Thought I’d lay out some of the foreshadowing I’ve been doing about this plot point...

First there’s Chara’s Asriel “halucinations”.

I bet they make a lot more sense now.

In the case of the second one, the two parts of Asriel’s soul are so close in proximity that Flowey started acting unusually Asriel-like. You’ll also notice that he started to show a goatlike nose in this scene which is gone immediately after Chara leaves.

Another small visual cue I’ve been doing is that whenever Chara thinks about Asriel, they have this habit of clutching their chest… as if their heart hurts.

Here’s one where Maverick said that he’d missed Chara.

And here’s one where an asker insinuated that Chara didn’t care about their family and they angrily objected.

And here’s one where an asker basically said the same sort of thing that Asriel has been saying to them “There’s good in this world and there’s good in you too.”

They are unconsciously doing this because whenever Asriel is brought up, they are slightly made aware of the effort it’s taking to hang on to Asriel’s soul. It literally hurts them, but it’s constant so they don’t usually notice it.

There’s also the fact that you can literally see Asriel’s soul with the speck missing from it right there inside Chara’s soul whenever I’ve shown it.

Just take a real close look. It’s always been there.

So now you guys understand why that soul speck never grew. It’s because it was never a “seed”. It was a shard. A tiny puzzle piece missing from the whole. Flowey gained it when Chara was booted out of Sans’ mind. Sans had weakened them considerably, so a tiny bit of Asriel was able to break away from the whole and lodge itself inside the only body that it made sense to hang out in. It may even have been an intentional seizing of an opportunity on Asriel’s part.

Maverick, of course, already knows all of this.

He even tried to hint at it with that jumpdrive of his.

But he can’t risk telling Chara about it directly. He doesn’t even want to tell the askers because you could easily tell Chara about it. He’s worried that if Chara knows that Asriel’s soul is inside theirs, they might never let go. He wants the Asriel of this world to have the second chance that he was given.

Oh yeah…


He’s not the only one who knew all this from the start..


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Hey, Jeremy, do you have a squip? owo

Don’t you like- Ever imagine on having something that can change your life to be remembered by something but it just - twists it around and makes you lose the one thing you thought you’d have forever?

I-I thought it’d be gone by the play but it’s- it’s still here. Sort of- When I’m vulnerable they just get louder and stronger it’s kinda shitty but- I’m used to it.

After all.. Kinda deserved it after what I did to him and well- everyone else during high school.

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It's funny you should pick Joe Manganiello for papa Hale- he played Alciede on True Blood, who was a werewolf, so clearly you're not the only one who thinks he looks the part haha. He is absolutely perfect for Derek's dad though, they even look alike, and your characterization of him fits so well with how I'd pictured the Hale family before the fire

I’ve heard that! The first time I actually took note of Joe was during this short sketch he did with Hoechlin (and also Candice Accola from The Vampire Diaries) where they were all talking sort of “in character”… or well, “in species” about the troubles of being a supernatural creature.

And it had this hug.

I never watched that show so I haven’t seen him in it (and, ironically, I tend to picture Papa Hale as human so him playing a werewolf elsewhere and marrying into a werewolf family here but still being human is kind of amusing) but that fact is another little nudge that I think makes him such a good fit.

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can you recommend any bts supernatural!au?

I’d saaaaay 

check this tag page: vampire!au

annnnnnd then….I’d recommend @tayegi ‘s:

vampire!tae: Freedom (M)

vampire!namjoon//werewolf!reader: A Vampire and a Werewolf Walk Into a Bar (M)


- Where Is My Mind? (M) w/ Hobi

- The Pretenders (M) w/ Jin

- In Bloom (M) w/ JK

- Lake On Fire pt 1 & pt 2 (sequel to In Bloom) w/ JK

@thesammtimes‘s Mytical!BTS series (vampires/angels/grimreapers/etc)

@baeseoul‘s vampire!jk: Save Me (M) 

@kimtrain‘s vampire!BTS series: Sweeter Than Sweet series (M)

Ah! I went to the far end of my youtube likes, and somehow stumbled upon a whole set of music I’d listened to some few years back.

And as I was very much into the Darth Plagueis book at that time - and associated all of that music with the young Palpatine - I’m suddenly recalling all of the stuff I’d wanted to make for this topic.

Man, I legit had such good AU concepts and illustration ideas. I wanna talk about them, I wanna revive them and not let them fade away again. Ugh!

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I'm working on a project and I need a gif that demonstrates how hot Kanan is, so I figured I'd turn to the expert in all things Kanan

I-I couldn’t pick just one but the lips one is my fav I think! Although you can’t tell its her exactly??

i’m a mess

there’s this thing i do when i’m being flirty / ridiculous with friends where i say a horrible, dad-joke-worthy double entendre and then kinda stick the tip of my tongue out from between my teeth and make a “sexy” uhhn noise. anyway. one of my neighbors cut down two massive trees last weekend and, instead of having the tree parts hauled away, he cut them down into rough disks and planks and stacked them in his driveway. it’s really pretty wood. since nanook makes furniture, i swung by my neighbor’s and asked “are you selling your wood? your wood looks good.” and then, as if i had no control of my body whatsoever… tongue… uhhn.


whatever. i spent $500 and lost all my self-esteem. i’d better get a beautiful goddamned dining room table out of it.


[6/24/17] The screens I managed to get for @fenrisataashi-ffxiv and I’s Eternal Bonding!

It was such a great time, thank you again to everyone who made it! All the support means the world to us. I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a beautiful EB thanks to that!

Originally posted by la-chica-de-los-misterios

Featured: how many orange names I saw outside the church (and this was after people started leaving!), Fenris and I /zanetsuken’ing our guests, our very strippers (thanks friends :D) and so many paissas!

I would’ve gotten more screens of the actual ceremony, but I took a video which I will be posting up at some point. Thanks again everyone!

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As a Mercy main I don't ever pocket anyone. Ever. Especially not a Phara. Yeah it's fun and games for them but pocketing just makes me a big ass target. Besides, I'd rather our tanks stay alive than our DPS. Plus it charges my ult faster to heal the tanks with higher health pools so lol, nah man, anyone who's rude about me not pocketing them gets no heals it's one of my Mercy rules

s a m e!!!!!

“Pocket me”

lol hon no I’m solo healing a Rein and a D.Va

find a fucking health pack genji 

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When I saw that ugly twitter post(Not you), all I could think about is "what will be a 1D tour without Harry Styles'??" And I am not talking about their voices here. Ofc they all make 1D but imagine how empty the stage will be without him running across the stage. To be quite frank, no one grabs the audience attention as much as Harry does. It may be bitter to hear for few but man it's the truth. After seeing that, I really want 1D to come back without Harry just to see how they do without him..

“I really want 1D to come back without Harry just to see how they do without him” - I’d honestly be so curious to see that. People constantly think Harry is overhyped, and yeah he has a large fanbase, but outside of Harries, the rest of the ex 1D fandom gives him shit constantly, and act like he wasn’t a major part of what made the show special. Just like they couldn’t do it without Liam or Niall, they definitely wouldn’t make it without Harry.

justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.