he’ll never hate Even

there’s so much there y'all. he’ll never hate Even because of his mental illness. that’s not even something that’s crossed isak’s mind. he couldn’t hate his mom for it (he was scared but the fact that he sent her a message coming out to her just shows us he still cares about her and about what she thinks) and he’d never hate the man he loves for it.

isak is in shock. it happens. he’s still letting all of this settle in. not to mention he believes Even doesn’t love him right now, since sonja threw that in his face. he’s confused. but we all know he’s going to come around. we KNOW that. he’s going to realize Even is Even and is not defined by his mental illness. he’s that stupid dork who sang Gabrielle to him in the kitchen and quotes rom coms to him and talked to him about Nas. Even is Even. and Isak will never ever hate him.

  • Me: *listening to the Agust D mixtape in the car*
  • Mom: I can't imagine that this is Yoongi. His voice and his face don't add up?
  • Me: Remind me to show you the music video later.
  • Me: *showing my mom the m/v*
  • Mom: A TO THE G TO U TO THE S T D!!!

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I live for Phil in dark clothes?? Like he looks so different and hot and mature and no hetero but Dan is a lucky man, I'd let Phil in dark clothes bukkake me in my kitchen any day of the week

i ghostwrote. phil is so hot sometimes i wanna die

Little Lion Cub Part One

Summary: Having to hide the fact that you’re a big part of the mob life to one of your closest friends, isn’t as easy as it looks.

Originally posted by hydroxidepopcorn

Word Count: 534( i promise this will be the ONLY short part to this series!)

Warnings: alcohol mentions, secretive bucky.

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npc fc: pedro pascal

FC Meme || Open!

SANTIAGO REYES. Santi’s really good socializing with people, and his whole vibe is so chill and comforting that ? He’s just one of those people you can tell the most obscure secrets to and then wonder, ‘why did i do that?’ He seems like a man that’s everyone’s friend but - no, he’s just easy to talk to or vent to. He has his own social circle that he feels secure in.

Santiago worked at the Bar in the Limbo Room. He and Lucius shared a few laughs and talks about a variety of things. But, when Lucius was becoming a alcoholic, Santi tempted to talk some sense into him. In his own little meaningless way,


‘You have a wife, yeah? Wives are pissed when their husband comes home like this.’ 

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Forest, Rj. Between @reggi-reggie-eggs-and-bakki bf @orangeblossommain, who would Genji prefer to date?

hEck man,,,i’d say orangeblosso m

o r both idk

- Forest

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Okay but let's talk about harrythetically, H gets his girl a puppy she's been really, really, wanting for Christmas. How do you think he'd go about it, his reaction, etc? (Bonus thought: the puppy is a cuddler and H and the missus taking turns cuddling it until H misses his girl. "Want your cuddles, pet.") *swoons*

Man, he’d have to be super slick keeping that a secret. And I know that we know he can keep a secret and he loves seeing people’s reactions, and I think he totally would keep it a secret, but can you imagine how damn HARD it is for him? Cause I feel like fans and the public is one thing, but friends and family it’s a whole other story. Cause he SO looks forward to their reactions and he can’t wait to see it, you know? So it probably kills him to keep it a secret, but he will, and he’s got to get some help so he can get the puppy in the house without her noticing, and he’s gotta keep it in a spare room so she doesn’t find it. And maybe he leaves her alone in bed on Christmas morning and she comes out to see him fighting a smile cause he’s petting the puppy on his lap and it’s chewing on some sort of toy he’s got in his hand. And she thinks she’s hallucinating but she’s not, and he tells her Merry Christmas as she walks closer, still blinking sleep from her eyes, and she just pets him quietly. Later, though, she’s all smiles and she gives scratches and kisses and if she doesn’t tease the hell out of him cause he’s a little frowny cause she’s got an actual lapdog now instead of Harry. 

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you like both d gray man and hxh, so i wanna ask a fun fusion/crossover question! out of the main four hxh characters, who's more likely to make a deal with the Earl to bring their loved ones back from the dead? :D

a f u n question i think we dunt have the same vision of fun

… trust be told, this is actually a pretty good question. And oh man. Maybe Gon?

Leorio seems to me the most unlikely of the four, while I think the death of loved ones would completely devast him, I don’t especially see him trust the Earl in any way.Although, given particulars reasons, maybe it could happen, but I don’t see it per se.

For Kurapika, well. Considering the amount of people dead around him, I could see him be very tempted by the offer. But also, who to bring back right? I think it’d be Pairo, but, even without knowing the consequences it would imply, would Kurapika has a free conscience of bringing back ONE of his clan members and have to face them going through the thought they are both alone? I think it might be a concern of Kurapika. Especially considering how long ago his fellow clan members died. Honestly I don’t especially see him accepting a barging like that? Especially not out of the blue like that. Maybe when he was younger, but as it is now, he just wants to bring their memories at peace (by revenge and by taking back the eyes spread around the world), but I don’t think he would particularly look to bring one back.
Although I do wonder if he would if one of the other three (and maybe also Melody) would come to die. After all he lost, he would likely not take well the death of another loved one, and in that case, that could be happening. But I still think he’d likely more go after revenge than barging with the Earl. 

Killua is an assassin and I don’t especially see him do that, except is said person he wants to bring back from the deads would be Gon. If Gon died, I think Killua would probably go “screw the consequences” over it, let’s be real. It’s also possible he would for Alluka as well. So Killua, depending, could totally go along.

And why I think Gon: His reaction when he understood Kite died lead me to think that, if the Earl shows up at such a desperate moment, Gon would have his guard so much down that he would. Like, y’know when Pitou tells him Kite is dead, and he collapses, and while she heals her arm he keeps trying to keep an optimistic mind like “so he’s alive right, and she’ll heal him right this was all a trick” and he’s just so heartbroken. In those kind of event, if the Earl popped up, Gon’s naivety and need to help will likely have him say yes in a heartbeat without thinking much throughout. 

S o out of the four, I definetly think Gon would be likely to be the one who’d trust the Earl the most, he’d give anything to get back what he lost. And close behind, I’d say Killua if said loved person is Gon or Alluka. 

But Gon is the most likely imo. Thank u for the pain!


“Oh my god, Malcolm! Malcolm, you’re back! Oh thank god you’re okay!”

She had told herself that she would be the pinnacle of calm when they got back, but at the sight of the man she’d come to think of as a father, she was a blubbering mess. She wanted to hug him, but her arms were too full of right now to do so. Charlie wanted to put her stuff down, but she also didn’t want to take her eyes off Malcolm in case this was a dream, and he might disappear again.

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im nonbinary and i doubt anyone would every wanna date me unless theyre pan. and with very low standards. \: straight boys or gay girls? well im not a girl, i feel closer to a guy. but i look like a girl so what straight girl or gay guy would want me. sucks balls man...

you’d be surprised. people have different interests and you might find that someone is super into you, even if you doubt it.