This are the two sheets that I did on Tuesday and the week before in Uni. The idea was that we had to pitch our ideas/concepts but using quick mock-up sketches so that the tutors could immediately know what we were tying produce. 

I found this really useful because it made me think of how my concept was actually going to work as a whole, rather than just a simple idea. Also the fact that I personally know how I want it to look and how it would work, but sometimes its hard to explain that in words, having, even basic visuals, helped the tutors visualise my ideas too.

I also really like working with groups of people who are doing different briefs. Its good to talk to them and show them my ideas as they come with different perspective because they haven’t been involved with the brief. 

So overall yesterday was really good for me, as the tutors liked my concept and said to start producing visuals. I can actually get on with some work now!

Guerrilla/Viral Advertising (for movies)

Its become quite popular for big blockbuster releases to create a viral/guerrilla advertising campaign to build up hype about the movie. These tend to be for comic book movies such as The Dark Knight, sci-fi movies such as District 9 and video games such as Halo 3. 

The latest amongst these campaigns to reveal itself is for “The Amazing Spiderman” which is released on 3rd July this year. The campaign for “The Untold Story Begins” appeared yesterday around the streets of London. Projections of the Red Spider logo began to appear on buildings around the city after dark.

The numbers increased over the next night and a message was also displayed on different buildings.

The URL lead to a website that allows visiters to book tickets for an event that will take place in London on the 6th Feb. I really like this idea, but the target audience is limited. Of course it will come to the attention of fans and build hype, but for people who are not aware of the comics/movie, they may not bother looking at the URL.

I also thought about the “Humans Only” District 9 advertising campaign. I don’t know if this was used in the UK but I remember seeing it when I was in America. Sony produced promotional material to echo the segregational billboards that appear throughout the film.

Billboards, banners, poster and stickers with the theme of segregation in mind, and the material was spread across public places such as bus stops. The posters included a free-line number that people could phone to report “non-human” activity.


George showed me this on Monday when we where doing our research idea proposals. Its an advert for T-Mobile, who have produced quite a range of real-life user interactivity adverts, such as the Flash Mob adverts and the recent parking ticket ones.

These adverts show how easy it is to create an event or attraction simply by getting a couple of people involved. I think curiosity is a big part of this; think of the crowds of people on the main street of Manchester at the weekend watching some sort of street performer. All it takes is for a couple of people to stop and watch, and others will slow down to see what everyone else is looking at!

Student Awards

Fuck student awards. It’s ten one-hit-wonder creatives who sit around and ignore all submissions that don’t come out of VCU, Hyper Island, Miami Ad or Creative Circus. Don’t get butt-hurt if you overpaid to enter and ended up with shit. How do we know? Experience. Plus a majority of us went to said schools.

And if you’re not a hipster, you don’t stand a chance.

Just because an actor scores an Oscar doesn’t mean he/she deserved it. Take your OneShow and fuck yourself with it. Theoretically, it might feeling kinda good if you round off the edges. Maybe even hollow it out for a battery to make it vibrate.

PS – Professionally, we take the awards shows (Cannes, One Show, etc.) a little more seriously. But as students, let’s be honest, they’re jokes.

Competition time!

This time last year I was sifting through various student competition briefs from groups such as D&AD and Roses, and in the end opted to work on the Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary brief set by SEGA. It was fun, but thinking back I wish that i’d had the confidence in my self to go for the Disney animation brief.

I noticed that SEGA have once again set a brief for this years competition, another anniversary piece to celebrate their sports brand. This is just one of the numerous briefs put out by YCN, and some of them look quite interesting. I will of course have my eyes open for the D&AD briefs, which should be going live very soon.

This year I won’t be able to dedicate anywhere near the amount of time I could commit to it last time as the three University briefs that I have on my hands at the moment are more than enough to keep me busy. That said, I wouldn’t like to waste the opportunity of entering at least something for the student awards.

There is also the Canimation competition being held by Red Bull at the moment. The deadline for this is quite close with less than a fortnight to go, but me and my fellow creative Karl have been designing an entry for it. It’s going to be tight given our individual pending deadlines, but we think it’s do-able!

Good luck to any and all of you who are having a bash at the awards briefs, keep us updated!