Whenever I read Thranduil and Bard attend a political meeting with the dwarfs, this is what I think off. Because, let´s be honest we all witnessed Thranduils attempts at flirting.


Tolkien in Greek Mythology Style video

All my artwork of Silmarillion, Hobbit and LOTR in Stephanides Greek Mythology Style in 1 video

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Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast as Teachers
  • Thorin: LISTEN! If I see any bullies in my class I will blast them out of the window before they can count to three......so be nice, ya heard?
  • Bilbo: It's okay, you can hand in your homework tomorrow :)
  • Fili: Do I look like a piece of toast to you? NO! So stop buttering me up, goddammit.
  • Kili: That's right, and your boobs won't help you either........or do they?........nah.
  • Thranduil: Girl, your Elvish handwriting looked like a drunken spider was having a seizure on your paper, so of course you did not pass.
  • Bard: I'm proud to say that we won the Best Class Award this year! I knew you guys were the smartest...because I'm your class teacher.
  • Tauriel: If I see anyone chewing gum in my class one more time then I will fucking kick their ass. And I mean it.
  • Legolas: No homework today because I copied the wrong sheet. You know what, let's just call it a day!
  • Dain: *phone rings in the middle of the class* Oh, excuse me– YOOOOOOOOO THORIN!!! What's up my boy??? *walks out of the class*
  • Elrond: Are you seriously trying to tell me that you'll need your calculator to solve ∑ i=0∞(−1)i⋅x2i(2i)=10!⋅1,8⋅1+63212+175⋅0⋅x3+4⋅1⋅x + Rn(x)??? You're hopeless.
  • Azog: *whines* Why is this so stressful??
  • Gandalf: You shall not pass.
Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is the day when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: During the battle for Moria, you realize that a lot has changed and when Frerin tries to talk to you, you run only to be confronted at a certain hobbit hole 142 years later.

A/n: Once again, TA stands for Third Age followed by the year and although it is more canonically correct with the timeline, the dwarves look the same age they do in the movie. Also I really liked this idea which is why I’m updating it within the 24 hours that I posted it. Also just google Frerin and look for a Gerard Butler one so that would’ve give you an idea of what he looks like. This chapter is confrontation with Frerin and then the next is probably with Thorin. Also, you save a lot of lives in this because you’re a bad ass. Okay. Bye lol

Chapter 1 Chapter 3

TA 2799

You let your hair loose and put your helmet on. You had been living peacefully with Nain for the past 29 years. He had welcomed you with open arms and even given you a room in the royal wing. He was confused as to why you were there and you explained what had happened and he accepted everyone in with open arms.

Now, Thror had asked for warriors to join him in reclaiming Moria and while you no longer spoke to your family, you still wanted to help. When brought up to Nain, he refused. You were apart of the royal family and you could not risk your life for this quest. That caused you to sneak into the armory and hide with the rest of the soldiers.

The journey to Moria was long, but worth it. The night before you had met the dwarves from Ered Luin. You had spotted your brothers, but avoided them or anyone from the blue mountains. You did not risk the chance of being recognized.

You look up as a dwarf with a Mohawk sits next to you.

“Why are you wearing your armor lad?” he asks and you don’ want to answer him knowing that your voice would give you away. “He’s a mute. Has been since the day he was born,” another dwarf says and you thank Durin that Gilrin was a good friend of yours. He had been the first to welcome you and has been by your side since you got to the iron hills.

“Why the armor?” the Mohawk asks. “Trust issues. I’m Gilrin son of Jorin,” the other dwarf says, “and this is Fallan son of Galdon.”

“Dwalin son of fundin,” the dwarf says and you shake his proffered hand. It’s then that you realize exactly how much you’ve missed out on. This dwarf was your cousin and Balin’s little brother. As the two males continue their talking, you begin to wonder how much has changed.

Did Dis finally start courting Vili? Did Thorin and Frerin find a beautiful dwarrowdam to court? All these questions ran through your head as you try to get a good night’s rest before heading into Moria.

You were severely outnumbered. It was absolutely tragic. You tried to keep an eye on your little brothers, but you had lost Thorin in the fight. You bring your sword up, blocking one of the orcs and you can hear another one coming up behind you but you can’t do anything about it. You hear the one behind you stop with a squelching noise and you behead the one in front of you. You turn to find Dwalin, pulling out his ax.

“Thanks Dwalin,” you say and he looks momentarily stunned before picking up his fight. You see Frerin being attacked from the front and an orc sneaking up from behind him. You pull your bow out and notch an arrow. You knew it was going to give you away, but you did not care. You pull back and let it go soaring into the air, embedding itself into the orc. Frerin immediately turns around after killing his orc, ready to attack. You notice the frown on his face and he realizes that the orc is no long there. He bends down and plucks out the arrow from the orc and you take that as a cue to move away.

You stand by your cousin Fundin and you got his back well he had yours. The pair of you continue to fight back to back until a sudden roar pierces the air. You turn to find the pale orc holding a head and you know, by the crown gracing it, it is your grandfather.

“No!” You scream, trying to move forward to get to the pale orc. A hand stops you, “no y/n! You mustn’t. You must stay here. You will only get yourself killed and we do not need another royal to be lost,” Fundin states and you look at your cousin confused. “The arrows gave you away, lass and the beads. Now fight alongside me?” he asks and you nod.

The both of you continue fighting until you hear yet another scream. Its Azog facing off against Thorin and it looks like Thorin cut off his arm. Azog retreats slowly, screaming. And the orcs follows. You see Thorin leading a charge and that gives you renewed vigor. A few hours later, the battle is finally over. You take a seat next to Fundin on a large rock, tired and worn out. You rest your back against his, taking off your helmet. You no longer care if you’re spotted.

“Adad!” you hear a voice call out and you open your eyes to find Dwalin making his way towards you. He goes to kneel in front of his father with an older dwarf right behind him. “Y/n?” Balin asks as he spots you. You turn to look at him and man he’s gotten older. “Hello Balin,” you tell him tiredly.

“You know this lass?” Dwalin asks. “This is the princess. Thrain’s oldest,” Balin says kneeling by your side and taking your hands in his. “You’ve gotten older,” you say. “It has been 29 years since I saw you last so,” he shrugs and you smile. “Where is Thorin and Frerin and my father?” you ask him. “Frerin and Thorin are looking for survivors. They’re both fine, your father however. It seems that he has disappeared,” Balin informs and that makes you sit up straighter. “What do you mean disappear?” you ask him. “We cannot find him and his body is nowhere to be found,” he tells you and you stand, putting your helmet back on to help with the search.

“Thorin,” Frerin says walking up to his brother. “What is it Frerin?” he asks, looking around. “Look at what I found,” Frerin says, holding up the arrow that he pulled out of the orc that was going to kill him.

Thorin stops and looks at the arrow and up at his brother confused. “It’s an arrow Frerin,” Thorin tells him, going back to looking for survivors. “A dwarvish arrow. What dwarf uses arrows?” Frerin asks excitedly.

Thorin sighs and looks at his brother. “There are many dwarfs that use arrows. That could belong to anyone,” Thorin says, trying not to sound hopeful. He missed you a lot, but he was still angry at the fact that you left your family behind.

“But this is the arrow father gave to y/n on her name day,” Frerin argues and Thorin looks away and Frerin remembers that he wouldn’t know. “The Durin runes are engraved into the arrowhead,” Frerin says, showing him the arrowhead.

“If she was here or not does not matter. She left our family. She made her decision and she left,” Thorin says, anger bubbling up. Frerin sighs.

Ever since you left, Thorin had been more serious and grumpy than ever. He took his role as the prince more seriously and he no longer had time for his siblings and became less family oriented. Things went downhill from the minute you left. Dis cried for you every night for the first year and boy did he miss you.

Thorin walks away and Frerin looks around, trying to see if he can find you. Unknowingly, Thorin was doing the same thing but with the bodies on the ground. He sees Balin walking with another dwarf. Maybe he knows where y/n. He makes his way over to them and calls for Balin.

The dwarves turn and his question dies on his lips as he realizes that Balin was with you. Your eyes widen as you spot your brother and the idea of flight or fight goes through your head and you choose the former. You turn around and walk away quickly, trying to excape from your brother.

You hear Frerin calling your name, but you continue to ignore him, picking up your pace and throwing off your helmet. You did not want to meet him again not now. You spot a battle ram and you take it, wanting to get as far away from here as possible. As you disappear into the distance, Thorin’s hatred only increases.

TA 2941

You knock on the round green door in front of you. Thorin had sent word to the dwarven kingdoms around middle earth asking for help to reclaim Erebor and by Durin, you were going to help which is why you were standing in front of this hobbit hole.

The door opens to reveal a very flustered looking hobbit. “Y/n, at your service,” you say, bowing and he groans. “How many more of you are there?” he asks, letting you in. You shrug. “I might have seen three more dwarves behind me,” you say, taking off your cloak. He groans yet again.

You look for a coat hook and you place it there.

“I’m Bilbo Baggins,” he says, holding out his hand. You take it from him. “Nice to meet you,” you say as you hear other movement from the pantry. You look to find Dwalin and Balin. It has been so long. “Look what the cat dragged up,” you say, leaning on the entrance. They both turn around.

“Aye lass. It’s good to see you,” Balin says, coming up to you and headbutting you. “Thorin isn’t going to be too pleased,” Dwalin tells you. “You let me worry about my little brother,” you say. “You mean both of your brothers. Frerin was not too pleased watching you run away,” Balin says. That makes your cringe. You expected Thorin to be upset with you, but not Frerin. You should have though, after all you left them when they need you the most.

“How is Dis?” you ask. “She was married to Vili and had two sons. One named Fili and the other named Kili. Fili is in his 80s and Kili in his 70s,” Balin informs you and you look away guiltily. You had not seen your sister in 171 years and it’s bringing up memories., memories that you missed so much. You’re pretty sure you still have the dress that you bought back in Dale that faithful day.

“I-,” but you are interrupted by a knock on the door. You try to listen turn as Bilbo opens it the door. They’re probably the three dwarves you saw earlier. “Fili,” one says. “Frerin,” the other says and that makes your heart speed up a bit. “And Kili,” who you assume to be the last one says. “At your service,” they all say together. Of course he would come with his nephews. You sink further into the pantry. Balin gives you a strange look.

“Lass you cannot seriously be thinking of hiding?” he asks you as you hear the three other dwarves make their way into the hobbit hole.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to go through this now,” you say. Dwalin exchanges a look with his brother and suddenly you are shoved out into the hall. You glare at Dwalin and he shrugs looking at the food.

“Y/n?” you hear a voice ask and you turn to find just Frerin standing there, but there are hurried footsteps and he is soon joined by a blonde and brunette. “It can’t be Aunt y/n, can it uncle?” the blonde asks but Frerin ignores him just staring at you and that makes you squirm.

“Fili, Kili come on,” Dwalin says, grabbing the two brothers and dragging them into the room. “Bilbo is there a private place we could talk?” you ask the hobbit. He nods. “Just keep on going straight through this hall and there’s a spare room at the end.”

You follow his instructions with your brother following behind. You enter the room and take a seat. You look at Frerin and he doesn’t look too happy to see you. You just sit there awkwardly for a few minutes before you break the silence.

“You’re mad,” you states. “Oh I’m beyond mad. I am pissed,” he growls out pacing.

“It’s been 142 years-,”

“You ran away from me like a damn coward! You ran away from us because you are a coward!” he shouts, pointing his finger at you. “I left because of Thorin! You have no idea what he did to me. What he put me through!” you shout back also standing.

“You chose to let that get to you. You could’ve ignored it, but you let it get to you! You are weak and you sure as hell do not belong on this quest!”

“You think it’s just about that? You think I left because of that? He let amad die! I could’ve rescued her, but he stopped me from doing so and he let her die. You think that you know me, little brother you are sorely mistaken. The one person that kept this family together is the one person that he let die and that’s why I left. Look, you can hate me all you want, but I came her for one reason and one reason only: to take back the home that was stolen from us. If you and Thorin have a problem with that then you have to deal with it,” you tell him, exiting the room and not hearing Frerin’s whispered, “I could never hate you.”

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