angel seduces the devil (bellamy blake one-shot)

Requested: A4 (oral sex) A11 (penetrative anal sex) A14 (face sitting) B12 (heavy eye contact) D13 (squirting) & D14 (face fucking) with Bellamy Blake from the 100.

Prompt: Y/N (Bellamy’s good friend and confidante) offers Bellamy some release after a long day of negotiations.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: smut, as mentioned above, nsfw visuals

A/N: !!!THE GIF(S) ARE NOT MINE. CREDIT TO THE RESPECTFUL OWNERS!!! So I decided to include all of those minus the penetrative anal sex because I honestly have little to know idea how to write about that. I’ll do my research and have it ready for another piece of writing. I hope you guys like this smut piece. Lol I feel like everyone has requested Bellamy smut, so here goes!

With Finn, Bellamy and Clarke gone, you and Octavia were running things. Work in the camp had been completed before nightfall and you let everyone rest for the remaining portion of the day. You and Octavia smiled around, happy with how the camp was looking, before you went your separate ways.

You just got to the tent you & Bellamy shared and you knew that he would be back any second. You knew how much talking to the Grounders stressed him out, so you had a little surprise for his return. You were always shy to take the next step in your flirty friendship with Bellamy, but you thought today would finally be the day. You were currently laying in your bed, naked and awaiting Bellamy’s arrival.

“God damn them, Y/N!” Bellamy stormed in, not looking towards the bed. He took off his shirt and started ranting, as he normally did. “The Grounders are so damn stubborn. And now that Clarke is sexing things up with Lexa, she’s on their side too. They want us all to move in together, like some big happy family. Like I’m supposed to live with those animals!”

“I’m sorry, Bell,” you whispered and thought that maybe he needed verbal comfort more than physical comfort. “Let’s talk about it,” you stand up and decide to get dressed, your back facing him just as he turned to face you. His eyes raked over your body, his pants tightening as he realized your intentions. Bell quickly made his way over to you and held your wrist, pinning it to your back as you reached for your shirt.

“Does the little angel want to play with the big bad wolf?” Bellamy presses himself to your back and whispers into your neck, smirking as the hand pinned to your back now has easy access to his bulge. Your face turns read and you moan as he lays a wet kiss against your neck. “Were you going to seduce me?”

“I was here to relieve you,” you whisper and tilt your neck, giving him more access. “You can use me all you want, Bellamy,” Bellamy moans as you speak out, his hips pressing into your back. You palm his bulge through his pants and he sucks on a small patch of your neck.

“You can bet your cute little ass I’m gonna use you,” his free hand comes around and squeezes your ass. You yelp and he smacks it. “You don’t want the whole camp to know what we’re doing, do you?” He whispers into your neck. kissing and sucking on small patches all along the side.

“I-I don’t care, Bellamy,” you pant out and Bellamy growls.

“You’re right, let them know you’re mine,” he turns you around and pushes you down on your knees. “Get to work, angel,” Bellamy watches you as you sit up to remove his belt, your lips grazing his waist. His breath hitches in his throat you you pull down his pants and boxers. He quickly steps out of them and moans as you kiss his inner thigh. Bellamy snarls and wraps your long brown hair around his fist.

Your eyes meet Bellamy’s as you kiss his tip, letting your tongue taste his leaking precum. You moan and close your eyes as Bellamy follows suit.

“Fuck yes, angel. Just like that,” he whispers and tightens his grip on your hair, bobbing your head back and forth. The moment his tip touches the back of your throat, Bellamy goes wild: he grabs your head with both hands and starts moving his hips rapidly, face fucking you as best he could.

Bellamy looks down at you, your eyes meeting his as his hips move roughly against your face, causing you to almost choke on his size. Your eyes don’t leave his as your hands grab hold of his balls, rubbing them between your fingers. Bellamy nearly loses it, he screams out your name as his balls bounce off your chin and his erection twitches in your mouth. He’s been with other women before, but never with one like you. Your mouth was designed for him and him only.

“Fuck, angel,” he whimpers, his eyes growing darker as he takes in the sight of you. “I’m so close,” he whispers and you moan over him, the noise sending vibrations over his dick. Bellamy groans and your core leaks at the husky noise. He thrusts against your mouth a couple more times before releasing finding his release inside your mouth. He moans and yells out your name, his hips twitching as his grip on your hair loosens.

You swallow every bit of his cum and run your tongue along his shaft and tip one last time to clean everything up.

“You taste so good, Bellamy,” you whisper and blush as his eyes meet yours.

“Stand up, angel,” he commands and you stand up immediately. Bellamy’s eyes raked your naked body and you clenched your thighs together to keep your wet core from his gaze. Bellamy, of course, noticed everything. “Open your legs a little, baby. Let me see what you’re hiding.”

Your knees go weak the sound of Bellamy’s voice alone. You slowly open your legs and he smiles, his eyes growing dark.

“I wonder how the angel tastes,” he whispers and grabs your hips, pulling you flush against him. He dips his head to your neck, trailing wet kisses up to the small area beneath your ear. Bell nips the delicate skin and whispers out gruffly. “I want you to ride my face, feel my tongue going in and out of you, my hands all over your ass. Can you do that for me, angel? Will you ride my face?”

“B-Bell,” you whimper, pressing your hips flush against his as you feel his erection growing once again.

“I need you to answer me,” he growls out and smacks your ass, a low moan leaving your mouth as he does so.

“Y-yes,” you press your lips gently to his neck, letting your tongue lick a long stripe along the side. “I need to ride your face.”

“Good,” Bellamy growled and pulled you both to the bed. He laid down, his head resting on the pillow as his eyes watched you. “Crawl to my face, angel,” Bellamy whispers and you do as he asks.

You sit on your knees at the edge of the bed, your legs on either side of Bellamy’s. You slowly drag yourself up, your wet core making contact with his erection, his hips, his defined abdomen, and his chest as you leave a trail of your juices on him. Bellamy moans as he feels how wet and swollen you are for him. You reach his neck and Bellamy sees your glistening core. He smacks your ass and decides to pull you up himself, unable to wait.

He lowers your hips against his face, his mouth teasing your slit. He breathes in your scent and moans, his hands squeezing your ass as you bite your lip. Unable to wait a moment longer, Bellamy pulls you down. Your swollen lips meeting his ready ones. You moan loudly at the contact and Bellamy follows suit, the vibrations causing a tingle in your lower stomach.

“Angel tastes so good,” he whispers and his lips move against your folds. Your hands reach down and you grab a hold of his hair as his tongue enters you. You scream his name and Bell holds on to your hips, his arms snaking around your thighs from behind. He smacks your ass and you jolt. You feel his smirk as he holds you down to his face, his tongue teasing your clit as you moan. You’d never felt like this before, how were you supposed to hold off for so long?

“Don’t hold back, angel,” Bellamy moans against you, as though reading your mind. “Cum all over my face, I want to taste all of you.”

You pant, moaning Bellamy’s name as you tug on his hair. His thumb reaches around and presses against your clit as your thighs shake. His tongue enters you and swirls around your tight, hot crevices. You moan as he finds your g-spot, and you’re now unable to hold back.

“BELLAMY, FUCK!” You tug his hair and scream his name as you squirt all over his face, just as he wanted. Your body convulses over his as you ride out your high with Bellamy mercilessly swiping up your juices with his skilled tongue. Your climax ends a little too soon for your liking and you’re left blushing as Bellamy pulls you down, laying you atop him.

“Fuck, that was hot angel,” he whispers and kisses you, wanted to give you a taste of yourself. You moan into his mouth and he smirks, running his hands through your hair. “Let’s go to the river. Clean ourselves up quickly?” He kisses down your neck as you smile.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” you whisper and tug on his hair, happy that you finally had the guts to seduce the handsome devil.

13 Going on 30 (Part 8)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,730.

A/N: Tags weren’t working again so if you got another notif saying that I tagged you, well that’s why. Anyways here’s part 8! Words can’t even express how things are going to turn out. Hope you guys enjoy and I’m always happy to hear your feedback :D

13 Going on 30 (Masterlist)

Originally posted by rohgers

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tinkbooklover  asked:

Oh you know now I need to prompt a hayffie fic for that post you just did about person a not being able to sleep until person b comes and it's all fluffy. Love your work btw.

Here you go! I’m glad I’m finally able to publish one of your prompts! Thanks for always leaving a like <3 [X]

Nocturnal musings

Effie had long given up on the idea of sleeping and was now staring at the crack on the ceiling. Well… She couldn’t really see the crack on the ceiling because those compartments were dark once the lights were turned off – it would have been less dark if she hadn’t kept the curtains giving on the corridor closed but she was still puzzled as to who would have thought it a good idea to have a window giving out on a public area for people to look through and gawk at you as if you were a zoo animal. The only real light was coming from the dull red numbers on the wall.

The numbers informed her that it was two thirty-six in the morning.

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Happy Birthday, jbsaucy!

Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to @jbsaucy! We hope you’re having a wonderful day full of treats and adventures! To top off the birthday cheer, the lovely @mega-aulover has written a story just for you!

For: jbsaucy

Request: I would love some soulmate/soulmark Everlark

AN: Happy Birthday @jbsaucy I hope you enjoyed your day. Special thanks to @norbertsmon who beta’d helped me come up with M.O.M….heart U.

Premis: A what if Thirteen unleashed a Nuclear weapon at the Capitol after it was bombed. Almost one hundred years later this is what my little brain came up with. Hope you enjoy and Happy Birthday. AU HUNGER GAMES

Rated: G

Name: Belive in Magic

“KATNISS EVERDEEN” the machine flashed her name on the screen.  She chewed nervously on the inside of her cheek.

Today was ‘Match’ day. The day she would find out who her spouse was. Everyone born in Panem was tattooed with a number that indicated their genetic markers.

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anonymous asked:

Just something that's always puzzled me... Why do you think katniss voted yes on another hunger games at the end of mockingjay?

This is a great question and something I’ve actually been stewing over even before you sent this to me. So, great minds think alike. :)

I think one of the greatest accomplishments of this series is SC’s ability to make us understand and contemplate the social ramifications of violence, war, our apathy to those things, and the effects on humanity. It’s hard for me to answer this Ask without thinking about everything else it entails, but I will try to be succinct as possible.

If you go back and read what’s happened to Katniss after she was burned in the City Circle up until the meeting with Coin and the Victors, she’s discovered some truths about those around her. The most notable being about Coin. Snow reveals to Katniss that it was never his plan to drop those parachutes on the Capitol children. In their conversation at the mansion, Snow gives her the reasons as to why she should realize it was Coin who dropped those parachutes, and not him. Snow states:

“My failure…was being so slow to grasp Coin’s plan. To let the Capitol and districts destroy one another, and then step in to take power with Thirteen barely scratched. Make no mistake, she was intending to take my place right from the beginning…I was watching you, Mockingjay. And you were watching me. I’m afraid we have both been played for fools.”

Katniss is going over the events and scenarios after her meeting with Snow.

Suddenly, I’m thinking of Prim, who was not yet fourteen, not yet old enough to be granted the title of soldier but somehow working on the front lines. How did such a thing happen?…someone very high up would have had to approve putting a thirteen-year-old in combat. Did Coin do it, hoping that losing Prim would push me completely over the edge? Or, at least, firmly on her side?

She wrestles with this for a bit, mulling it over, even contemplates going over it with Gale, but realizes she can’t because that essentially implicates his bomb and his strategy.

At the meeting, Coin proposes her idea of holding a final Hunger Games with the relatives of those who were in power in the Capitol. It comes down to Katniss and Haymitch’s votes. Her thoughts:

All those people I loved, dead and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now.

I weigh my options carefully, think everything through. Keeping my eyes on the rose, I say, “I vote yes…for Prim.”

(emphasis mine)

It’s Haymitch’s turn to vote, and this is a key moment:

…I can feel Haymitch watching me. This is the moment, then. When we find out exactly just how alike we are, and how much he truly understands me.

“I’m with the Mockingjay,” he says.

He doesn’t state that he’s “with Katniss,” but that he’s “with the Mockingjay.” The Mockingjay being the symbol for rebellion against tyranny, in this case, it’s Coin instead of Snow. Katniss realizes that Snow is Coin and the Capitol is D13, and she was always a pawn. “Nothing will ever change now.”

Katniss votes “yes” because she knows she will kill Coin, ending this cycle of power between the Capitol and District 13. Katniss manipulates the situation to her advantage, making Coin believe that she will side with her and have the final Games “for Prim.” When in actuality she’s killing Coin in revenge and essentially sacrificing her own life again— “for Prim.” 

We could definitely go on from here. :) I hoped that my opinion was helpful.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write something about jealousy Effie to Hazell? I know you wrote like that, but maybe here you could put something where Hazell soothes Effie, saying that Haymitch loves her. Well, or something like that but with this sense. Thank you!!!

Here you go! [X]

Of Old Friends, Folded Clothes And Battlefronts

There was only so much cleaning Effie could do in the small compartment that was her home away from home in Thirteen.

Everything was spotless, all the pieces of clothing in the room had been folded and put away, she had reorganized the ridiculously tiny bathroom…

She dropped on the chair and propped her elbows on the table, burying her face in her hands. Typically, she had tricks to focus all that restless energy: do her nails, smoke a cigarette, sketch clothes… Her fake nails had been torn away at her arrival and she didn’t have a manicure set, she hadn’t been able to find a single cigarette in the District and paper was too important to be wasted away with doodles – or so she had been made aware during a briefing.

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Bragging Rights : Tom Holland

prompt : you’re a long-time marvel and spider-man fan who recently got a car crash and paralyzed both of your legs/ tom comes in to visit your hospital and the two of you automatically take a liking to each other.

words : 799

pairing : tom holland x reader

request :  ok wait…good fic/imagine idea that I’m not creative enough to write myself: ……… Tom visits a hospital as SpiderMan (as he does) and he meets a teen with cancer(or some other intense illness) (like I said-not creative enough) and he actually really connects/likes them and like probs visits them later or smthg cute ….,, can you do that? ;-))))))) -anon

warning : ULTIMATE FLUFF PREPARE TO DIE not really but it is really fluffy and i guess a trigger warning for car crashes ??

a/n : this is in no way meant to romanticize injuries or sickness at all . i know many people who are in wheel chairs and many people who have issues that will or have them go into a wheel chair and it is sad . please pray for these people if you know any and i’m really taking this request to heart today since i got the news that my aunt has ms . hope you guys stay safe and healthy <3

“And this is y/n’s room. She was just involved in a horrible car crash. She lost the ability to walk. She’s 18. She’s also a huge Marvel fan.” You hear your nurse, Candy, inform someone outside of your hospital room.

You hate the fact that you got in a stupid car crash, and you hate staring at your stupid pathetic legs who decided not to work anymore. You’re just lucky that no one was riding with you, because you were told if anyone was in the passenger side they would definitely be dead. But you don’t like to think about that.

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Luffy x Nami interactions part 2

Continuing on my quest to find all of the LuNa moments and whatnot. :D

13) Interaction from the cage. Luffy asks Nami for food

14) And she brings him some. ^^

15) Luffy noticed her hands are shaking and inspired courage in her

16) Which resulted in Nami attacking a guy

17) Even though she went all “tsundere” later

18) Revealing her reason for hating pirates in Luffy’s presence

19) And burning her hands to save the same Pirate

20) Refusing to run away, because she doesn’t really want the said pirate to die

And so Nami seems to slowly warm up to Luffy without knowing it herself. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, or maybe Luffy’s secret charm who knows. 

Also, people who are saying Nami is Not brave, you should reread the manga.