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What does Jason see in the mirror of Erised?

                    `you’d think it weird if i told you.`

there’s a girl with spiky, short cropped black hair.
a man with stormy blue eyes and grizzled hair.
a woman with dark ringlets and rich jewels.

they’re his family—zeus, and hera and thalia.

and for once, there are no arguments. thalia
laughs along with their father, while he teases
and jokes, one of hera’s hands stifling her own
laugh while the other swats at zeus’ shoulder.

he’s standing between it all, the familiarity and
affection, feeling like his heart is sinking when
he notices nobody is really behind him.

it’s just a reflection.

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

okay but can we talk about the acorn could be interpreted as a symbol for thorin.

because if thorin had never gone on his quest, then bilbo would never have found the ring. and if thorin had never given bilbo the mithril shirt, then frodo would’ve died in moria. and if bilbo had never come with thorin, he’d never have found sting. and if thorin never reclaimed erebor, sauron would have the mountain and the north would never have survived the war of the ring.

thorin changed the fate of middle-earth.

                                                        i have g r e e t e d dear

                                         A      G     O     N     Y

                                                      i have clasped hands with

                                         D      E      A      T      H

                                                                   one is my

                                         D    E   S   T    I   N   Y

                                                               the other is my

                                         F     R     I     E    N    D