Wasn’t going to do one of these but fuck it, I am bored.

Favourite releases of 2011 are:

End Reign- Self Titled

Pariso- Insignificant Better

Veils- Our Enlightenment is Dead

Bastions- Hospital Corners


Mastodon- The Hunter

Cowards- Quarter Life Crisis

Cyvoid-Mini E.P(its proper fucking mini too, like a 3 inch disk or something!)

Oathbreaker- Maelstrom 

Probably some more, some of these may not even of been this year. I can’t even remember what happened yesterday so bite me.


More outer space rogue mosh from cyvoid @ the parish! HYBRID WARP HUDDERSFIELD please reblog!


Live at the Brudenell Social Club in beautiful CYHD

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Did anyone like Videodrome? Heres a song about that…

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Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.


New Cyvoid track Live @ the parish in Huddersfield (features some odd filming) Please reblog!