Rich: …The Squips did this to him. Threw him off his balcony. It’s a miracle he’s still…ya know?

It’s been three months…but I’m not giving up hope yet! Jakey D is tough as nails and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just waiting for the perfect moment to wake up again…

Just. I’ll be here for ‘im, like always, ‘cause he’s my pal. The closest bro I got.


@genzelda told me about how Sasster would be a mom in an rpg and i died. All I could think about was a retro styled Sasster when i drew the first doodle.
Then I thought it would be funny to see Gen and Sasster swap roles :’) Like, Sass lost a bet or something and now he has to pretend to be a mom while Gen takes on the dad role. 

Dang does Sasster make one hot momma.

@stealthnerd I hope you enjoy these too! I couldn’t stop smiling while drawing this and now my face hurts :’D