D.O - 160206 High Cut Instagram update: “[HIGHCUT_EVENT] #하이컷 167호 이벤트♡ 하이컷 팬들을 위해 준비했습니다~ 아름다운 순정남 #디오. 😍😻 세상에 단 하나뿐인 즉석포토! 하이컷 홈페이지에서 응모해주세요 🙌 #highcut #하이컷스타 #highcutstar”

Translation: “[HIGHCUT_EVENT] #High Cut Volume 167 Event♡we got this ready for High Cut fans~ A beautiful pure boy #D.O. 😍😻 the one and only instant photo in the world! Subscribe on the High Cut homepage🙌 #highcut #highcutstar #highcutstar”

Credit: highcutstar.


ksoo in a suit is hazardous to my health


D.O - 160206 KBS I Love Movie: ‘Pure Love’ extended preview - [ENG SUB]

Credit: yeolliesmiles, Kyungsoo Lover. (KBS 영화가 좋다)


Kyungsoo sighs contently as he finishes his ice cream and looks up at the dark and beautiful sky. “Ice cream and watch the stars are the best…” Jongin comments with a smile on his face. “But do you know what I love more than this, hyung?” The older turns his head only to meet those dreamy dark eyes he loves oh so much. “W-what?” He asks shyly. The younger chuckles, lifting his hand up to caress his hyung’s cheek. He leans in slowly, placing his lips to the boy’s ear and he whispers in a husky voice. “Chicken.” The tan male says as he takes a chicken wing out of his back pocket and bites into the piece of meat sexily.


160206 KBS2 TV - Unforgettable


160206 | ray magazine april 2016 issue - exo greeting