This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Obama should’ve been screaming about Russia from the rooftops when he saw that the media wasn’t covering it. I didn’t even know Russia was involved until late fall of ‘16, but apparently he’d made the news public in July of '16.

I know it’s easy to say “coulda, woulda, shoulda,” but given that we now know voting booths themselves were hacked and how much Russian propaganda reached us and how many bots are on twitter AND we know that Putin directly wanted to bring Hillary down, the 2016 presidential election should’ve been delayed or re-held.

Hey guys! Some exciting news. Your D&D Stories has always been an intermittent sort of back burner project for me, never receiving the attention owed to the enthusiasm of its audience. I’m happy to say that will be changing. 

In addition to some snazzy visual updates, here’s what’s happening starting this week: 

Your D&D Stories will update TWICE A WEEK minimum. 
You can expect at least two updates every week, and secret extra updates. (See below)

I removed the ‘submit’ button,
because it was primarily used by people to submit entirely-too-long stories. I have nearly ten thousand submissions right now; If your story won’t fit in an ‘ask’, I probably don’t have time to read it. :( 

Your D&D Stories has a Facebook Page! (http://facebook.com/yourdndstories)
I’ll be posting the older content there, and all new content can show up right in your activity feed. 

Your D&D Stories Twitter will feature zero-context D&D quotes! 
Tweet your out of context quotes @yourdndstories, and they could end up illustrated! Pretty straight-forward. 

Your D&D Stories has a Patreon with tons of cool rewards for supporters! COOL SECRET EXTRA COMICS. 
You can support the comic at http://patreon.com/yourdndstories, unlocking all kinds of cool stuff. (Sketches! Extra comics!) The more support I get, the more time I’ll dedicate to these comics. 


73rd Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy

June 6th marks the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day landings which saw 156,000 troops from the allied countries including the United Kingdom and the United States join forces to launch an audacious attack on the beaches of Normandy. Many people gather each year in Normandy to mark the anniversary of World War II’s D-Day landing. (Getty)

Photography by Chesnot/Getty Images and Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

See more photos from Anniversary and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Second Teaser Coming June 29th!!! :D

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Spectacular news!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! 🤗


Some amazing news…

My album is now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music!! :D

If you look for ‘Close to Home’ by 'Laura Sinead’ you should find it! What’s really cool is that Shazam, which is an app for song recognition, actually recognises my songs! I squealed with happiness when I tested it and my song came up :D

Letterkenny Season 3 trailer (Alliteration part 2 :3)
  • Dary: *spits*
  • Alright. After Autumn.
  • Wayne: Ask anyone around the area about accuracy, Arctic activities are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A one on all accounts.
  • D: Back up.
  • W: Before beach bodies, bros better bundle up in boots, blankets and balaclavas because a bloody bitter breeze a blow brisk, blustery and bleak.
  • D: Careful.
  • W: Correctly common to cocoon in a cap, coat and comforter because the cutting cold can consume your character, occasionally create a corpse and continually compress your cock.
  • D: Don't.
  • W: Don't you dare dawdle, dilly-dally your dick around after dark in December, she's definitely damn drafty if you're down a duvet.
  • D: Easily.
  • W: Each and every Earthling is environmentally enslaved.
  • D: Fact.
  • W: It's fucking freezing. It's fricken frigid. You're fit for flu in February without fleece, flannel, full-fledged furnace or fire.
  • D: Go on.
  • W: It's a goddamn glacier, go grab gloves or garb and gear up for gusts.
  • D: Here here.
  • W: Hypothermia if you don't heat your home to half hellish it's harsh, hibernate in a hoodie, hot chocolate, Harry and the Hendersons.
  • D: Infinitely icy.
  • W: Inhabit indoors, isolated and insulated, incubate the igloo, illness is an issue, influenza implied, infections imminent, immunity is impossible.
  • *music plays as dramatic Canadian winter scenery is shown*
  • D: Just joking.
  • W: Ah, just josh and jargon, it ain't jail, jackets in January is no jigsaw.
  • D: Keep calm.
  • W: Killjoys keep comfy in their kingdom, crushing kilos of Kleenex, keen for cozy kayaking with their kids when the key is killing kegs with your kin.
  • D: Literally.
  • W: Losers live life locked in their layers lingering lazy and lifeless, lost like legit loners while the leaders in larger learning let loose.
  • D: Muffs.
  • W: Earmuffs, mittens and mucus medicine. A mighty maniacal Mother Nature makes milder, mellower and meltier moves motivate your mates like the moose Mark Messier, maybe mix a martini for your maiden if you've met your match.
  • D: Nature.
  • W: Naturally nippy but that's nothing new up North, normal naturistic narrative not national news.
  • D: Overcast.
  • W: Overcoats and overshoes obvious-lay
  • D: Polar.
  • W: Parkas and pullovers particular-lay
  • D: Dry quail.
  • W: A quantity of quality quilts is quaint with quasi quintessential to avoid quivering and cross quarrelling of quarantine to one's quarters fried quail.
  • D: Reindeer.
  • W: Well not raw, rookie, in a rosemary rug roast with radish wrapped in rich rare bacon after removing Rudolf's red nose.
  • D: Sledding.
  • W: Solar sounds. Sled is a synonym for snowmobile. Snowmobile is a synonym for sled so; a sled is a snowmobile, a snowmobile is a sled. Super?
  • *snowmobile scene*
  • D: Terrific.
  • W: Trust a traditional turtleneck to maintain a toasty temperature over time.
  • D: Ugly.
  • W: Useful.
  • D: Vile.
  • W: Valuable.
  • D: Whatever.
  • W: Whiteouts and wind chills, walk it off whiners, withdraw whimpering and wake up wankers, wrathful, wicked weather wear woollens and a waterproof wardrobe, warm your wet work wear by the wood stove, winter is wonderful, wild and wide.
  • D: Exact-lay.
  • W: Exceptionally.
  • D: Yyyyyyup.
  • W: Yeah.
  • D: Zero... *looks off for a second* degrees?
  • W: Well sub-zero but... oh zip it.

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What if MC had a younger, maybe hotter, sister that tried to flirt and seduce everyone in RFA + V and Saeran?

Jesus Christ DO I HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS *well she was like one of my best friends and jesus pent up aggression gonna be on this post LOL 

MOD Saeran happily serving you :) 

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Adventure Time Fan Art because of the big news D: AT is ending…. I’m sad, because the show really means as lot to me, but I also think this way the show will end on a high note and will not go on till it sucks. *ehemsimpsonscoughcough*

I love PB and Marceline but my favourite episode is “Thank you”. With the Snow Golem and the little Fire Wolf. x3 I really want to draw them too. Let’s see if I can find the time. 
Also I would love to know what your favourite episode is. ( > v  < ) pls tell me yes? yes?

Long Way Home - Part One

This is far fetched AF but I feel it could be sick. So the reader falls asleep on the train in 2017 n next thing is waking up on the train at a platform in 1920’s Birmingham. Obviously the reader has no fuckin clue what’s going on n doesn’t let on to anyone that she doesn’t belong there. Then she falls into the hands of the peaky blinders, little bit of romance with Tommy, keeps slipping up about things from the future whilst trying to keep her little secret quiet and fit in , yeeaaaaa

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

It’s with a heavy heart that I make my way back to Birmingham. It’s been nearly three years since I was even in the country and almost five since I’d been in the Midlands, but university was over - had been for over a year - and life in the States was not turning out as I’d planned. So when news reached me of my estranged mother’s rapidly declining health I decided to make my way back to my home town. Unfortunately by the time I’d gathered enough funds to return, my mother had passed. The funeral had been earlier today in Worcester and after I’d received condolences from the three other people who turned up, I decided to head back to Brum and our old family home my mother had left for me in her will.

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Here’s a sliver of a thing I’m working on.  :D

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could you do a scenario with pet Carla where his kind owner tells him he's worth more than his pedigree to her? or just something sweet so he knows he's not just cares for and wanted because of that

Admin Mawile:(´・` )♡

-Carla knew the only worth left he had was his breeding. 

He was sick, long past any purpose for show or private owning. He tired quickly, needed too much medical care, was everything humans hated to waste their time on. 

And yet, you seemed to want him. He’d long since cost you more than he was ever worth, and somehow, you still kept him. 

Any normal owner would have passed him off on someone else ages ago, but you somehow still seemed to care. Even though he was too exhausted to follow the most basic of orders, you still were kind. 

You allowed him to sit beside you, resting quietly under your affection. 

For the first time since he’d overheard the news that he’d developed his species’ fatal disease, he was happy.