Fox Alignment Chart

Lawful Good: Nick Wilde

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Neutral Good: Mozilla Firefox

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Chaotic Good: Disney’s Robin Hood

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Lawful Neutral: Fox Mulder

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True Neutral: A fox

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Chaotic Neutral: Starfox

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Lawful Evil: “What does the fox say" 

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Neutral Evil: Swiper

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Chaotic Evil: Fox News

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Tyler Hoechlin Is Superman!
Tyler Hoechlin will be playing Superman in Supergirl Season 2.

It was recently revealed that we as an audience would finally meet Kara’s famous cousin, the Man of Steel himself, in the Supergirl Season 2 premiere. KryptonSite has learned that the boots will be filled by actor Tyler Hoechlin (Everybody Wants Some, Teen Wolf).

Interestingly, Hoechlin had once been heavily rumored to play Batman at one point; the actor was someone that Supergirl’s Executive Producers had wanted to work with.

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman,” Andrew Kreisberg said. “We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character.”

Supergirl Season 2 will premiere this Fall at its new home on The CW.


Bokuto Kōtarō & Akaashi Keiji’s profiles are up!

Their voice actors have been announced on the official Haikyuu!! site! 

  • Ōsaka Ryōta will voice Akaashi. He is also known for having voiced Mayuzumi Chihiro (Kuroko no Basket), Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan), Sawamura Eijun (Diamond no Ace).
  • Kimura Ryouhei will voice Bokuto. He is also known for having voiced Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basket), Judal (Magi), Wakamatsu Hirotaka (GSNK).
The signs as of right now:
  • Aries: screaming about DGM coming back
  • Taurus: screaming about Lenalee being a fully animated gorgeous queen again
  • Gemini: screaming extra loudly about Kanda being fucking beautiful
  • Cancer: screaming about long haired Allen
  • Leo: screaming about the Alma arc and how much it'll hurt us all
  • Virgo: screaming about Tyki Mikk being too gorgeous for anyone to handle
  • Libra: screaming about baby Alma and baby Kanda
  • Scorpio: screaming about Neah fucking everything up
  • Sagittarius: screaming about Wisely appearing animated
  • Capricorn: screaming about all the new sts we will get on top of the new opening and ending
  • Aquarius: screaming about Lavi being safe and sound before the anime catches up with the manga
  • Pisces: screaming about baby Timothy slipping into everyone's body and being adorable af


So how many people now know who, or rather what Hiro is? ;D

Either way, we’re drawing to a close and one more comic part left, then the background part that’ll explain everything.

And reminder, I will not be answering questions about the content of this AU until after all 6 parts have been posted. Please look forward to the other parts! (´▽`) And if things click into place faster for you, don’t spoil it for others~!

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More on this AU and other links will be added to the MASTERPOST found here.

This project is, as of now, concluded. This was the original open-ended conclusion I had planned, and while I later wanted to add additional explanation parts afterwards, I no longer have the motivation to do so. If an additional part is ever added, the update will be listed in the above linked Masterpost.