Alright, so, I was going to make this post before Lost Light #6 came out, but not that it has things have changed. 

I…don’t like Lost Light. I just don’t. Aspects of it I’m pretty Ok with, and I’m sure it will improve (”sure” meaning hope) But…I tried to like it. I’m trying to like it, but I just don’t. 

Till All are One, my favorite of the three is ending after 12 issues. 

Optimus Prime isn’t bad, I read it, and it has Thundercracker, who I love, but I’m mostly there for the flashbacks, which won’t last forever. 

I just…don’t really have anything to look forward to every month any more. And that’s disappointing. I’m afraid of what they’re going to do with their characters now that the Cybertron based series is ending. What’s next? I don’t really care about their stupid cross over books, I might check out that Rom one where Starscream is the main villain, but I’d only be there for Starscream, and as much as I do it I don’t like reading a book strictly for one character. 

They need a Cyberton based story among their ongoing. I mean, that’s their planet, so much has happened. They can’t just scrap it all, can they? 

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To add, I thought it was touching that the rest of Team Bee chose Earth over Cybertron. Throughout the whole series Bee seemed alone in his feeling of being at home on Earth. But by the end Strongman and the others found their place at home on Earth. They may never understand parts of Earth like Bee does, but Bee finally found bots who feel at home on Earth like him.

Exactly! Particularly when you consider how much Strongarm and Sideswipe wanted to go back to Cybertron in S1.

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So I have this weird question: I wanna go into the transformers comics but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have a recommended starting point? I know there's the lost light ark but I'm not sure;;

Hello, Lovely Anon! Not a weird question at all!

There’s two points you can start with, one is the beginning of the IDW comics (or Phase 1) and the other is the beginning of Phase 2 (which I’m going to explain in a moment).

Starting at “The beginning” is a lot harder to do but I’m gonna get that out of the way first. The IDW Comics (IDW is the one releasing the comics at the moment btw, just so we’re clear!) don’t really have a clear chronological order so it’s tricky to pick up the whole story “the right way”. They released big collection volumes where they tried to print all the issues of Phase 1 as chronologically accurate as possible (because they initially weren’t released in that order), starting with Megatron’s Origin story. However, because reading the whole thing is easiest with the IDW Collection books, it’s quite expensive. One book alone can be quite costly, depending where you live, and there are 8 collection books in total for the first Phase. 
The plus is that you get the backstories of most characters in the current run, but honestly, because the writers and artists switch constantly for the single issues, miniseries etc, the entire thing is very hit and miss.

Phase 2 starts with the beginnings of the currently ongoing series and this is where I’d suggest you start, I did too. There’s more and more stories coming out by now again, but the two series you should focus on to start are More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) and Robots in Disguise (RID, now Ex-RID because Hasbro keeps changing the title). 
They both start with the single issue “Death of Optimus Prime” (this issue is included in the first TPB volume of MTMTE), MTMTE’s story then takes place in space while RID stays on Cybertron. The series may at first be a bit confusing because there’s a lot of names being thrown around you might not have heard of yet and there’s references to past events that you don’t know about if you haven’t read the rest of Phase 1, but you’ll very soon figure out what’s important and what isn’t. I hadn’t read Phase 1 either when I started MTMTE and I figured out what was going on too, and if you’re really confused, there’s always the very detailed TFWiki in case you wanna look something or someone up!

In short: I’d say start with “Death of Optimus Prime”, then “More Than Meets The Eye” and “Robots in Disguise” (because there’s SO MANY other TF series with that name: it’s the one written by Barber). The other series like Windblade, Till all are one etc all take place much later in the story, so you don’t have to pay them attention at first!

There’s also a neat little miniseries called Last Stand of the Wreckers, it might be a good starting point too! It’s short and pretty much self-contained, so you don’t need that much context to understand it either. 

I hope this helps! If you’re still not sure or if this is confusing, please don’t be shy to come ask again! I wish you the Best!