GOT7 FANMEET 11/13/2016 in Toronto (3pm) Fan-account (kinda long)

Hey guys! Sorry it took forever to get this fan-account up.  I’m still gathering my thoughts and shook since Sunday; so reality hasn’t hit me yet.  Oh! and this account maybe all over the place and may have left out some things.  I dedicate this to @dsouls @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels @officialwangtrash @slay-bum @nb-pvndv @icandisweetz @tiffanieisoffthewall @kisipie @night-dreamer11 @lialovesyouall @supersoftghetto @yoonmya @bumkangsung @abrieflygreatdelusion @shygirlcentral @igotdefsoul @dope-yougot7 @got-skyway @unfaithfulshineeheaux @jaebumislovejaebumislife @jeonshouse  @joelrainbow16 @keairadiamond  and anyone I have forgot. At first I really wasn’t gonna go but then I was like why the heck not. (p.s. not sure if all the pics I posted are showing because I am doing this from my desktop, so I’m not sure if it shows up well on mobile)

I left for Toronto early morning; the day of the concert, and landed about early afternoon.  When I got to customs, the officer asked what I was in Toronto for, I told him for a concert, he asked who’s performing. I told him boy group. He said “Oh your’e going to see NYSNC?”

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I fake laughed and said no they are a Korean music group. He looked at me puzzled and said “okay” and that was that. I got to the venue around 1:30 thinking it really wasn’t gonna be a lot of people since it was all seated and no one is trying to stand in cold weather for long (look, I get could easily lol), but I was wrong the line was so long. We were all let inside around 2pm.  I was in row D and lucky to have an aisle seat

so you already know I was running to that stage.  

Then the lights dimmed and the screen played the intro of the boys.  As soon as Got7 hit the stage, I wasn’t play no games, I started to jet for the stage

I was able to get a good spot, but I felt bad for those who couldn’t go because security wasn’t having it.  The boys performed two songs first and yes I’m a bad agashe because I only remember one song entitled Let Me.  When I tell you they all looked so good

Yugyeom was being hella rude on our side

Like boy!

After the songs, the MC and the Translator was there for when Got7 did there introductions and questions

My fav question was when the MC asked Jackson, if he was a girl , which member would he date. He said he would date all, one each day of the week and then rest on Sunday

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They performed Boom x3, which all of them got extra hyped. Jaebum was trying to kill me since he my bias

I forgot the name of the other song too…

Welp. After that, the boys competed against each other, the hyung line vs. maknae line in a game of who can guess different objects through touch

Okay so the moment of truth

After got7 played their game (or was that after another song selection, not sure) the MC told us to take our seats so that we can have the segment where the audience participate. So, there was a box of everyone’s seat number written on pieces of paper and each member of Got7 picked a random number from the box. The MC read the seat number for Yugyeon first, then he read BamBam’s pick and said “Seat D44″.  when I tell you, I thought at first he was saying another number. I looked at the fans next me and literally the whole row (well not the whole row, but a few) were looking at me to get up there. When I tell y'all I was stunned

I was so nervous, I ended up going the wrong entrance of the stage until an agashe told me its the other way..smh

Bambam escorted me on stage. He was asking me my name and where I’m from. Then when the MC told us to introduce ourselves, i did. Then Bambam  was like to me in front of everyone “you single?” At first it didn’t register in my mind and I said huh? and he said “Are you single?” I said “yeah” then he said  “well not anymore" 

On stage I told him I was nervous and he said not be and took a bottle of water from the stage and handed it to me. In between the game, he strike up a conversation by asking me a few questions like if i came with friends, if i went to their concert in the U.S, my age, etc.

(The picture above belongs to @yieniall who is pictured with Yugyeom, her original picture post is : http://yieniall.tumblr.com/post/153151267033/i-love-u-so-much-yugyeom )

 We didn’t win but Mark and his partner won. I think ran out the stage so fast that I didn’t see JB escorted the girls off stage.  After that, got7 performed fly, if you do, and homerun as their encore, I was still in shock until I saw Jackson in a tank top

For the photo-op

Fans who had high-touch went first while me and the others who had photo-op waited in our seats. There were two girls who sat next to me during the show and were so sweet that I completely didn’t get a chance to get their contacts, they told me that they also flew to Toronto for the fanmeet this morning and were leaving for the evening flight just like me. So after hightouch was finished. The staff set up the chairs on stage for the fans who were doing photo-op to sit while the boys stood behind us.  The 10 in our group were all wanting to sit next to our bias, but when we got to sit, Got7 had left the stage after hightouch, so we really didn’t know who was gonna stand behind us. Then they came out and I am screaming inside.  Jackson was the one who stood behind me. When the camera guy was telling us to get ready, I could feel Jackson leaning towards me while I sat

After the photo, he patted me on both my shoulders, I turned around and he was waving and smiling at me saying bye. After we waved bye to the boys, me and the girls chased down a cab left for the airport,