Poe Dameron X Shy!Reader

Poe Dameron x Shy!Reader

Request : Poe dameron with a shy reader?? Loving them so much n being cutsey with them

For this I did a headcanon set up as well, so if you don’t like it message and tell me to do a more story based imagine!  I don’t bite! Sorry if it’s bad or not what you’re looking for. Send in more requests, questions, anything!

  • You met Poe when you were fixing a circuit in BB8.
  • It was late at night when the droid started to malfunction. You were picking up parts and getting ready to go when the dark haired pilot ran in, carrying his droid in his arms.
  • He was a nervous wreck, because his “little buddy” was having troubles. He kept asking you questions about BB8’s condition as you worked.
  • “Is he going to be alright?”
  • “Is it bad?”
  • All you could do was nod, because he was so cute and you were so shy.
  • Once you finally finished fixing him, Poe, being the friendly guy his is, he hugged you.
  • You were already a blushing mess during the hug, but when he pulled away and gave you a quick peck on the cheek you almost fainted!
  • “Thank you, so, so, much! I don’t know how I could ever repay you!”
  • “I-It’s j-just what I do….”
  • He then started to visit you everyday at your station.
  • Poe realized you were super shy when he was talking you. But he also noticed that whenever he smiled at you, hugged you, or made eye contact with you, you got this intense blush and big smile.
  • One visit, Poe brought you a bunch of flowers
  • “Y/n, I know you’re shy, and I find it adorable, but I really want to go out with you.”
  • You said “Yes.” of course.
  • Your first few dates went smoothly.
  • You were still shy around Poe but he did his best to make you comfortable
  • He always brought you flowers (this became normal throughout the rest of your relationship)
  • He never pushed your boundaries when it came to physical contact. He stuck with what he knew you were okay with, like his hugs.
  • One time he invited you over to his quarters on the rebel base.
  • You were super nervous to say the least.
  • You dressed super fancy, wondering what Poe had in store for the evening.
  • When you arrived, Poe opened the door and he was in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, and wearing a awestruck grin on his face,
  • This time, he was the one to blush.
  • “Y-you look a-amazing Y/n.”
  • He invited you in, and gave you a change of clothes.
  • “I thought he could just hang out. You might want to change though. I feel like you might’ve overdressed…”
  • You changed and had dinner with Poe, watched old war films, and actually fell asleep leaning against his shoulder.
  • When you woke up, you were resting on top of a still-sleeping Poe, who must’ve fallen asleep as well. One of his strong arms was holding you to his chest.
  • In that moment, your shyness was gone, and you felt immersed in the way Poe’s heart beat.
  • When Poe woke up, he sleepy eyes found yours as soon as they opened and gave you a sweet smile.
  • “I wish I could wake up like this every morning.”
  • Both of you start blushing like mad.
  • And it’s you that has the courage to push it one step farther and kiss the tip of Poe’s nose.
  • More blushing all around.
  • After that, your relationship became a more obvious thing.
  • Finn and Rey ship you both like hardcore.
  • So does BB8 of course.
  • Lots of warm hugs and eskimo kisses (omg swoon)
  • When Poe goes off on a mission, You give him a flower, to remind him that he needs to come back to you.
  • When he returns, he tucks the flower you gave him behind your ear and whispers : “I’m home.” and sneaks a cheeky kiss near your lips.
  • Whenever you blush, he rubs his thumbs over your cheeks and talks about how cute and stunning you are.
  • When you go over to his place now, he makes sure he has extra soft blankets and your favorite food on hand.
  • It’s on his couch, where you first kissed Poe (on the nose but hey it counts), is the first “I love you.”
  • Poe says it first, because he ADORES YOU.
  • And you blush as soon as he says it, and he just
  • “God do I love you.”
  • And you blush even harder before saying “I love you too.”
  • Then you kiss, full on the lips, for the first time.
  • It’s soft, slow, and tender.
  • And when it’s over you kiss him again and again because you can’t help but knock your shyness away for just this moment.
  • Everyday after that just gets better.
  • It’s all sweet all the time with that boy.
Relationship Headcanons - Poe Dameron

A/N: I just noticed the gif I had was acting up and there are exactly two gifs of poe so here is just a random one

- Poe will give you a lot of encouragement in whatever you want to do, as long as no one is getting hurt. He’ll be your biggest fan and always in your corner, just like you are in his. 

- Be prepared for a lot of subtle PDA, like an arm around the shoulder, kiss to the temple, hand holding. No one really minds, since it’s actually quite cute. 

- Every time before he leaves for a mission he’ll kiss you like he’ll never see you again, and every time he comes back he’ll kiss you like he’s been gone for centuries. You don’t mind it in the slightest. 

- Poe will often have one arm thrown around you while you’re sleeping, no matter what position either of you are in. It makes you feel safe, but sometimes it can be a bit funny trying to wiggle your way out of it to get up or to go to the bathroom. 

- While you never explicitly told anyone you were dating, Poe will often refer to you by pet names or just simply his girl or his girlfriend. He even called you his future wife once before you were dating, as a joke of course but now you’re hoping for that day to come. 

- Be prepared for a lot of action, there never seems to be a rest day. It’s always pretty packed with excitement, but you like it that way. 

- As far as sex goes, you never seem to find a time to have it, you’re always busy or in rooms full of people. Once he suggested the X-Wing. 

- When sex does happen, Poe is the kind of guy to laugh a lot during it, which makes you laugh which makes it seem a lot better. You can really feel how much he loves you and he can feel how much you love him, which just causes you both to be smiling the whole time. 

- If you ever got hurt, Poe would immediately take action and try to help you first. Then, he would get everyone he could on the ass of the person who did that to you. 

- Overall, what to expect with Poe is the sweetest and most exciting guy in the galaxy, one you have to fully appreciate and will appreciate you. There’ll be a lot of love there. 

I Will Always Follow You

Sequel to Imagine Kylo Ren seeing you in Poe’s mind

Thanks to @bkwrm523 for beta-ing 

Footsteps stirred you from the dream you were having. You sighed unhappily, because you were with him in your dream. The two of you were children again and you were chasing after him, as you always did. As you always have done. Those dark brown eyes smiled at you as he called for you to follow him. And you laughed and promised to him, “I will always follow you, Poe.

“Y/N, wake up.”

Your eyes opened to those dark brown eyes, your heart pounding out of your chest. If it was not for your ever protruding stomach, you would have leaped out of bed.

“Poe!” you cried out as he smiled, moving down to you. His arms pulled you up by the waist and into his chest. Tears dampened your eyes and it’s when you pull away that you noticed the dried blood on his face, the weary look in his eyes. The handsome pilot was silent as his hand rubbed against your belly, a kick welcomed him home. Poe let a small smile pull from his mouth, but his throat clenched with worry.

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Poe Dameron Headcanons!

You all enjoyed my Kylo Headcanons so have some for this cute space pilot. Feel free to request for fics and headcanons!

-Poe makes you blush all the time, from really sweet sensitive things about you that you hold close, to things that get you hot and bothered. You can always count on him to make you embarrassed and giggly.

-He is so proud of you being his significant other. He either shows you off to everyone who is around, or if you are not with him he will talk about how amazing you are and how he is so lucky to have you.

-When he gets back from a mission, he instantly runs over to you picking you up off your feet, spinning you around, laughing saying “I told you I could do it!”. When he puts you back on the ground, he pulls you into a soft kiss.

-He is so passionate about what he does; he talks with fondness and admiration for what he loves. When he talks about piloting he talks about even though it’s hard, and has to go through so much loss, he wouldn’t ever change a thing.

-BB-8 would really take a liking to you, and you would overhear Poe and BB-8 talking and conversations were quite funny “Hey!” “*Beep Boop!!!*” “BB-8, I’m dating (Y/N)!”

-Him sneaking a plane out of the base, and taking you to a planet to have a romantic date, or just to fly around the galaxy with him.

-He calls you things like baby, beautiful, and love.

-Imagine helping him around the Resistance Base, and Leia smiling at you two because of how great you two work together.


-All of Poe’s squadron loves you; they treat you just like family and are always supportive of you and Poe.

-Poe has a pretty big mouth, which can often lead him into trouble, which you usually end up getting him out of.

-Having to help Poe through his struggles of trying to be the perfect leader. “You did everything you could do, Poe, you have to realize that no one is perfect and you did the very best that you could, and I am so proud of you for that”, and Poe, with tears softly falling down his face, quietly whispers “Thank you (Y/N), I love you more than words can speak”.

You Need A Pilot Masterlist

His Girl : Poe realises he’s made a huge mistake.

Best Damn Thing in the Galaxy: Poe x Reader: Poe seeks you out to comfort you on an important anniversary.

Imagine Kylo Ren seeing you in Poe’s mind.

I will always follow you: Poe Dameron travels to you, hoping to whisk you away from the arms of the New Order. Sequel to Imagine Kylo Ren seeing you in Poe’s mind.

Imagine Poe finding out you are force sensitive.

Missed You : Poe finally gets you alone.

Alliance: Chapter 1 (Cassian Andor & Poe Dameron X Reader)

Pairing: Cassian Andor & Poe Dameron X Reader/OC (not in the threesome way tho, sorry fam) 

Word Count: 1,493

Summary: At the General’s will, a begrudging intelligence officer is paired off with a seemingly inexperienced Resistance pilot on a reconnaissance mission.

Chapter 2

A/N: This is the first chapter in a story series. It takes Cassian and inserts him as the same character in the TFA time period (because I love him and can’t let him die). Protagonist is written with a name because writing in second-person kills me, but I highly encourage a quick copy/paste with a ctrl + f to insert your name in her place for a true “X Reader” fashion story. I hope you enjoy! It’s a slow build but I’ll be updating frequently!

[Replacement Key: Moira - Your First name, “Dehaan” - Your last name]

The howls of descending ships surrounded Moira as she sat, curled up in her  X-Wing. The freshly cut engine continued to hum as it worked it’s way to a slumber on the platform of the Resistance base. Her cabin rattled along with it, slammed by the thick rain of the planet Levi.

She could hear the triumphant whoops and yells of other pilots around her, as they jumped from their own ships to embrace and celebrate with one another despite the weather. Their mission had been successful despite the utterly narrow odds. Though, if it weren’t for her, there would have been no odds at all. Moira was trying her best to ignore them; to just focus one one thing: breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth, she repeated diligently. With each breath, she saw the shaking in her hands dissipate, and the darkness fringing in on her vision fade away. Though she had come out better than expected for the magnitude of her actions, she still did not feel readily inclined to climb out of the cockpit and into the bustling rebel base. 

But then two loud raps came on the side of her ship - a call that she couldn’t decline. With a final deep breath, she unlatched her restraint and pulled off her helmet. She allowed herself a moment to clutch it, to recenter herself staring into the abyss of chipped, black paint that so often graced her head. But like most moments, it quickly passed. Heavy handedly, she opened the hatch and began a clumsy descent to the ground. That’s where she found Poe, standing with his own helmet under his arm, looking at her with his eyes wide. 

Thick locks of hair stuck to his face, rain having already thoroughly drenched him. Unable to conjure anything meaningful to say in that moment, she just took several dragging steps towards him. Luckily, it seemed he already had an objective. Without hesitation, he met her more than half way, embracing her in his arms. As wet and cold as he was, the comfort it brought was more than welcome. 

“That was amazing.” he whispered. “I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Me neither,” she muttered back, as he released her. “Oh.”
“Oh?” Poe asked, turning to follow her dazed look. Behind him stood a slew of other pilots, all heartily taking a beating in the rain. Most stood with wide smiles on their faces, while others boasted the same look of awe Poe had. He couldn’t help but chuckle. “This what happens when you work a miracle.”
“Lieutenant Moira Dehaan?”
The pair turned to see Admiral Statura marching towards them, rather out of breath and donning a thick, yet official looking raincoat.
Moira stepped towards him. “Yes, Admiral?”
“The General would like to see you,” he breathed. “Immediately.”
She looked back at Poe cautiously. He gave her a small smile and a nod, though it did little to calm her suddenly anxious nerves.
“Of course, Admiral,” she asserted, clearing her throat.  As Moira walked with him, past the pilots, a small cluster of applause broke out among the them. Several even shouted her name as she walked past or clapped her on the back. And, despite the ball of anxiety that had amassed within her, a smile snuck onto her lips as she followed Statura through the rain.

“Lieutenant, thank you for coming.” General Organa began, standing as Moira entered the meeting room with the Admiral.
The room was small, with glass panels reflecting into the outer command center. In the corners were built up piles of papers and various trinkets that gave her the notion that the room was more often used as a storage space than a meeting place.
Moira nodded at Organa, eyes momentarily shifting to the man standing behind her who boasted a rather stern demeanor. He stared back at her acutely, dark brown eyes penetrating the casual look she had given him. She swallowed nervously, looking anywhere but at him.
“Please don’t think you’re in any sort of trouble, my dear,” the General said, crossing to Moira and grasping her hands after seeing the terrified expression on her face. “Above all else, I simply wanted to thank you for your brave actions today. You very well saved the lives of at least half of our fleet, at the risk of your own.”
Moira looked down, flattered but abashed. “Thank you, General. But I was just doing my duty as a member of the Resistance.”
Organa smiled up at the girl, releasing her hands. “You’re a good soldier. And humbler than most. Please,” she motioned to the table before Moira. “Have a seat. I’d just like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind. I’ll be quick. I’m sure you’re a bit tired from all the commotion of today.”
“Whatever you need, General,” she replied, sitting down across from Statura.
“Thank you.” Organa resumed her position at the head of the table, quickly tinkering with a small device in front of her. “Before we begin, I’d like to introduce you to Captain Cassian Andor, of Resistance intelligence,” Organa motioned to the dark haired man behind her. “He’ll be sitting in on this meeting.”
Cassian nodded at Moira, crossing his arms. Out of habit, she flashed a smile at him, this time holding a bit better under his stare.
“Now, Lieutenant,” Organa began. “You’ve been with the Resistance for how long?”
Adjacent to her, Statura pulled out a holopad, suddenly rather diligent.
“A couple months,” she replied.
“And before that?”
“I served the New Republic as a member of their elite starfighter fleet for almost two years with the standard four years of Academy training leading up to it before Poe - er, Commander Dameron, recruited me.”
“And based on your training reports, besides your expertise as a pilot, your next highest proficiencies are in reconnaissance and combat engagement?”
“Yes, ma'am.”        
“Have you ever had any interest in serving a different wing of the cause?”
Moira opened her mouth for a split second before stopping to formulate a different answer. “Well, I suppose I’d fight wherever the Resistance needed me.”
“That’s appreciated.” The General exchanged a glance with Statura before continuing onward. "And lieutenant, you were born on Yavin 4, is that correct?”
Moira blinked, a bit taken aback by the change of subject. “Uh, yes that’s right.”
“And would you say you’re still familiar with the terrain?”
Moira nodded. “Yes, General. I’m there at least a couple times per year.”
“Good. Then tomorrow I’d like you to accompany Captain Andor on a recon mission to Yavin 4.”
The captain coughed rather suddenly behind Organa.
“Wait, what?” Moira asked, furrowing her brow. “A reconnaissance mission on Yavin?
"Yes. Unfortunately, we’ve had reports pointing towards the First Order attempting to establish some kind of presence there. We think they may be attempting to data mine the leftovers of our old Alliance base.”
“Isn’t that base more than 30 years abandoned?”
Organa nodded. “It’s a desperate move, certainly. What do you think?” 

Moira shrugged. “If… if that’s where you need me, General, I’ll go.”
Organa smiled. “Good. We’d like to send you out as soon as possible, but we’re still working on finding you a secure position to run surveillance from.”

“Oh. I uh… I know a place we can use.” Moira stuttered sheepishly.
“Fantastic. Then you two will leave first thing in the morning. For now, I’ll let you go get some rest.“
"So, that’s all then?” Moira asked, tepidly rising to her feet.
“Yes, my dear. Unless you had something else you wished to discuss.”
“Oh, no. I just thought you’d wanna talk about, uh,” she scanned the room to find only impertinent expressions looking back at her. “Never mind, actually.”
“Have a good night, Lieutenant.” The General said, standing to shake her hand. “Get some sleep.”
“I’ll try,” Moira replied. She quickly flashed a smile to the room before exiting, possibly more confused than when she had first entered. 

As the automated door closed behind her, Captain Andor advanced to the table, rather disgruntled. “You’re sending her with me?" 
Organa eyed him from her chair. "Yes. As important as the intelligence is on this mission, I also need someone I can trust to get an unbiased read on her and her abilities. With the circumstances and everything that’s happened today, I can’t think of a better opportunity.
"But, the girl, she doesn’t have actual experience with this type of mission. If you were to just send me alone to Yavin, I could-”
“You need the companionship.” The General interrupted.
Andor squinted at her. “What?”
Organa stood, crossing past him to look out one of the panels of the command center. She watched as the sea of technicians and officers ran about the area, convening and talking and joking with one another. “Captain, you’ve been on mission for the past three months in what I can most kindly describe as solitude. And it seems that in that time you’ve become even more unwelcome to the help of others. Lest you not forget the Resistance is a group effort.”
"I was not that alone,” Cassian argued. “I had Kay with me.”
The General chuckled at him, turning back. “I think we both know that the company of a droid is not quite the same as that of another organic being. She’s going with you. If the Admiral is okay temporarily releasing her from his fleet, that is.”
Statura looked up at them from his holopad, as if suddenly removed from deep thought. “Unfortunately, she’s one of my better pilots and I hate to lose her. But based on the evidence we have; based on the sheer power she demonstrated with the Force today… she could very well be the child we think she is. And that is more than worth investigation.”
"Then it’s decided,” the General said, “Tomorrow, the Lieutenant will accompany you to Yavin 4, Captain Andor.”

Cassian let out an exasperated sigh. “As you wish, General.”

Chapter 2

Poe Dameron of the Dark Side 3.0 

Ok… the Dark Side always appeals to me… I had drawn two Tie Fighter Poe already, and felt they cannot satisfy my desire and passion. So, I drew the First Order Senior Officer Dameron as a new Mirror Version.

Even the best pilot did certainly not always wear the Tie Fighter armor, especially he was in a high position of the Order and required to formal occasions. Not like the most people in the Order, he was an outsider, recruited for his excellent flying skill and secret relationship with someone. It was no surprise that he gained rapid promotion and someones jealous at the same time. Not start at the bottom…sexual affairs gossiping through the Order…always detach from others…cockiness and mocking smile…all of this made the enemies of him, but he didn’t care.

Because he knew, when they blocked the way he will strike them generously, and of course, he had every confidence of teaching what respect was.

You can imagine whom he was staring at in my art…It’s your turn. :)

Worrying Too Much

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Poe Dameron

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’re worried sick that your boyfriend hasn’t come back yet, but you try not to assume the worst. 

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 702

Author’s Note: Poe is a beautiful man, the movie started and I instantly fell in love, he is so good and so pure and such a beauty. Also, I assumed that everyone just kind of lived mostly on base like military style? I only watched the movie once so forgive me if I just start making shit up. 

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