D.L. Hughley

12 Men Who Need To Respect Black Women

(1) D. L. Hughley - says black women are “angry all the time”
(2) Stephan A. Smith
(3)Young Berg
(4) Lil Wayne - he “allegedly” said he didn’t want anymore darker children and that they would all be light-skinned if he had any say in it
(5) Ne-Yo - says all the prettiest kids are light skinned
(6) Faizon Love - insulted Black women on twitter
(7) John Mayer - said he is physically incapable of being attracted to black women
(8) A$AP Rocky - says red lipstick and dark skin looks horrible
(9) Tyrese - doesn’t like how they carry their weight
(10) Terrence Howard
(11) Perez Hilton
(12) Eminem