Andy Hampsten on the Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro D'Italia. Hard.

“Everyone was freaked out. I mean, I’d already been shivering uncontrollably on one of the earlier descents. There was no sunshine – it was nothing but rain and snow all day long… I attacked right at the base [of the Gavia] because I could see that a lot of people were worried. I went over the top with [Erik] Breukink and it was snowing for about the first 12km of this winding 25km descent. And that’s where our team made the real difference. Other teams just weren’t prepared; the first guy over the top, Johan van der Velde, got so cold he stopped halfway down the descent and ended up finishing 40 minutes back.”


InCycle did a quick feature on riders and wrenches talking about the on-bike cameras. I would say it’s generally positive, but I love how unimpressed the sprinters seem to be.

While I’m sure the wide angle kills off a lot of the sense of closeness, I’d also guess they’re missing the adrenaline and terror as much as anything.


Just to show that I’m not all like “boo Peter Stetina”.  Here is a video of him and Nathan Haas hilariously cracked out of their minds at least year’s Giro.


Things I learned while making the Lab Report transition.
  • It is possible to fail several times before 7 on a Monday morning.  I didn’t shower or breakfast so I could leave the house and get to the Library before 7.  I planned on going to Asda to get Breakfast and lunch.  24 hr Asda doesn’t open til 8 on a Monday.  I’m sat in the library hungry and smelly.  Fuh.
  • Cramming a lab report Monday night is not a lot of fun.
  • A “bink” is a bench in the north of England or Scotland.  
  • A “bink” according to Urbandictionary is a snappily dressed person, or a thing/person of no worth or use.
  • The reason I work better for one 8 hour period than for eight 1 hour periods (or any other subdivision) is that it takes me about an hour to actually start studying (after planning what music I’m going to listen to, checking the cycling news, twitter, my blogs - even though nothing happens on them that I haven’t done myself, the windows (real ones), and generally sat there thinking, I should probably start studying now.
  • Asda own brand Gourmet Jelly Beans are not a patch on the Jelly Bean Factory ones.
  • I can’t successfully look out of the window and put a jelly bean in my mouth at the same time.
  • I’m having a hard time spelling this morning.
  • Stroop’s lesser known third experiment substituted a swastika in the place of on of the alphanumeric characters.  (Cue third Reich/experiment pun…)
  • Typically, the one model I don’t understand in any given paper is the one model the author believes is the correct one.
  • Whirlpool is officially the crappest water move on Pokémon Crystal…
  • Rich Tea biscuits leave a nasty after taste when eaten at 3 in the morning,
  • I’m already feeling that post MotoGP season hole…  If the last race in the F1 season is even nearly as exciting, I will eat my helmet.
  • Returning home from church on a Fast Sunday to empty cupboards is seriously depressing.
  • Food storage is important.