Monterey. California.

anonymous asked:

Hi Emiii! I love your blog so much, thank you for constantly updating! Recently, I've started to take more coordinate posts but the quality is pretty terrible. What camera do you use for taking most of your blog pictures? Do you have any recommendations for people who just want better pictures but not professional/on a budget?

I have my dad’s old Nikon D40x (which I purchased from him when he upgraded) from a while ago with the stock lens of the Nikon D90. I’m actually terrible at photography myself so I don’t have real recommendations on that end, but the best advice I can give if you’re on a budget is probably to shoot with whatever camera you have in good natural lighting. (I don’t always follow that advice myself bc of time limitations sometimes but it would be the best case scenario.) Editing software can also help enhance the photo. I basically use Photoshop Elements 4.0 (don’t recommend it - it’s just what I have) to adjust the levels when the lighting is off. 

Real photographers if you want to add input please do lol. I’m interested as well.