“No one can resist the temptation… not even the strongest among us.”

Speedpaint Video

It’s always been a headcannon of mine that Spyro would eventually give in to his untreated Aether Blight that he received at The Well of Souls (because I honestly doubt he can keep fighting it his entire life) Perhaps Cynder would follow at a later point as well, that is unless the lasting effects of her being poisoned and corrupted is lifted in some way

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Thanks to the incredible support of my lovely sponsors, I’m able to bring you guys Spyro and Cynder prints!! I’m very excited at how these turned out, and I hope to do more things like this in the future!!


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I am now selling prints of these two!!
They will be 5x5 inch, diamond shaped prints.

They’re $5 each +$2 shipping.
I currently only ship within the U.S.

If you would like to order a print, please EMAIL ME at sjsaberfan[at] with the following information filled out:

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Spyro, Cynder, or Both prints

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when your franchise is pretty much dead and you probably won’t have a worthwhile game for the next foreseeable future all you can do is stick your tongue out at your dragon bf and do the blush at one another 

-  I’m almost sorry but I’m not, give my dragon babbis an actual game please I’m dying over here,