Suho: My way
Baekhyun: Life is only a path of efforts
Chanyeol: Let’s enjoy!
D.O: I wish you all to always be happy.
Kai: EXO-L ♡
Sehun: Let’s live happily while doing what we like
Xiumin: Let it go ~
Lay: Work hard, work hard, work harder I love you ~ forever ~  ♡
Chen: I’m a happy person!
Tao: Are You Ready?

trans: fy-exo | source: sum x 7net (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
please take out with credits.



Exo in Horror movie

I don’t know if the same person send them to me, they’re similar so i make them together.


Xiumin: 8th to die // Judges everyone

but inside, he gets scared of people whispering

Luhan: 3rd to die // Shouts so much that everyone can hear him “MINSEEEEOK”

Kris: 5th to die // Forgets how to run so he tries to hides… but can’t fit anywhere

Suho: 4th to die // Tries to keep everyone quiet but end up getting hit from the back

Lay: Makes it alive because of falling asleep in the wardrobe

Baekhyun: 1st to die // makes fun of the killer and get killed after the killer first appears

Chen: 6th to die // tells the killer to shut up (i’m surprised he didn’t die 1st)

Chanyeol: 7th to die // runs everywhere but not outside of the house

D.O: 9th to die // has the best hiding spot but after 50 minutes into the movie his place get discover and he gets killed

Tao: 2nd to die // screams&cry every time he hear something

Kai: Makes it alive.. but how?

Sehun: Last to die // Does nothing, just walks around like nothing is happening


that’s why kai made it alive

EXO getting drunk (reaction)

Baekhyun: *starts grinding on everything that moves and doesn’t move*

Baekhyun: *gives you a suggestive eyebrow* “come on babe let me show you what I can do”

*you refuse*

Baekhyun: *whispers in your ear “ah kkaebsong” every 5 seconds until you start hitting him*


Chanyeol: *starts laughing at everything whether it’s funny or not he just can’t stop laughing*

Chanyeol:*climbs on the bar and starts singing and shouting but he goes too hard and falls down* *still can’t stop laughing*

Chen:*drags you to the karaoke machine and unleashes the chensing machine*

Chen: *yells at the top of his lungs* “FREE LAP DANCES, FREE LAP DANCES*

D.O: *becomes squishy and social Kyungsoo* 

You:*drag him to the dance floor*

D.O:*starts dancing with you while occasionally randomly screaming and smiling*

Luhan: *becomes the loud douche bag that hits on girls when you’re not looking*

Luhan: *wakes up at 5 am not knowing where he is or what happened, he sees someone beside him in bed thinking it’s you,he cuddles them*

Xiumin: “Luhan please I need to rest from yesterday”

Luhan: “WHAT THE FUCK” *confused as hell but also kind of enjoying it on the inside*

Kris:*thinks he’s the coolest guy in the bar and his ego rises, he starts dancing awkwardly thinking he’s slaying but he’s actually failing*


Kris: “fine but just remember you said that and don’t go crying to me when you’re not invited to the my new planet”

Suho: *just becomes an awkward dad figure. starts dancing and embarrassing you. tells awkward stories about you to strangers and when they get bored he tries to buy them off by buying drinks for the entire bar*

Sehun: *becomes a total diva and answers everything with a comeback that burns, and doesn’t stop laughing the entire night from his own jokes*

Lay: *dazes out completely, every couple minutes you hear a small giggle come out of him but other than that he stays about the same*

Tao: *there are literally no limits to how much he’s gonna slay, he’ll instantly get a confidence boast and start dancing, shading people, and hitting on 20 girls at the same time*

Xiumin: *it will take him a few too many drinks to actually start acting drunk but when he will, he’ll act a bit more open and horny but he’d only let you know of that. whispering in your ear and teasing you. you’ll probably end up at a strip club by the end of the night*

Xiumin: *starts touching his coat* “ugh something is bothering me…..oh wait no it’s just my clothes” *strips open his coat*  “Oops

Kai: *becomes full time Jongin. can’t stop saying cheesy pick up lines and bursting out in laughter before you can even react*

Kai: “KRONG” ft.Sehun





Y/N: “Can you please get me some chocolate, I don’t feel so great”

K: “Sure Jagi”


Y/N: “Hey, could you possibly find in your heart to go out and buy me some chocolate?”

SH: “You do see the weather right?”

*You start moaning about if only he could feel your pain right now and he goes and gets it for you*


*You ask him to get you some chocolate because it will make you feel better*

S: “Sure jagi, consider it taken care of”


*Goes to the shops to buy you chocolate as well as a teddy in order to cheer you up a bit*


Y/N: “BH please!”

BH: “Oh come on, the pain can’t be THAT bad jagi” *teases*

Y/N: “I literally feel like my insides are being stabbed and twisted around, and all I’m asking for is a bit of chocolate”

*Off he goes down to the shops*


*He goes to the shop and brings back the biggest bar of chocolate you have ever seen, and wishes you good luck with the rest of your period*

Y/N: “Fighting!”


*The weather outside is atrocious and you are begging him to go and buy you some much needed chocolate*


*He understands though and puts up with the weather for you*


*He comes home from the shops with your chocolate and ends up pinching some of it as he sits next to you*

Y/N: “Um, I thought this was meant to be for me”

TAO: “Yes but sharing is caring and I cared enough to buy you the chocolate” *teases but doesn’t take any more as it was actually for you*


*You were at home and your belly was hurting quite a bit and the only thing that would make you feel better was some chocolate, and Lay was desperate to get you some so you would feel better as you had been complaining all morning*


K: “Really baobei, you want me to go out just to get some chocolate?”

Y/N: “It’s just chocolate Kris, I’m not asking for blood”

*He sighs and goes and buys some for you*


*As soon as he hears you start moaning about how you wish you had chocolate he bursts into the room with your favourite bar*

Y/N: “Wait, I thought we didn’t have any”

LH:  I bought some on the way home the other day and hid it in the cupboard because I knew this day was coming again, and I didn’t want a repeat of last time”

*Gives him hugs* 


*Comes home and hands you three bars of the chocolate you wanted*

“Here you are jagi”

*None of these GIF’S are mine*

EXO’s reaction to you translating their song to your own language

Anonymous said: Exo reacts to you translating their song (you choose which) into your language and sing it. But they don’t know the language. Thanks☺

Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy it! And I’m gonna make it more on the “humor” side than serious.


Baekhyun: “Wait….. Do I know that song?…..” *realizes* “Ohh…”

Chanyeol: “Nice song, I like it!” *totally knows what you did and likes it*

Chen: *sends you a look that means he thinks it’s super cute*

D.O: “You translated our song so you could sing along better?” *cute giggle* “That’s so adorable!”

Kai: “But that’s our song? Since when did it come out in a spanish version?”

Kris: “Why History though?….” *doesn’t like the song history much*

Lay: *sings along and doesn’t notice that he doesn’t know the words*

Luhan: *too busy looking at himself to notice*

Sehun: “Our version is much better.”

Suho: “It’s… It’s….. ” *GIF*

Tao: *detects growl from miles away* “I hear my jam”

Xiumin: *notices it’s their song* *likes it* *raises eyebrow at you*

EXO Reaction: how they look at you


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