Requested by loganweaponx

Mutant-friendly bars were hard to come by. So when you found one in the middle of New York, you had to check it out.

However, before you even finished with your first drink, a man decides to sit next to you. “So what brings you here, Chere?” he asked in a charming Cajun accent.

“Drinks and good service. You?” you asked.

“Having a guys’ night out with a couple of my teammates. Some kinda bonding thing,” he replied. “My name’s Remy. And yours?”

You told Remy your name.

A second handsome man walked over. He had strange red sunglasses on. “This was supposed to be a way for us, Logan, and Hank to get to be a better team,” he stated. He then noticed you and raised an eyebrow. “No matter how pretty the ladies you find are,” he added. He gave a nod of greeting to you. “Scott Summers, by the way. Sorry about Gambit. He can’t help himself sometimes.”

You gave Scott a polite smile and shook his hand. “No worries,” you told him. “You and him are probably the most charming men I’ve met in a bar.”

“Speaking of men who aren’t charming,” Remy commented, as the other two men of their group walked over. The shorter of the two led the pair, and the taller one seemed to have blue fur and seemed a bit shy.

“Hello. I take it you’re Logan and Hank?” you asked. You didn’t pay much mind to the blue fur. You were a mutant, too, after all. “Sorry I’m keeping you guys from spending your quality guy time together.”

“It wasn’t very quality to begin with,” Logan commented.

“These three never get along. That’s why I’m here, to make sure there’s no property damage,” Hank commented. “And you would be correct. I’m Hank, he goes by Logan.”

“Well, if it isn’t Xavier’s kids,” a sneer came from the doorway. The group of guys around you turned to look who it was.

“Looks like they’re ganging up on a poor girl,” the most feral of the newcomers commented.

The man with white hair rushed over to you. He moved faster than you could see. “Why don’t you ditch these losers and hang with us?” he asked.

“Why don’t you fuck off before someone gets hurt?” Logan suggested.

“Hey, it’s not finder’s keepers when it comes to flirting,” the last of the new group stated, playing with a lighter in his hands. “Let the pretty girl decide if she wants us to fuck off or not.”

“Pyro, Magneto, Sabretooth, and I’m Quicksilver,” the super-speedster introduced his group.

You had to take a moment. Did you seriously have eight guys flirting with you? “Uh, Remy and Scott kinda won me over here,” you stated.

“You heard her. Scram,” Logan told the other group. Sabretooth seemed to growl at Logan, before being scolded by Magneto.

“Enough,” he told his companion. Magneto handed you a folded slip of paper. “We would be glad to have you when you realize Xavier’s views are too idealistic.” He then turned and left, his three companions following him.

“Well, I need a drink after that,” Remy said, flagging down the bartender. “I’ll have a scotch, and give her another of what she was drinking.”