Butterflies || Speedpaint

Only video for today because goodness this took forever. I’ve had the idea for awhile and wanted to get it down. In every image I ever drew of my Grey Warden, she always had a butterfly in the picture with her, and it grew to be something that represented her. So…. this is something for her.

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In case you doubted that my warden has is a huge dick. And Zev is his bf btw… Oh, my boy is such a bitch.

This is probably followed by Zevran’s “A little bit of blood magic I see” (or how was it? Please correct me, if you know)

UPD: So the quotes are “I hope I don’t get blood on my armour again” and “A little bit of bloodletting I see”. Thank you, nice guys, for the corrections c: 

I think about how Zevran automatically puts on the Dalish Gloves and Antivan Boots no matter what other equipment he has on a lot…it fucks me up man.

Like, lets say that instead of the Warden buying his armor, he spends some of his own gold on a nice pair of leather gloves. They aren’t Antivan, but they’re of fine make, and the best he’s going to get in awhile.

But then the Warden hands him these random, beat up Dalish gloves because they remembered him talking about his mother.

They remembered this one conversation enough to keep these ratty things and hand them to him, because they cared enough about him to remember.

He’s never torn anything off his body so quickly as he did those nice, expensive gloves he bought, and never thinks about wearing them again.

The amazing @crystalgraziano drew Daylen so well –I’m awe struck! I’ve been giddy all day! Crystal captured his eternal resting bitch face and stand-offish disposition beautifully!! Thank you, thank you! Please visit Crystal amazing blog and check their fantastic art. Hope to work them with again. :)

Daylen Amell: companion warden