Necrotic shroud is one of my favorite racial traits. And, like all the best special abilities in DnD, it’s utterly useless in combat.

Playing a fallen aasimar pretty much demands that you debut necrotic shroud when the party hits its first big milestone of drama. Everyone’s spilling their baggage, filling up the party inventory with tragic pasts. Then, your aasimar busts out necrotic shroud in the heat of battle.

It’s supposed to strike fear into the enemy, and add necrotic damage to your attacks. By the time you earn the ability, though, most enemies can beat the save. Which is fine, because it’s not for beating enemies.

It’s for beating your party members over the head with pure, gothic drama. It’s for blowing their drama off the table. It’s the Alexander McQueen finale look, gauzy death embellished with broken celestial light, designed to quicken the rabbit-hearted mortals with thoughts of infinite loss. 

Top to bottom, necrotic shroud is entirely, painfully, aesthetic.

Necrotic shroud is a trait that serves the story more than the game.  It’s a self-aware, flamboyantly dark piece of character pageantry…and I fucking love it.

And, I was thrilled to see everyone reacting to Yasha’s ult with the extravagant enthusiasm it deserved.

honestly I hate it when ppl tell me “oh you just don’t want them getting popular” when I complain about what happens when bts comes to America

1. they already are popular

2. it’s not the popularity I have a problem with, it’s the bullshit they have to deal with and how shitty they’re treated, as if they’re some ‘asian novelty’ when they’re extremely talented individuals who are doing their best and giving their all

3. I’m just saying they deserve better


aesthetic egos [1/?]:

—- you’re just sitting there! you all thought i was gone, not worrying about anything! you all thought i was gone but i’ve been here this entire time, keeping an eye on things. you stopped paying attention. well, i hope you’re happy. you found someone new, threw me aside. someone to replace me. i’m not going ANYWHERE. i’m always there, always watching. you can’t get rid of me.

ok to give a quick rundown of my group chat’s foodnetwork au so you have some context:

  • sojiro is alive and dont fucking question me on this he just is
  • genji and hanzo are the producers of a cooking show called dragons table on the food network
  • mccree is one of the chef contestants in an episode
  • hanzo is directly responsible for mccree losing his arm in a freak garbage disposal accident on live television
  • said accident occured when sojiro was not on set and needless to say he has some questions upon his return