Reflections of Splash Mountain by Matthew Cooper
Via Flickr:
I did a Splash Mountain photo once before before but thanks to a failure by me in actually photographing it, processing was a total beast and the end result less than ideal. This night Magic Kingdom was open til 1am and one of the first things we headed to do during EMH was ride Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain DOWN. OK, we’ll ride Big Thunder Mountain, there’s no wait. We get to the bottom of the ramp, boom, announcement: Big Thunder Mountain is down (well not in those words but yea). My wife is getting irritated at this point but I figure I’ll make the best and go take a photo of Splash Mountain. While I’m taking it I realize how great it is (photographically) that it’s down because that means the flash gun at the top of the mountain isn’t going off constantly. Take the good with the bad I suppose. Unrelated, we wandered over to ride Winnie the Pooh (one of my wife’s favorite rides) and it was also down!!!!!! Fortunately as we were looking through the gift shop it came back up and we were able to ride. We actually ended up spending most of the EMH just doing photos after being discouraged by the rides being down. Sucked then, but now I got some great photos to edit! Anyway, as always, thanks for looking! My Portfolio | Facebook | SmugMug | Instagram | My 500px | deviantART | Twitter | Google+