This is my pissed off face.

I hate to write a 500 to 1000 word essay on Depth of Focus for photography at college.

I have written 176 words, including the title. I do not understand.

And what is the ‘Circle of Confusion’, anyway? Bloody confusing, that’s what.

Stupid college is stupid.

But also today I designed the tshirt for my friends birthday. I just have to buy a tshirt for him and print it on. Hopefully it will turn out okay.

But I’m still pissed off about the essay.

Hence my 'pissed off’ face.


Image 2. Evaluation.

This is another one of best images, but I had another image which was quite similar to this one, but this stood out for me cause it has a bit of death of field in it and a lot of focus. To make it do this I used a micro lens which I had to get the focusing right by moving back and fourth.

A view points that went well was that the plant that I taken this image from was really good and catched my eye by just the corner. When taking this image, I had a few laughs because I got asked “why was I taking pictures of a dead plant.” That was quite funny, but this image has a good composition, good focusing and a really good angle to capture a good quality image.

My negative points of this image was that the weather was cold and chilly but I managed to pull through. The improvements of this image would be to move away from the green, cause this has far to much green in it and to use the micro lens more, so i can get to grips with it more.