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supah-novah-betch  asked:

Okay, my bb Ekichi needs more love. How about him & s.o doing the do with spanking & a daddy kink? This is my first time sending a request in so sorry if this sucks 😂😂😂

This one is pretty good ^^, sorry love but I’m only gonna tease ya~

No sight made Nebyua harder than seeing you on all fours and ass out. You gave him a small pout as you wiggled your ass expectantly to him. The only thing on you were lacy red panties, for now at least.

Nebuya gulped but quickly composed himself. “And what do we have here?” his amused tone matched the smirk on his face. “I was waiting for you to come back like always” you confessed in a low voice. Nebuya walked over to the bed and sat down next to you. He patted his lap to indicate he wanted you over there. You were quick to crawl over and lay across his lap. You shivered when his large hand slowly ran over the shape of your ass.

“Nice choice of panties~” he whistled pulling the article and snapping it back onto your ass. The way you flinched had him hornier by the second. “Did you want me to fuck you?” he whispered into your nape. “Hmmmm” you hummed in agreement and rubbed against his hand. You didn’t see the devilish smirk that flashed on his face.

“I think you have been bad though” he leered drawing his hand away from your ass. You almost whimpered at the loss of contact. However, your voice was caught as his hand struck your cheeks. “A-ah!” you gasped, nearly falling off his lap. “Tsk, tsk, now I have to punish you” the husky tone of his voice made you shiver in delight. “B-but I swear I was good…” you whined. His hand came down again, rougher than last time. “Did I ask you?” he asked. You shook your head and lowered it. He continued to spank your ass a few times until the skin burned red.

“Why don’t you tell daddy how bad you were?” he kissed the nape of your neck as he rubbed the raw skin of your ass. “I-I was bad today daddy…” you moaned out. Unsatisfied with your response, Nebuya drew his hand back and spanked you again. “How bad were you?” he growled nipping at your skin. You let out a gasp of shock before swallowing. “I was very bad daddy! So, very very, bad!” you wailed gripping the sheets for dear life.

Your body lurched forward with each spank, earning a strangled whine from you. “That’s more like it, now tell me what you want” Nebuya ordered. You began to wail out all the obscene things you wanted him to do to you. “I want to feel you inside me daddy, fill me up and fuck me again daddy” you bellowed out. Your cheeks flared as red as your ass by the time you were done.

Nebuya stopped spanking you and allowed you to rest on his lap. By now, his erection was pressing against your body and making him restless. “Good, now daddy is gonna pamper you with his cock” he chuckled raising your tired face to his. You couldn’t help but melt into the kiss as you thought about him ramming into you.

“Please daddy…”