taking you to a planet to have a romantic date, or just to fly around the galaxy with him.

-He calls you things like baby, beautiful, and love.

-Imagine helping him around the Resistance Base, and Leia smiling at you two because of how great you two work together.


-All of Poe’s squadron loves you; they treat you just like family and are always supportive of you and Poe.

-Poe has a pretty big mouth, which can often lead him into trouble, which you usually end up getting him out of.

-Having to help Poe through his struggles of trying to be the perfect leader. “You did everything you could do, Poe, you have to realize that no one is perfect and you did the very best that you could, and I am so proud of you for that”, and Poe, with tears softly falling down his face, quietly whispers “Thank you (Y/N), I love you more than words can speak”.