So someone posted a picture of my bloody cymbal on here and got a billion notes, but no one posted this picture of me ten minutes after I got out of the stadium. Six minutes of performance, four minutes of bleeding, and I couldn’t be happier. Because I didn’t break once, and I didn’t let my ensemble down after the five months we all put into our show.

Plus I got hella likes on facebook. Hey y'all should follow me and ask me questions and stuff.

I got a bunch of similar messages asking what happened so I’ll just answer as thoroughly as possible in this post.

We have a visual that’s kinda similar to the one in this video at 1:04 http://youtu.be/11rzoHgB6_k

During the very first part of that vis, I forced my left cymbal down onto my right hand too hard and that’s what the injury came from. I honestly didn’t feel it until about twenty seconds later when I realized my hand was starting to get wet.

It was weird to look at when I was at the medic booth after the show. The cymbal didn’t cut my finger because of its sharpness like a knife would. It was more like the weight of the cymbal plus the force of me pushing it down on my finger pushed the skin back, and the area of contact was thin enough to force the skin apart from itself. Imagine like pushing your finger down on some bread dough, eventually the pressure just separates it from itself until you’re just touching he table. That sort of deal, only within the span of about a quarter of a second on my finger.

I think the reason I bled so much is that I still had four minutes of show left, because the wound itself was pretty small. The thing I’m most proud of isn’t that I pushed through the physical pain, because honestly there was none due to the adrenaline, but that I ignored the voice in my head asking if I was going to pass out from blood loss. What was on the cymbal picture was probably about a tenth of the total amount of blood, based on what we had to clean up off of our floor the rehearsal afterward.

That’s the general story but I’m really enjoying how much interest this whole thing has generated. I know when I see stuff like this online I love it when the source gives more detail, so if you guys have specific questions go ahead and send em, I’ll be glad to answer! Also this photo is my favorite one that was taken. I think the angle is just really nice and it accents that my blood sort of framed the AA logo.