Kobe Bryant and head coach Mike D'Antoni of the Los Angeles Lakers sit on the bench before a game against the Brooklyn Nets at Staples Center on November 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

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Knicks, D12 and the rest.

I have been following the NBA closely for a long time but what’s happening right now in the Association is unreal. Let’s take it one by one.

1) The New York Knicks

Honestly, I only have one question and it doesn’t have to do with Melo, Lin, Stat or even D'Antoni; it’s directed to the people of NY. What type of fans are you people? After “linsanity” happened every guy crawled out of his cave and became a basketball know-it-all but all they do is hate. Where I come from when our team is playing whether they are winning by 20 or loosing by 30 we are there.  When people are walking out of MSG at the middle of the fourth quarter  no player will be happy for being here let alone play hard nose, smash mouth basketball. See, the main problem is not the team nor the coach, it’s the people of NY who sway like a boat in rough sea. Even when Ewing and Starks were playing the Knickerbockers’ fans always had something to say. The day when New Yorkers will be willing to go through rough stretches and put their faith in the team, that will be the day the Knicks will win a championship.

Sidenote: The best of luck to Mike Woodson the new head coach. Though, I have to say even if I wasn’t a D'Antoni supporter if he got fired due to Melo then the team has a long way to go. If Melo or any other superstar for that matter is not willing to accept that the mastermind behind every championship team is the coach then the future is not that bright.

2) Dwight Howard

This is easily the most ridiculous story of the season. It reminds me of these low budget soap operas my grandma used to watch. If the guy wants out, he wants out. Period. All this “he said, he said” does not help the Magic and certainly does not help D12’s reputation. I have read at least 6 or 7 articles today talking about the possibility of the Magic contending and that’s why they should keep Howard and I just wonder: In what universe are the Magic going to get past the Bulls or even the Heat for that matter? I know that as Magic Johnson said in his last ESPN appearance that the Magic are strong in the only position the Heat are weak but that does not make them a legitimate threat. Plus, the Bulls are set at C with Noah and they have the reigning MVP in Derrick Rose. Long story short, there is no way the Magic can get to the Finals or even if they do the chances are so slim that it’s not worth losing D12 via free agency without getting anything in return.

Sidenote: When did the NBA turn into a player drama? I thought one of the things the new CBA was supposed to remedy was the “Decision” phenomenon. Star players or not, they are still players and without teams they don’t win championships. MJ needed Pippen, Bryant needed O'Neal and apparently LeBron needs both Wade and Bosh. What I am trying to say is that more and more superstar players have come to disrespect the essence of basketball, which is team work by their selfish stance towards the teams that graced them with a chance to play in the league.

Will the Big Apple Blues End Under Woodson's Reign?
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Now that Mike D'Antoni has mysteriously resigned as the head coach for the New York Knicks, how will Interim Coach Mike Woodson handle this team?  The fans chanting “Fire D'Antoni,” became an actual fact..  The Knicks were once on a seven-game winning streak. Now they are almost heading to a losing streak of the same degree.  With Woodson in command of the team, how will the players respond?

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"From Linsanity to Absurdity" In Tweets

By Sam Dwyer

In the past 24 hours, the Knicks went from dizzying teacup ride to Andes Flight Disaster.  Coach Mike D'Antoni resigned, owner James Dolan claimed the decision was mutual, half the players blamestormed until they settled on D'Antoni, the other half were shocked and questions about D'Antoni’s replacement began swirling immediately.  Then, the Knicks routed the Blazers so badly that they fired their coach. Last night, Jon Barry said it best when he commented that the Knicks went from “Linsanity to absurdity.”

Out of all of this mayhem, only one thing remained constant…hilarious tweets.

Here are 11 of the funniest #Knicks tweets of the past 24 hours.