How I feel about “cycle”

Enjoying the full moon energies today by cleansing and charging my crystal babies. All my window sills will be full tonight! While I might not get to catch a glimpse of la lune tonight due to clouds and rain, I am enjoying the cooler temperatures it has brought!

The full moon brings abundant energy to your body, mind and soul. It is a great time to meditate on your goals and inspiration.

I will personally be enjoying a great home made meal with my loved ones and then taking a quiet ritual bath. 🌟🌝🌟



Collaboration by animation students from different schools


Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake​ (ATI)

Line one left
Frank Liu @fransword​ (CalArts)

Line one right
Maxime Jouniot @maximejouniot​ (Gobelins)

Line two left
Roxane Loisy @roxaneloisy​ (ESAAT)

Line two right
Matthieu Fouquet @matthieu-fouquet​ (EMCA)

Line three left
Marie de Durat @billandashley​ (Melies)

Line three right
Arthur Blavier @thevipersnake​ (ATI)

Line four left
Clarissa d’Orival @lamunes​ (EMCA)

Line four right
Mathias Demongeot @alpaganimateur


First episode “SPACE” here !
Second episode “WATER” here !
Third episode “SEXY” here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 1 here !
Fourth episode “HOUSE” part 2 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 1 here !
Fifth episode “MAGIC” part 2 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 1 here !
Sixth episode “JUKEBOX” part 2 here !
Seventh episode “JUNGLE” here !
Eight episode “OLYMPIC GAMES” here !
Ninth episode “GANGSTER” here !
Tenth episode “FOOD” here !
Eleventh episode “SPACE” here !