Blue Night "151231"
  • Jonghyun:I've always thought that a couple has a relationship for the purpose of mutual growth. That they have a positive effect [on each other]. But, if a relationship isn't like that, wouldn't it be better if they broke up?
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اللهم خفف حرارة الشمس الحارقة على العمال البسطاء والفقراء والمساكين وإرحم حالهم
151224 "Blue Night"
  • Blue Night Opening
  • Jonghyun:Being unable to avoid being single isn’t a bad thing, but probably a chance to build yourself more. So, I don’t think you necessarily should think of being single as being very lonely.
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160130 “SW 2016 FUKUOKA DAY ONE”

Onew: I want to pay attention on our fashion, see how we dressed right now? It was inspired by Key, he put a lot of effort!

Key: You knew it already, it was revealed at Tokyo Dome. It’s my ideas and the ideas of other people…not people but friends. I designed with your help

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