Whenever I read Thranduil and Bard attend a political meeting with the dwarfs, this is what I think off. Because, let´s be honest we all witnessed Thranduils attempts at flirting.


Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast as Teachers
  • Thorin: LISTEN! If I see any bullies in my class I will blast them out of the window before they can count to three......so be nice, ya heard?
  • Bilbo: It's okay, you can hand in your homework tomorrow :)
  • Fili: Do I look like a piece of toast to you? NO! So stop buttering me up, goddammit.
  • Kili: That's right, and your boobs won't help you either........or do they?........nah.
  • Thranduil: Girl, your Elvish handwriting looked like a drunken spider was having a seizure on your paper, so of course you did not pass.
  • Bard: I'm proud to say that we won the Best Class Award this year! I knew you guys were the smartest...because I'm your class teacher.
  • Tauriel: If I see anyone chewing gum in my class one more time then I will fucking kick their ass. And I mean it.
  • Legolas: No homework today because I copied the wrong sheet. You know what, let's just call it a day!
  • Dain: *phone rings in the middle of the class* Oh, excuse me– YOOOOOOOOO THORIN!!! What's up my boy??? *walks out of the class*
  • Elrond: Are you seriously trying to tell me that you'll need your calculator to solve ∑ i=0∞(−1)i⋅x2i(2i)=10!⋅1,8⋅1+63212+175⋅0⋅x3+4⋅1⋅x + Rn(x)??? You're hopeless.
  • Azog: *whines* Why is this so stressful??
  • Gandalf: You shall not pass.

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