He looks directly into the camera, right into my eyes.

“Don’t be a fool, Katniss. Think for yourself. They’ve turned you into a weapon that could be instrumental in the destruction of humanity. If you’ve got any real influence, use it to put the brakes on this thing. Use it to stop the war before it’s too late. Ask yourself, do you really trust the people you’re working with? Do you really know what’s going on? And if you don’t… find out.”

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Just something that's always puzzled me... Why do you think katniss voted yes on another hunger games at the end of mockingjay?

This is a great question and something I’ve actually been stewing over even before you sent this to me. So, great minds think alike. :)

I think one of the greatest accomplishments of this series is SC’s ability to make us understand and contemplate the social ramifications of violence, war, our apathy to those things, and the effects on humanity. It’s hard for me to answer this Ask without thinking about everything else it entails, but I will try to be succinct as possible.

If you go back and read what’s happened to Katniss after she was burned in the City Circle up until the meeting with Coin and the Victors, she’s discovered some truths about those around her. The most notable being about Coin. Snow reveals to Katniss that it was never his plan to drop those parachutes on the Capitol children. In their conversation at the mansion, Snow gives her the reasons as to why she should realize it was Coin who dropped those parachutes, and not him. Snow states:

“My failure…was being so slow to grasp Coin’s plan. To let the Capitol and districts destroy one another, and then step in to take power with Thirteen barely scratched. Make no mistake, she was intending to take my place right from the beginning…I was watching you, Mockingjay. And you were watching me. I’m afraid we have both been played for fools.”

Katniss is going over the events and scenarios after her meeting with Snow.

Suddenly, I’m thinking of Prim, who was not yet fourteen, not yet old enough to be granted the title of soldier but somehow working on the front lines. How did such a thing happen?…someone very high up would have had to approve putting a thirteen-year-old in combat. Did Coin do it, hoping that losing Prim would push me completely over the edge? Or, at least, firmly on her side?

She wrestles with this for a bit, mulling it over, even contemplates going over it with Gale, but realizes she can’t because that essentially implicates his bomb and his strategy.

At the meeting, Coin proposes her idea of holding a final Hunger Games with the relatives of those who were in power in the Capitol. It comes down to Katniss and Haymitch’s votes. Her thoughts:

All those people I loved, dead and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now.

I weigh my options carefully, think everything through. Keeping my eyes on the rose, I say, “I vote yes…for Prim.”

(emphasis mine)

It’s Haymitch’s turn to vote, and this is a key moment:

…I can feel Haymitch watching me. This is the moment, then. When we find out exactly just how alike we are, and how much he truly understands me.

“I’m with the Mockingjay,” he says.

He doesn’t state that he’s “with Katniss,” but that he’s “with the Mockingjay.” The Mockingjay being the symbol for rebellion against tyranny, in this case, it’s Coin instead of Snow. Katniss realizes that Snow is Coin and the Capitol is D13, and she was always a pawn. “Nothing will ever change now.”

Katniss votes “yes” because she knows she will kill Coin, ending this cycle of power between the Capitol and District 13. Katniss manipulates the situation to her advantage, making Coin believe that she will side with her and have the final Games “for Prim.” When in actuality she’s killing Coin in revenge and essentially sacrificing her own life again— “for Prim.” 

We could definitely go on from here. :) I hoped that my opinion was helpful.


I’m watching CF and I’m thinking this is the last time she sees him until D13. She says, “See you at midnight.” I think, “No, you won’t." 

Then, I remember.

I remember this one random quote that literally got 14 likes and I freak out. I yell, "OH MY GOSH!!!” and I jump off the couch. (Quietly yell since the baby is sleeping right next to me.)

She does see him at midnight….but in District 13, when he asks to see her. Ugh…. SC, how many ways can you tear my heart into pieces?


I need to know what’s Effie’s hair colour and somehow they still managed to keep it a mystery. She still feels Effie even with all those grey and I want to give her a hug. Look at the pink and the shoes, I feel like she’s got enough of following rules and decided to rebel a little.